Beauty 911: Locked & Loaded

Instead of a Tuesday Ten post, today I’m sharing 12 things every girl ought to have in her beauty ammo whether she’s on the clock or not…

Here’s the scenario: It’s Monday morning. Your beautiful blouse is full of static, you’ve still got breakfast in your teeth (darn those raspberries), your T-zone is shiny…and it’s only 10am. So what’s a girl to do? Whip out her Beauty Emergency Kit (lovingly known as a “beautE-Kit”).

There are a few tried-and-true items every working (or school-aged) lady must have close at hand. This is what I keep in my beautE-Kit…



Static Guard. It may sound strange, but this is an absolute must. Not only will it come in handy when your new dress is sticking to your legs, it can also be used in lieu of hair spray to tame flyaways. Just spritz a little on your fingertips and lightly dab unruly hairs into place.

Floss Pick. After each meal, give your pearly whites the once over. If you spot any leftovers, dislodge them using a floss pick. Floss picks can also be used to de-clump mascara or remove dirt from under your nails. However, please remember to perform such forms of maintenance in the privacy of the ladies room.

Mini Mirror. It’s always a good idea to keep a small pocket mirror close at hand. You’ll never wonder if you have lipstick on your teeth again!

Lotion. Usually, offices are either too cold or too hot, which can lead to chapped hands–especially when you’re washing them constantly after using the restroom. To prevent dry, cracked hands moisturize throughout the day using your favorite hand lotion. Your hands (and nails) will thank you.

Hand Sanitizer. Sneeze, cough or blow your nose? Do your co-workers a favor and disinfect. No need to pass around an unwanted bug.

Blister Blockers. Is there anything worse than breaking in a new pair of shoes? Keep a stash of extra strong blister bandages at your desk, just in case.

Vaseline. This is one of the most underrated beauty products out there. Use it to quench dry lips, smooth it over your heel if your shoe is rubbing, or swipe it over your cuticles for a quick pick me up.

Deodorant. Keep a travel-sized deodorant stashed in your kit. You’ll never have to sweat the small stuff again (like forgetting to put it on as you rushed out the door this morning).

Stain Remover. Food should be in your mouth, not on your clothes. And the same goes for coffee. Never worry about walking into a meeting with marinara polka dots again!

Snack. It sounds silly, but I keep little bites in my desk drawer at Paper Crown. A case of the hangrys (hungry + angry = hangry) is never becoming.

Meds. Whether you’re team Tylenol or you’re an ibuprofen fan, having a stash of goodies to combat headaches is a smart way to keep your head clear. Also, having a few Tums on hand isn’t a bad idea either…

Bobby Pins. Nix bedhead, windy-day-hair or I-was-in-a-rush-this-morning head with a few bobby pins. A topknot, ballerina or fun bun can always tame unruly hair with the help of a few hairpins.

Those are my essentials. If you’re stranded at your desk, these 12 items will get you through. Next week, I’ll be posting a blog about office items that double as beauty products!

Want to win a copy of my personal beautE-Kit?

Leave a comment below telling me about an office item that plays double beauty duty (Note: It must be a common office item such as a paperclip and you need to tell me how it can be used as a beauty product/tool). The winner with the most creative idea will win! I’ll announce the winner and I’ll feature my favorite 5 suggestions in next week’s post too!

XO Lauren

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  • Anna James

    haha. i love your writing here. Seriously couldn’t get through my week without most of these 12 things. Thankfully I work at home, so using office supplies over the real thing isn’t an issue. Excited to see what others say though. Thanks Lauren. I posted pictures from your winter Lookbook on my style blog today. Obsessed with the designs this season. xo

  • Melissa Panici

    I love this kit! Great idea Lauren:) I work in an office and sometimes I use a staple remover to clean anything that might be under my nails. It’s kind of cheesy but it works! I also use super glue on my skin around my nails when there are splits. It closes the opening so you don’t feel any stinging while you work. It lasts a long time too! Thanks for this opportunity Lauren!!

  • Sarah Heckle

    Pencils can always double as hair sticks!


  • Jaclyn S

    Great post Lady, I recently found another good thing to keep at your desk or in your purse… a mini sewing kit. Last week the hem came out of one of the legs on my suit pants while I was at work. I was wearing heels so it looked a little ridiculous with the extra long leg… Thank god for staplers… I tucked the fabric under and stapled the sides… You could not tell and it got me through the rest of the day. :)

  • Stacie Grissom

    This is weird, but Post it notes can be used as dental floss in a fix! :)

  • Lauren Hoffman

    Awesome post. I keep most of this stuff in my bag, I feel like a modern day Mary Poppins sometimes but hey, you never know when you’ll need something!

  • Jennifer Battista

    I love this! I sometimes use the eraser off a pencil as an earring backing in a pinch if I lose one. Definitely comes in handy so I don’t lose the earring!

  • Virginia Hofmann

    Love this post.

    Tape is definitely helpful, whenever I have lint from my sweatshirt or cat or dog hair all over, just take some tape and press it wherever you have those unwanted fuzzys or pethair and it’ll come right off your outfit.

