If you’re hoping to plan a casual gathering for the holidays, a White Elephant party is the way to go.

White Elephant is very simple and very fun! Essentially it’s a gag gift swap. But there’s a competitive element to it.

Here’s how it goes…

Everyone brings one wrapped gift and places it in a pile. I usually like to set a price range requirement such as a $10 maximum. Next, each person draws a number from a bowl. The number drawn determines the order in which they will pick a gift from the pile. Whoever selects the number one starts by choosing whatever present they want from the pile and unwraps it. Then the person with number 2 has the option to either pick any wrapped gift from the pile or take person number one’s already unwrapped gift. Each person thereafter has the choice to either take an unwrapped present from the pile or take another’s gift that has already been opened. They also have the choice to swap gifts. If the subsequent player asks to swap, they must do so.

The fun part is that you never know what you will end up with!

If I am hosting the party, I usually include one special gift that everyone would want such as a bottle of wine or a gift certificate. It makes the competition even more exciting.

Anyway, here are a few gag gift ideas…

Unicorn Meat… Yes, it’s true. ($12.99)


Bacon Toothpaste… Oh yum! ($4.99)



White Elephant Creamer… Go literal? ($7.00)


Leopard Print Snuggie… Sassy and warm! ($15.00)


Spongebob Chia Pet… A must! ($14.99)


What’s the best gag gift you’ve ever received?

If you decide to throw a White Elephant party, let me know how it goes!

XO Lauren

P.S. Still holiday shopping? Click here to check out the blog I just posted about which gifts are off-limits for the holidays!

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