On January 1st I made quite a few resolutions for 2012. While I have high hopes and good intentions of maintaining them, usually by the end of February I almost always give up… or more accurately, forget. Now that I have this blog I’ve made the executive decision to stick to my guns and make my New Year’s resolutions last. And when I say last, I mean right up until midnight on December 31st 2012.

Here’s how I’m going to do it:

  1. I made sure my resolutions are things that can be measured or checked off. They are all realistic and definitely attainable. I did this because whenever I make vague resolutions like, “Take more chances!” they end up being grandiose statements, which I never follow through with…
  2. I wrote them down right here. I remember things better this way. (Plus you guys can remind me about them too! Please?)
  3. I am going to re-read them once a month by setting a reminder on my phone. I don’t know if this is the best idea. It will probably get annoying. At least this way I won’t be able to escape them until they’ve been accomplished!

Do you have any other tips to help me keep my resolutions? Share them in the comments below. I bet all of us could use the extra motivation and help!

XO Lauren

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