Holiday Special: Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

While a partridge and a pear tree sound nice, I would love any one of the following items too…

Michael Kors Rose Gold Round Watch



Anthropologie Polished Platinum Dress


Urban Outfitters Mirror, Mirror Jewelry Box


Satomi Kawakita Tiniest Pearl Ring


Chloe Tucson Boots


Skinit iPad Case


XO Lauren

P.S. What’s on your wish list this holiday season?

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  • Sarah Heckle

    I’m hoping for a gold watch this year! And some cozy capes and ponchos :) Love the dress!


    vintage bar cart —> my latest post!

  • Melissa Panici

    I love this list! Love how you used the boots from your Style Guide book:) My wish list consists of lots of Kohls gift cards so I can shop your line after Christmas. Yay! I need lots of clothes and shoes so that’s the only thing on my list. xoxo

  • Stacie Grissom

    I love those boots and that dress. Anthropologie is so wonderful!

    How to make simple bows < -- My blog!

  • Emily Hanson

    I’m hoping for perfume and gift cards! :)

  • Lauren Hoffman

    Love your list Lauren, MK watches are my fave!
    Check out my list here:

    I also have some great gift giving guides for everyone on your shopping list!

    <3 Lauren

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I love the Anthropologie Polished Platinum dress!! So chic! You could totally have an Audrey Hepburn moment in that dress! I don’t really have a wish list… except for that a) I can shop for my family in time & b) thoughts of me & my ex wouldn’t haunt me. This time of year is questionable… lol One day I’ll get it together!!

  • Janine B.

    Lauren, I have that watch and LOVE it. those boots are amazing too. they kind of look like the boots you have in your book that I love.

  • Sarah Thaman

    Ah! A gold watch and riding style boots made it onto my Christmas List as well!

  • Kelli Landry

    I just received that exact watch for my birthday. LOVE IT! It looks beautiful with everything. Loving that dainty bracelet in this list too!

  • Alexis Ann Delaey

    My wish list is short: I just want 2012 to be a better year than 2011, because it was a year full of pain and losing people I love.

  • Megan Alvarado

    Satomi Kawakita Tiniest Pearl Ring is my favorite on your list! My birthstone is a pearl and this would add to my collection! Love it!

  • Alba Cuci

    I’m hoping for a new watch as well.

  • Danielle Marie {Envision Pretty}

    Lauren, great list of staple items that are realistic in price! I am dying for this Rose Fossil watch!Check out my blog!!!


  • Karleigh Sergio

    Great minds think alike!!! I have the MK rose gold watch on my list as well :)

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    I want these Kate Spade shoes for Christmas sooo bad:

    – Cher

  • Jennifer Jupiter

    unfortunately none of my gifts are going to be surprises this year. i went through the work of making a very elaborate list (w/ direct website links) for my bf, thinking he’d pick just few items. no, the over-compensator that my bf is means he bought EVERYTHING on the list & i know this because the boxes have been arriving for the past two weeks. the box from saks means im getting the louboutins, the box from barneys means im getting the helmet lang sweater, the box from allsaints means im getting the leather skinny jeans, the box from james perses means im getting the tees. the box from DVF means im getting the dress. & the list goes on & on. he said i made it so easy for him, he couldnt stop himself. i do appreciate the gesture, but a girl likes a little mystery.

  • aviana wyall

    I want a pair of classic Uggs, they’re so warm and cozy! :)

  • Jessica Daniel

    Wow we have the exact same Christmas wish list! :)

  • Nancy Nguyen

    the boots are sold outtttt :(

  • Shellz

    Omg i want everything u listed…lol

  • Maria Ayala

    I want books and dvd’s and a black skirt for church(:

  • Vanessa Sotelo

    loove that watch too, you have great taste in eveerything :)

  • Mariana M

    I want a faux fur vest, Chance from Chanel, a La Mer watch, scented candles, books, a velvet bag and some cute and cozy sweaters

  • bvfp nicole

    i would love a chanel 2.55 and i love that watch …..but im more of a silver girl then gold …

  • Els Jeuris

    On my holiday wish list: Sugar & Spice by Lauren Conrad (hard cover), anything from Nuxe (bodylotion, …), YSL nail polish (brown with glitters), a cupcakemaker, David Guetta-cd, The Hangover II-DVD, …

  • hattie stearns

    uuuuh. ~$550 Chloe boots = a year’s worth of food or utilities?! And a $225 MK watch is more than you spend on rent for an entire year?! Where the heck do you live?! $225-$550 is a fraction of my monthly rent, and $550 covers groceries and utilities in my house for one month.

    Sure, not all incomes and housing scenarios are alike in this world. Same with Holiday traditions – some exchange gifts, some don’t. Very lovely of you to be giving your time to those in need this year, but it’d come off more genuine if you didn’t talk about it in guilt-trip manner practically dangling it over our heads.

    I’m sure in the back of your mind there’s a wishlist somewhere. Just because you don’t directly ask for those things, doesn’t mean you can’t dream. Kinda the point of a wishlist. Get in the Holiday spirit and accept that other’s traditions are different from your own.

    (*Pretty sure LC is rather giving of her time and resources year-round anyhow).

  • Jenny Umana

    I would also love that pearl ring and the 4th generation white apple ipod touch and the nikon 1 white camera!

