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I have fallen deeply, madly in love with camel clothing this year. (I’m actually wearing a knit camel sweater as I write this blog!) You’d think I’ve never seen the rich color before. There’s something so dashing about it that I adore for daytime wear. It exudes an air of practical elegance, which I absolutely love. Instead of grey and black, this buff color is the perfect hue to update your wardrobe with. Not only is this golden-beige tone a universally flattering color, it also lends a romantic feel for fall and winter. Camel is also incredibly versatile and it can be worn year-round. Who knew?

One of my favorite things in my closet right now is a nude-colored oversize chunky knit cardigan. I wear it with everything–jeans, maxi dresses–you name it… Lately I’ve been loving head-to-toe camel. It’s a fun way to work the monochrome trend while adding a little length to your torso. Camel pieces also look fabulous paired with bold look-at-me garments, like the red pants and beige top in this photo.

Personally, I think it’s best to invest in camel pieces with minimal silhouettes. Streamlined looks are easier to work into your closet and it will keep you looking fresh and elegant. Pair a camel coat with a pencil skirt and glossy heels for a polish office look, or work a taupe dress with black tights and a bold lip for a night on the town.

Think of camel as the new black. Wear it with everything–stripes, color, neutrals, prints… When you’re working with buff, the possibilities are endless!

Here are a few of my favorite camel-colored pieces from my collections…

What do you think about my camel craving? How do you work it into your wardrobe?

XO Lauren

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Photo: Terry Richardson for H&M
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  • Anna James

    obsessed with this color and the camila Skivvy sweater from Paper Crown. Perfect for fall. I featured on on my fashion blog today. I’d love if yuo’d check it out. Thanks love. xo

  • Sarah Heckle

    I’ve been loving camel too :) I have an oversized waffle knit camel sweater that I can’t wait to wear!


  • Lauren Hoffman

    I looked in my closet over the weekend and realized every sweater I own is pretty much a variation of the color brown, tons of camel and nudes! Love it but it’s time to break out of my comfort zone!


  • Melissa Panici

    I love this Lauren! Such a good color. I have boots that are similar to the ones in this pic except that they are flat and not heels. Thanks for these tips! I’m needing a LC Lauren Conrad shopping day real soon:) So these tips will help!

  • Sarah Thaman

    Camel is SO fall to me! It’s such a rich color and feel super luxuriuos! It’s an essential for any fall wardrobe!



  • Kathleen Hunt

    Where can I find a nude-colored oversize chunky knit cardigan at a decent price???

  • Glorietta88

    I love this color!!it’s perfect with everything…I love boots and bags in camel.. :)

  • Shannonmarie

    I’m loving camel, too. Goes great with the boots I just got from your LC for Kohl’s collection (the one with the knit foldover at the top). I have gotten so many compliments on them. One girl made a point to come over to my table at a restaurant, so she could find out where I got them.

  • Stacie Grissom

    I love that blazer! I’ve been trying to find the perfect camel skirt for a while in thrift stores. :)

  • Lupsie

    I love this post! I’m wearing a camel color knit cardigan from h&m with a burgundy button down, black leggings and my favorite leopard print flats (extremely casual off)!

    @kathleen hunt…the cardigan i’m wearing right now is chunky and cozy from h&m it’s camel colored they have 3 other colors too for only $29.99!

  • Alicia Henson

    LOL I seriously went shopping this weekend for camel color outwear. I found a great double breasted coat. Love the way you think LC. <3

  • Shellz

    whoa! hot boots! i love that colour!

  • Sabrinchen

    Hey Lauren,

    where is your nude-colored oversize chunkyl knit cardigan from? I’m looking for one!

  • Kimberly

    I really like the color. It something different than wearing black. Sometimes I don’t want to wear black and camel is the ‘new black’.

    I will buy a camel piece! :)


  • Natasha Hussain

    Ooh! I’m loving the Camila Skivvy sweater, definitely going to have to pick me up one! =]

  • cherry_07

    my closet is full of camel pieces! 😀

  • Kimmy S

    I LOVE camel everything–now I want to get that coat/boats from the H&M photo. Thanks for this great post!

