Now that I’ve started the Ladylike Laws series, I have been reading up on all things etiquette. In fact, during a recent vacation, I brought along my copy of Emily Post’s 18th Edition of Etiquette. Not exactly your typical beach read, but I am enjoying every minute of it. It’s fascinating stuff!

This is a photo I tweeted from my trip comparing books with my friend Jilly.

I think Etiquette is a book everyone must read. This 18th Edition of Etiquette was written by the new generation of Posts: Peggy Post, Anna, Lizzie and Dan. It’s informative, interesting and surprisingly easy to get lost in. Luckily for you, the Posts were kind enough to provide me with three copies of their great-grandmother Emily Post’s 18th Edition of Etiquette to giveaway!



Want to win a copy of my beach read?

Here’s how to enter…

  1. Comment. Leave 1 comment below telling me about an occasion when proper etiquette helped get you out of a sticky social situation.
  2. Tweet. Click here and tweet the following: Be a lady & follow @LaurenConrad’s #LCLadylikeLaws
  3. Wait. I will announce the three winners next Monday, November 21st!

Good luck!

And a special thank you to the Posts for providing me with the books for this giveaway–it’s greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: We have our winners…

Congrats to Ginny Clair Hitt, Sally Marinucci and Alex Novak!

Here are the ladies’ comments about occasions where proper etiquette helped them out:

Ginny said, “I was having dinner with my best guy friends family for the first time. They had a full meal and I had to use my best manners because it was important to me to not only impress them but want them to have me over again. By using the proper table etiquette i was able to win them over.”

Sally said, “Gosh, when hasn’t proper etiquette helped me out in sticky situations?! I work in Guest Services at a salon and sometimes there are women who are less then happy with their results. Proper etiquette is so important to use while I am trying to find a remedy for the situation at hand. When people see that you are courteous and you genuinely care, it eases everyone’s nerves and I am able to to reach a reasonable solution for everyone.”

Alex said, “I was at a fundraiser for my university, all the board members there. There was one lady came to me and knew my name but i did not know hers, I quickly said “this is my friend Jillian” and they shook hands while she lady said her name. I was then able to use her name in the conversation, she never even realized i didn’t know it.”

Thank you again to everyone who entered this giveaway! There will be plenty more for you to enter soon. And thanks again to everyone at Emily Post & the Post Institute for making this giveaway possible!

Ginny, Sally and Alex: Please be sure to repsond to the message we sent you via email and/or your inbox with shipping information ASAP.

XO Lauren

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