Here & There: My NYC Trip


I spent the first half of the week in New York City working on my LC Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl’s. I can’t wait for you to see what’s coming up for spring…


Usually when I fly out to NYC for Kohl’s, it’s all business and no play. Thankfully this time around I was able to sneak in a bit more fun than usual. The highlight of the trip was ice skating in Bryant Park and meeting up with a few friends from high school. (And I’m proud to say I only fell once…haha.) Nothing beats being in NYC over the holidays. And ice skating in the park is just one of the many reasons it’s so great.

Are you going anywhere over the holidays?

XO Lauren

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  • Lauren Hoffman

    Great post Lauren! I also plan on visitng the NYC with my sister to see the windows.


    Don’t know what to get for all the loved ones on your Xmas list? Get the perfect gift lists here:

  • Chelsea Beck

    Pretty Pretty please tell us about your outfit and what you’re wearing and who made it! I’m in love!

  • Shellz

    cute pics!! cant wait to see your spring collection:)

  • Melissa Panici

    It looks like you had so much fun! I want to go to NYC and ice skate now!! Exciting to hear that you were working on your Spring line at Kohls. Can’t wait to see your creations! I’m not going anywhere big for the Holidays this year unfortunately:( But going to my parents is a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing your trip with us Lauren:)

  • Ani Allen

    Lauren you have done such an amazing job with making all your dreams come true!!! I enjoy reading your blog and thank you for being so honest and beautiful!!! I have never been to New York but I definetely look forward to going there someday it looks like you had an amazing time!!!

    xo. Ani

  • Nyska Merisier Desarmes

    OH YES I AM!!!!
    I’m going back home to Haiti for the Holidays!!!!
    My husband and I are going to spend Xmas and New Years with my Mom

    I’ll be documenting the whole trip for my blog

    have a great Holiday you guys!!!!!!!

  • Amie Kelleher

    I haven’t been ice skating since I was little! Well done for only falling once! If it were me, I’d probably be covered in bruises! I can’t wait to see your new Kohls collection!

  • Tabra Mitchell

    Lauren! Absolute love your site and of course your Kohl’s collection! Can’t wait to see the spring collection soon! One quick question…getting my hair done coming up in a couple of weeks. I want something different and new that I have never had before and since I adore you so much and love your hair, want to get my hair cut similar to yours. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you tell the hairstylist to do to it?! :) It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Tabra Mitchell

    Oh and nope not going anywhere for Christmas this year. Hopefully having some family and friends over though! :) Thanks for sharing your life with us LC! We love you!

  • Lupsie

    Ahh! Soo cute!! I’m going ice skating this weekend in NYC, to see the tree and going to a comedy show! I love living in NYC during Christmas time!

  • Kellie Norton

    I love Bryant Park!! It’s absolutely beautiful no matter what season! It looks like you had a great time, I hope you stopped by Crumbs 😉 that’s my favorite must-stop shop :)

  • Amelie Schmehl

    Hi Lauren,

    I absolutely love your scarf in these pictures! That

  • luis783

    Hi Lauren,

    I’m from Germany and I like your red hat. Can you tell me which brand it is or where I can buy it.

    Best greets,


  • Elena Last name

    Ohhh that picture reminds me of last year, they brought an ice rink to where I live, and it was for most of the people the first time they skated on ice, a friend of me got obssesed whit skating and… we was good, but one day he was triying to make a suddenly turn and… there was a kid on his way , so my friend avoid him and tripped he landed on his face and he was bleading all over the place, they took him to er and I went whit him in my car… It was an awefull night, when his mother saw him… she was criying… This year they didnt bring the rink but he still joke about it, we call him “”scarface””…

  • Christine Rosko

    It is a dream of mine to go to New York one day. Even live there.

  • Melanie Richard

    i’ve never been to NY, i hope to someday get the chance to go! by the way, i love that outfit, it’s so cute and looks cozy :)

  • tania suarez

    cute :)

    i miss the hills soo much!

  • Zuleando

    Hi Lauren,

    I am actually going to Las Vegas with 3 other girls to celebrate my 25th bday party. Since, you have experience already, I was wondering if you can give me some advices of what to do in Vegas, what are your fave clubs, and other things??? I’ll appreciate your help.

  • Kate Gallagher

    That looks so fun

  • Elisee prummel

    Cute pictures!!
    I can’t wait to see what’s coming up for spring!