  • laura sacco

    I love those Chloe boots! This year I’m asking for a phone (my blackberry is NOT cutting it), big comfy sweaters, a suitcase from Victorias Secret, Coach Poppy perfume, and a nice big roomie purse because when it comes to bags for me, the bigger the better. That’s my realistic list. On my “”Not too realistic”” list there is a Coach purse, a Chi, and something in a “”little blue box”” :)

  • Kellie Norton

    The Michael Kors watch is now on my wish list :) I love rose gold! I’m also asking for Miss Dior Cherie perfume :) after I spelled it at a department store I couldn’t resist! Let’s hope I get what I asked for!! Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Christine Rosko

    I absolutely love the Platinum Dress. It’s definitely my favorite. If you get a chance please check out my Christmas wish list!!

  • Katja Anni

    God I love the watch! TD4!

    On my wishlist there’s Chanel’s perfume Coco Mademoiselle and a pair of Roxy designer sunnies… Good for Santa, it’s not that heavy to carry 😉 But who said it would be cheap? Merry Christmas everybody!!!

  • Liz

    I have always liked that watch. I like the petite one though.

  • Layne Weber

    the prada fur bag, tory burch riding boots, Kate spade bow jewelry, and a sheerling vest are all on my wish list!

  • Janice Kostellic

    i am soo getting that watch. i have been looking @ watches for a while now & i think that may be the one i’m gonna get. i love rose gold.

  • Dannielle Sumter

    That watch is super cute! Actually all the stuff on your list is super cute! :)

    I asked for a new bed lol 😛 and The Big Bang Theory on dvd and Crazy, Stupid, Love on dvd too. :) Mainly movies and music

  • samantha perrill

    Waxing Poetic jewelry – Love their charms, rings, bracelets

    Vera Bradley Bag big enough to handle my laptop

    LC Skin-it for my laptop

    Heathered, vintage-inspired shirts with cute flats and dark jeans

    and Snow for christmas eve. :)

  • michAlexandra

    Michael Kors watches are the best! I have one and I wear it practically every day. The platinum dress is gorgeous and I’m in love with thise Chloe boots!

    Heres my wish list…

  • Christine G

    An engagement ring! Hhaha…that’s totally wishful thinking. *sigh*

    Seriously though…

    Xbox Kinect

    Princess cut diamond earrings

    Macbook Pro

    Canon PowerShot S100

    A really nice pair of cognac-colored riding boots

    Burberry wrist watch

  • Christine G

    Oh… one more thing! An iPhone 4S! My 3GS is dying slowly. =[ whomp whomp

  • tinamarie

    marc jacobs, rose gold boyfriend watch (:

  • karly goins

    I love everything you want Lauren! …but I already have a Michael Kors watch, check it out:

    and here is my Christmas list:

  • Kristen Haddick

    i love everything on this list. but of course, the boots the most. amazing.


  • Stephanie Harper

    LOVE the Michael Kors watch!! After seeing this list, i may need to change a few things on mine!ha(: but on my Christmas List right now is:

    A new big screen tv(:

    A Macbook!

    A few different kinds of perfumes, that i found while i was looking on here(:

    The two last seasons of the Hills on DVD!(: lol

    Plenty of gift cards so i can do my own clothes shopping(: ha!

    That’s about it(:

  • Brittani Dunn

    My one Christmas/Birthday (They’re on the same day) wish was to have my boyfriend come home for the holidays. The last Christmas he was home for was 4 years ago. He serves in the military and I am so thankful that not only will he be home for Christmas, he’s coming home 10 days before hand and I’ll be visiting him for New Years! I’m so blessed!! =)

    And then I wanted a Kindle so bad and a tv which I think Santa is giving me both since I’ve been such a good girl this year!


  • Petra Zeller

    LOVE the Mirror Jewelry Box. So beautiful! and I like also the Cloe Boots. Really nice
    xoxo, Petra

  • carena klerkx

    I love you list! I want it all to! X

  • francesca guralnick

    these are great but WAY out of my or my friends price range, maybe posting somethings that the average person could afford…

  • Sarah Luna Mortensen

    I would LOOVE the watch and the boots! I really want the grey blouse with the pink pattern and the zipper on the back from Whitney Port’s collection for Bik Bok :)

  • Julie D

    i would LOVE these darling rain boots by tom joules

  • Cassidy Short

    love it all! also, if you’re looking for a good holiday deal check out this Aleya NY handbag – amazing deal! :)

  • Vivien Harmat

    I just want a new Canon :)

  • Alexa Basinger

    I really want a Chanel Purse!! One like you have!! And some Louibutons and maybe a Tiffany’s charm braclet.

  • erin

    i asked for the watch for christmas and i got it!!! thank you for an idea! :)

  • Kimberly Reed

    I would like a bottle of perfume Tresors Midnight Rose….The Griddler by Cusinart

  • Sayenne Hensen

    I also asked for the watch…well I actually asked for any rose gold Michael Kors watch.. And my boyfriend went to this site and saw the one Lauren asked and got me that one… I love it…

  • Melanie Rudolphus

    I live in Australia and I purchased the tiniest pearl ring after reading your post! I fell in love with it almost immediately! It arrived today. The craftsmanship is extraordinary as it is sooo tiny and it looks so dainty on my hand. I absolutely love it! Thanks for recommending it!!



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