Say Cheese: Awkward Holiday Photos

I was browsing through some old holiday photos for my Christmas blog and came across this gem:



Just hanging out with Santa. If only body language could talk, I’m 99% sure I was thinking, “Who is this man? And where is my Polly Pocket?”

Do you have a funny photo from the holidays?

Upload (and submit) it to your profile page and link the image in the comment section below for a chance to be featured in a Friday Favorites post.

XO Lauren

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Friday Favorites

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  • Kimberly

    Aaww, so cute!

  • Kimmy S

    So cute! I’m going to upload a photo in just a minute!

  • Kimmy S
  • Kellie Norton

    Haha! So funny! I uploaded 3 different ones for you to look at. They’re of different times my nephew, Deacon, has met santa this year, every time he WILL not make eye contact. The second one has my niece Charli in it as well, it’s pretty hilarious.

  • DMichelle

    Lauren, I am pretty sure you are crossing your fingers! Hoping for that Christmas present :)

  • Kimmy S

    @Kellie Norton- I love the last one! So so funny! And cute :)

  • Melissa Panici

    Haha! That is such an adorable picture! Such a sweet little girl:) I will have to see if I have some funny pics from the holidays when I was a kid!

  • Diamenrose

    hahah lol :)

  • Lauren Hoffman

    I used to LOVEEE Polly Pockets! I think I gave up giving on Santa’s lap early in life, too creepy.

    <3 Lauren

    Want a great scarf? Look no more…

  • Melissa Panici

    @Kellie Norton- I love these! lol Too cute:)

  • Kellie Norton

    Haha thanks guys! My nephew is pretty hilarious!

  • Elisabeth Bender

    OMG, that’s sooo funny, I LOVED Polly Pocket!

  • Alba Cuci

    That’s cute!

  • Melissa LaRose


    Here are a few of my pics from this Christmas (all in attempts to get a picture for a Christmas card)

    They just didnt want to pay attention…

    They did NOT like their bandanas and christmas bells…


  • Caleigh Sullivan

    hahaha I’ve only sat on Santa’s lap once, and that’s because I knew it was my dad. I still get the chills walking by him at the mall. (santa that is, not my dad lol)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Hilarious!!! You could totally double as Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen in this pic! ha ha.

  • Emily Robbins

    This is too precious! Loving the jacket as well.

    Mine isn’t too awkward, but I sure was a photo hamm as a child,

  • Lindsay May

    This is my awkward santa moment growing up!

  • Jessica Kutok

    you look like such a little lady!!!


    and yes your caption says it all hahah polly pockets.. i loved those!

  • Elisabetta Maggi

    Here’s mine! Needless to say, I went home pretty disappointed that day. :)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    LOVE Lindsay May’s photo! Hilarious!! I love the oversized 90’s hair, too! Awesome!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I bet Lauren’s jacket has a bow on the back! :0) It reminds me of the one she wore in one of the Paris episodes of The Hills– where she goes on the bike ride w/Mathieu!

  • Maria Abbruscato

    Lauren looks sooooo cute <3 love this pic! I love the caption-- polly pockets were the best!

  • Team LC

    I dont quite remember sitting on Santas lap when I was a kid, however I do remember seeing him at my old church I used to go with a bag of toys, and I was really excited about that (that I remember very well) LOL !

  • Julia Renkert

    This is so cute! The look on your face is priceless!

    Cup of Tea

  • Tiffani Stuart

    My first regular babysitter’s husband used to dress up as Santa every year! Her son, picked up the tradition after he had divorced my babysitter (back in the 80’s). I thought that was really sweet for them to do for us ;0)

  • Constanza Galleguillos

    This is a polaroid I found on my treasures chest haha I think I was 5? or 4 maybe. It was defenitely an awkward moment with Santa. Hope you have a great Christmas Lauren!=)

  • Lindsey Riggs
  • vee

    Santa visted my Kindergarten class. I was so excited for his visit. Don’t remember what I asked for. December 1990!

  • Eliza Supe

    This picture is adorable. You look like one of Olsen twins in their young age actually. :)

  • supartita

    This is a cute picture of me, my cousin, and my siblings opening our Christmas presents. We all got very occupied there; and it’s either I was too slow or my cousin was too nosey, that he had to help me out opening my present :p

  • Brooke Hollis

    Santa pictures are always fun… This year, our Santa picture captured to true spirit of all of my children. Isabella (9) is a true diva/prom queen. She is always smiling and ready for a picture. Aviana (2) is a laid back-go with the flow kinda girl, who will do anything for candy. Eden (10 mo.) is a little clingy as most babies are and he is the baby so he’s extra attached. Plus santa just totally freaked him out – lol.

  • Maureen Feltz

    Haha Polly Pocket! Oh my gosh, I used to love those! Such a cute picture, Lauren :) P.S. I hated Santa when I was little, haha. I wish I had some pictures to share! They’re still at my mom’s house… time to get scrapbooking!

  • Shellz

    awww how adorable!

  • Molly Johnson

    Can’t you tell I really love santa…..? (age 20 months)

    – Molly

  • johnny randolph

    classic! I have a similar one with my uncle steve! love it.


  • Kimberly Reed

    Merry Xmas from Siesta Key beach “”Snowman””!

  • Ali Peterson

    My sister clearly was not having a good time!

  • V

    You’re sitting on Truman Capote’s lap XD

  • Tiffani Stuart

    @ Kim! I totally thought that was snow, for a second! I had to read it. I live in OH, and I was like “”They got snow in Florida? We didn’t even get snow in OH!!”” haha.

  • sandra Vip

    Aww my gosh im soo sooo sadly right nw my parents didnt make this video i have by santa my sis & my brother starting all time cyring yelling that you can see their throat!! that was crazy… everytime santa came to us. !! it would be look so funny on pictures just have an old video with it..

    but this story i cant forget it..



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