  • Diamenrose

    No i won’t go away . I really like this post of you :) You should send more of such kind of posts :) Have a nice weekend xxo

  • Petra Zeller

    Wow, You are really a lucky Girl. Its one of my dream to be sometimes on the christmas time in New York City to go ice skating, looking christmas decoration and go christmas shopping :) I think that is awesome :) xoxo, Petra

  • Julia Renkert

    Ice skating is so much fun! Last year I went down into downtown Detroit to skate at one of their parks, it was such a great time, full of holiday cheer! I plan to do the same again this year! It’s great being in a big city during the holidays :)

    Cup of Tea

  • christina

    Funny, I was just in NYC on Sunday! Haha! Just last year my family went skiing with some of our really good friends after Christmas. I, never being good at things like skiing or sports in general, originally was not very excited about it. However the house we stayed in was GORGEOUS, the view on the mountain was even more beautiful, and I actually turned out to be pretty good at skiing! We were planning on doing it again this year, and I really hope we do!

  • Kimmy S

    you look so cute! i’m going to mammoth for the holidays, but i acutally usually go to nyc (which i will miss, but at least i get to snowbaord!!)

    does anyone know where i can find a cute red beanie like Laurens??

  • Melissa Stehling

    I was just in nyc yesterday <333

  • Janelle McNeal

    I live in nyc and skating in bryant park is one of my fave things to do! I’m glad you had such a great time!

  • jf

    Wish i could be ice skating right now! Its one of my favourite christmas things to do but unfortunately i dont get to do it that often!

  • tinamarie

    amazing. (:

  • Emmy Wong

    Man….I wish I can skate:) And I agree with Christina above. Can someone ID the hat?

  • Jenna Beef

    You should check out Portland, Oregon. I don’t remember what the mall was called but the shopping center is HUGE and there’s an indoor skating rink! And Macaroni Grill is literally attached. Yes please!

  • Kimberly

    I love ice skating, I think I will do that. I like the tree behind you :). Xx

  • Kayleigh Pope

    Kimmy S

    I’m from the UK and I have a simular one, if not the same from Topshop. (i’ve linked below)

    This one isn’t the same colour as it’s not on the website anymore, but I got one in store!

    Hope this helps. x|208549]&noOfRefinements=1

  • Sol Sol

    heyyyyyyy!!! i

  • karly goins

    I have always wanted to visit NY. Looks like you had an amazing mini-vacay, you deserve it Lauren :)

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    I’m not going anywhere this holiday, just staying home with family. You look so cute in those pictures!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • MissHeloise

    I love Christmas time ! And I’d love going to NY one day… For now I’m going to spend my Christmas holidays in France !

  • seyma ozer

    Omg! ♥ I’ve never been in NYC but I’d love to spend the holidays there!!

    I can’t imagine how wonderful NYC is on Christmas!! Lauren you are so lucky…

  • Amanda Ferreira

    Lauren, I’m from Brazil and I adimire you so much.

    Love you, XOXO Amanda (@mandy_maga on twitter)

  • Murselia gold

    hey lauren, i need your help. My best friend will always get mad for nothing, even if i haven’t done anything. But she if a kind of person that will make it seem that i have done something, but even if i know i have not.. sometimes it feel like i have. and i’m getting sick of it. and i dont know what to do. Please help me.

    And you are awesome btw 😉

  • Jaclyn Last name

    About to go ice skating this afternoon- I am so excited! I need to go to Bryant Park for skating one day soon as well! Central Park’s Wollman Rink is also gorgeous this time of year! Happy Holidays all!

  • Lily P.

    haha you are amazing!

    i wish i could skate too!


  • carena klerkx

    ice skating is fun. X

  • Jessica Galfo

    Come back to NYC and have a meet and greet!! I want to meet you!!

  • michelle cannizzaro

    Going to NYC during Christmas time is my absolute favorite…Being 45 minutes away I get to go next week and go ice skating too :-) Cant wait!

  • Vivian De La Cruz

    you look so pretty :) I love the outfit!

  • Shona

    Lauren you look so pretty! Did you get to catch up with Whitney?

  • Courtney Moore
  • Charlotte Hill

    Would love to go to NYC for Christmas! You guys go all out with the decorations and looks so magical.

  • Morgan Janes

    i love your outfit! what are you wearing??

  • Bunhead

    you look adorable. I wish you’d show more pictures of yourself.

  • alex helmecke

    i was wondering when you’d put more stuff out for your Kohls line, since I’ve undoubtably bought all your adorable floral prints for the new dress code at work…Looking forward to seeing what you put out for spring. (more florals, please ;])

  • Anna Huynh

    I have always wish to come to NY in christmas time!!
    I live in Denmark, so it’s far away. But I love America and you LC.
    Have a great christmas and a happy new year everyone :)

  • Madalyn Titus

    Precious!! I love your whole outfit in these pictures too!

  • Crystal Posner

    Love the pics!! Looks like so much fun!

  • alex jones

    I love the picture and your stuff too.

    Marry Christmas



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