When it comes to shopping the pre and after-Christmas sales, there are a few things you ought to know before you go… Here’s the smart girls guide to shopping the year-end sales:

  1. Know this. The purpose of year-end clearance sales is to get rid of the old and make room for the new. Many of the items are either overstock, returns or display pieces. The best value is overstock since returns and display items might not be in the best condition. However, if something is overstock, keep in mind that the store is most likely clearing it out to make way for its newer counterpart.
  2. What’s trending? Since stores are making room for the next season’s goodies, be aware of what trends will carry over into the next season. If something is particularly trendy, you may want to think twice before buying it. The more classic, the better!
  3. Check it. And test it. Since a majority of clearance items are overstock or returned products that have been sitting out for a long time, be sure to give things a thorough once-over before purchasing. If you find something you love and notice a snag or a missing belt, negotiate a lower price if it’s the only item of that kind left. More often than not, stores are happy to get rid of the merchandise even if it means selling it for an even greater discounted rate.

What are your favorite year-end sales to shop?

XO Lauren

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