  • Jennifer Sellen

    i’ve always loved the camel color… i just recently got a camel colored purse and now i’m on the hunt for a big cardigan or sweater…

  • tinamarie

    love! im currently on the search for camel flats & a leather jacket. fingers crossed!

  • Jenna Starr


  • Rachael Ferenc

    I have been in such a camel/beige colored mood for months now! I never liked them on me but something changed. I have a favorite beige off the shoulder sweater and just bought some cute camel colored boots for the fall! :)

    Ps. I just got back from Kohl’s and was obsessed with every shirt from your line!! <3

  • Karmele Garcia

    I love camel and everyday I wear something of this color, mostly my purse or a belt but is a very safe color for me, it’s like my own personal black.

  • Julia Renkert

    I’ve been loving the camel look this fall too! I’ve already got an oversized camel blazer and winter peacoat with a waist belt. The only good thing about snow coming is a chance to bundle up in my camel coat! :)

    Cup of Tea

  • Jessica H

    I LOVE the leather shorts! I wish you would do a post on how to wear them! So cute. Check out my blog

  • FIDM Fashion Club

    I didn’t know that camel could be worn year-round and it can be mixed with prints with solids? I love it! I knew there was a reason why I was drawn to the color when I was shopping with my bff today! I could always use tips when it comes to styling and who knows fashion and styling best than LC herself? I think it’s even better that she went to FIDM. Awesome!

  • Sarah Wehner

    LOVE THIS!! After reading this post, I found an amazing head-to-toe camel outfit while shopping on! Enjoy!!

  • Erica Kelly

    Camel is one of my favorite colors in my closet; it goes with everything!

  • Dhara Bhuptani

    I absolutley LOVE camel also! I think its so versatile and so modern and contemperary!

  • Jenn Martin

    I’m totally OBSESSED with the camel trend right now!! I think its the perfect color for a fall wardrobe!! It complements so many things so well too!!

  • Emily Kate

    I’m in love with camel too! I loved getting this email in my mailbox because I was sitting at my desk wearing my new CAMEL colored blouse from H & M !

    Loving how in sync we are!

  • Leslie Arriaza

    After reading this I was definitely on the look out for the perfect camel colored top! I finally found it and it was only $20! 😀 — even cheaper now!

  • Susanna Hall

    I think it’s a very pretty, elegant neutral color but you have to have the right skin tone to pull it off. I don’t personally have that skin tone so I don’t normally work it into my wadrobe. I think I could pull off camel boots or pants but a top/dress/skirt/shorts probably wouldn’t look right on me.

  • Katja Anni

    Loving it! Just bought a couple of pieces in exactly that colour. It looks great with brown tones, too. And it’s definetely something different to all the black and grey out there in winter :)

    Thanks for this post, Lauren! :)

  • Chrissy

    Hey Lauren!

    Yes, camel so beautiful. It’s classy and timeless, like you! I absolutely love your style. You seem to always know what to wear at any given time… This is actually what brings me to your site.

    It’s a long shot, but I created an account here because I wanted to see if I could make a request:

    I’m a college student and the city where my univeristy is gets winter weather like you would not believe… There are four VERY distinct seasons and the winter is rough! It’s a pretty average day to go to class and schlep around campus in temperatures that are anywhere from 0-32 degrees outside. I have no idea how to look great in this weather — to look like I still have style! I pretty much live in my collegate sweats, puffy jackets and uggs…

    Would you consider making a post for students about how to dress comfortable and chic in winters that can be pretty extreme? If you we in my shoes, what would you wear?

    If you could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it more than anything!

    Thanks for the consideration!

  • Sirane Ensaid Rivas Montilla

    I have an awesome picture of my Camel Fav’s .. How can I add it?

  • lea payne
  • soupforthegirlysoul

    Oh my gosh SO in love with Camel right now, it’s my favorite trend of the moment <3

  • Christina

    Lauren, can you give us a link to the nude, oversized chunky knit cardigan? It sounds so comfy!

    x Christina



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