Dress Coding: Meet the Parents

So it’s finally time to meet your beau’s parents and making a great first impression is key. Here are a few tips and outfit ideas that will make his folks remember you for all the right reasons…

Consider the setting. Dress appropriately by considering the location of the rendezvous. It would be a tad cheeky if you showed up to a Sunday brunch wearing a black mini dress and gold hoop earrings. Mom and dad will appreciate your consideration.

Go timeless. Wear something classic and don’t let your outfit be dictated by the trends. Timeless pieces such as sheath dresses or shirtdresses say you’re in for the long haul whereas trendy choices might make you seem flighty or unstable.

Show a little romance. Mix in a floral print or a luxe fabric like crushed velvet to show a little warmth and compassion. This is a simple way to show your softer, more feminine side.

Be a bit bold. If you’re going to a large family gathering wear something that makes a subtle statement with color. Instead of wearing a head-to-toe neutral palette, opt for one bright piece such as fuchsia flats or a great mustard blouse. Wearing color not only tells the world you’re feeling good, it also helps people remember you.

So fresh & so clean. This is an obvious one. But for those of you who think the messy-hair look will go over well with his folks, you are sorely mistaken. Keep your appearance prim and proper with natural makeup (minimal is best) and clean, simple hair. Personally, I’d recommend wearing your hair down or in a nice side braid.

Don’t forget you! While dressing “prim and proper” may not entirely reflect your personal style, add personalized elements to express your genuineness. Wear your favorite color or sport a special piece of jewelry that holds sentimental value, who knows, it could be a great topic for conversation!

Overall, your look should be modest, classic and feminine. Dressing the part will show his parents you are respectful and serious about their son. While clothes definitely play a role in your presentation, what’s more important is how you behave: Nothing will knock their socks off like a confident, polite, self-assured and well-mannered young lady. And don’t stress, if he loves you they most likely will too!

Here are a few of my favorite looks from my LC Lauren Conrad collection that are stylish and totally parent-proof… If you like something, just click the picture for more info!







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XO Lauren

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