Tuesday Ten: Cute 2012 Calendars

Although I keep a majority of my schedule stashed away on my phone, I also like to have a good old fashion wall calendar around. Call me nostalgic, but I think it’s a nice way to keep track of the major events in your life. There’s something exciting about seeing an upcoming event spelled out in black and blue ink. Seeing as it’s the final week or 2011, now is the time to snag a 2012 calendar.

When I was young, I was a fan of kitschy puppy calendars for years. Now I’ve fallen in love with handcrafted versions, which double as artwork. A lovely calendar is an inexpensive way to add a burst color and character to your home. Today I’ve put together 10 of my favorite 2012 calendars for you to shop through… Enjoy!

1. For the flower lover, try this Rifle Botanical Calendar:


2. This Old School Letterpress calendar is vibrant and fun:


3. For those with simpler taste, this Screen Printed calendar might just be perfect:


4. If you’re into bold and beautiful, definitely get this Hand Printed calendar off Etsy:


5. For the visual renegade, this Banksy Calendar is perfection:


6. This Pigeon Pie Design calendar is another simple but sweet option:


7. For my fellow fashion junkies, this Alexander McQueen calendar is stunning:



8. This Zodiac Horoscope calendar is filled with gorgeous illustrations:


9. Add a burst of sunshiny yellow to your home with this Large Letterpress calendar:


10. Lastly, this Watercolor calendar is feminine and lovely:


Which calendar is your favorite?

I think I am going to order #3 or #10!

XO Lauren

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