We’ve told you about JewelMint before. It’s beautiful, personalized jewelry from actress Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter that will have your friends wondering where the heck you got it.

The truth is, it’s jewelry tailored for your distinctive style. Want to find some pieces that are perfect for you? Take the JewelMint online style quiz, and then join their jewelry club. You’ve got nothing to lose because membership is free!

Based on your style quiz answers, each month you’ll receive personalized selections from the jewelry line, insider styling tips, and current trend reports. You also get access to fabulous videos with insider tips on how to style your pieces and stay current. All of this and each piece is only $29.99!

But maybe you want a little something more… surprising.


This New Year, grab a Mystery Bag and resolve to welcome 2012 as the most fabulous version of yourself! Complete with at least 2 best-selling JewelMint pieces, plus StyleMint, ShoeMint and BeautyMint coupons and special Mystery Bonus Prizes, like a Kindle Fire or iPod Nano, you’ll savor the surprise packed in every bag. Why not buy one, two, or three? Each bag could be up to a $700 value, at only $29.99!

Also be sure to visit the JewelMint website today and get your free Style Profile and Membership. Each month Kate and Cher offer new designs to choose from so the possibilities are endless. Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!

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