I had fun reading through all of your silly Thanksgiving horror stories in response to my post, Tackling Turkey Day, but I had to pick just one to spotlight today. Below is Lindsay Myers‘ tale about how her Thanksgiving went fabulously awry a few years ago…

The funniest Thanksgiving disaster that happened to my family and me was a few years ago. My dad had heard great stories about deep-frying a turkey instead of roasting it in the oven. We had a house full of people, and my mom was extremely reluctant to try cooking the turkey a new way. But after going to the trouble of getting all the supplies, my dad went through with it. Just as the turkey was finished and he was bringing it in from the garage, the turkey somehow rolled off the tray and onto the kitchen floor. And because the bird was sitting in the fryer for 3+ hours, the greasy turkey glided 12 feet across the kitchen floor. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! (My mom swore that she cleaned those floors immaculately for our houseguests, so we ended up eating the turkey anyway!)

I hope there weren’t any runaway turkeys this year!

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XO Lauren

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