    Also, when I dont have a nailfile and I really need to do something, “”filing”” your nails on your jeans (if you’re wearing them) usually does the trick.

  • EllieMAE

    If I’m at my desk and I’m called into a meeting without notice, I sneakily use the underside of a CD-RW (as a mirror) to check for any mishaps on my face/teeth!

  • Tori

    1. paperclips have always been my emergency bobby pins in my office at school. It is super easy to do, it may be tacky but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Also I can quickly and easily hem my pants to any length with a paperclip!! Its an adventure only us girls would venture to take.

    2. my double sided tap is also a life saver in clothing malfunctions, If I need an extra cling where my top is just not clinging…Double sided tap saves the day.

    3. Last but not least… I normally have atleast five extra hairbands laying around in strange places, but if there is none to be found a pencil with a twist of the wrist always does the trick! :)

  • Meghan McKeown

    My trick is for everywhere- not just the office. I got a mirror LCD screen protector ( for my phone, so that I always have a mirror on hand and don’t have to worry about carrying a small one in my purse. It works really well, and I can still see my phone screen perfectly!

  • ctwest

    Sometimes I use post-it’s as blotting paper :)

  • Jennifer Northcutt

    I had no idea there was such a thing as blister bockers!!! Normal bandaids don’t stay on. I could use those come every fall after wearing flip flops all summer… thanks!

  • Liza Sullivan

    I use a small paperclip for everything. I have used it to de-clump mascara. As a makeshift toothpick (in the bathroom of course), it can work as a bobby pin (if you hide it well), if your necklace breaks it can hold it together (you can undo it and shape it the way you want), I’ve had a hem to fall out and used a paperclip to hold it together. I could go on and on.

  • Abi Devins

    When I get an invite for lunch and realize i don’t have my naills done, White Out to the rescue for a quick French 😉 Sometimes you gotta do what you you gotta do! Xoxo Abi

  • Elena Wilde

    so clever! i don`t have a beautE-kit, but i think i could really use it..

    after a long day, both my eyemakeup, especially my mascara, end up under my eyes, making me look like a racoon.. so i invented this great last-minute makeup-remover: ordinary scotch tape! if you are in a hurry, just take some tape, put it under your eyes and gently peel it off. it`s super effective, but be careful, because the skin under you`r eyes is quite sensitive.

    i hope you liked my tips, it work great for me :)

    xo, elena

  • Andrea W

    Scotch Tape as a lint roller works fantastic.

  • Ashley Wilkinson

    Post it notes are GREAT oil absorbing sheets…no more shiny t-zone!! I’ve found that the dark blue post it’s work the best :)

  • Angela Domenico

    I use the large binder clips as hair clips when my hair needs to be maintained.

  • Sara Krysiak

    If your earring back pops off you can use a piece of an eraser!

  • Caroline Paredes

    For putting hair into a chinese style bun, you can use a pencil to keep it in place.

  • Jemma Curtin

    a candel used to rub in the back of new shoes to stop them rubbing an causing a blister and eraser also works wonders

  • Susanna Hall

    Use a business card as emergency floss!

  • Janine B.


    I have used a stapler many times for a quick fix to a torn pant hemline!


  • Kellie Norton

    When I interned in an office I used rubberbands to put my hair up in a bun when the office started getting a little too hot! (for emergency’s only, because they really hurt if you try to pull them out the wrong way)

  • Lindsey Christopher

    This is awesome, Lauren. Thanks!

  • Nik F.

    Don’t forget GUM or MINTS to that emergency kit!

    As for office products that double as a beauty aid…a dull-sharpened pencil is always handy for putting the locks up in a quick chignon or bun :)

    aaaaand… I have also used a post-it flag on occasion in lieu of dental floss 😉 It’s nice to know I’m not the only one haha!

  • Alba Cuci

    This is great Lauren! Thanks! I use rubber bands whenever I’m having an extra bad hair day. I make a messy fishtail side braid and hold it together with the rubber band in the end. I would not recommend using them for ponytails because they will break your hair, but they are great for braids.

  • Lindsay Jewell

    I know its hard to get spots or smudges on your black blouse, but it is possible! If it ever should happen (and it has to me!), grab a black sharpie as a quick cover up!

  • Tiffany Sauls

    Using a paperclip as a bobbypin and/or using pencils for a quick up-do have helped me on many days when I am running late for work!

  • Lauren Dumas

    Dryer sheets! For those days when your hair refuses to be anything but a static mess, just lightly graze the sheet over your hair and voila no static and it smells wonderful too. Also, sneak to the bathroom for the mid-day appearance check, it can work to neaten up makeup, use as extra insurance with deodarant or even slide in your shoes to keep them smelling clean.

  • Stacy Fuller

    I use paperclips and binder clips to put my hair up into a twist and I have used the staper to hold a hem.

  • bballin129

    Scotch tape can remove any loose eye shadow that falls under your eyes. Instead of smudging your makeup with a tissue and highlighting the mistake, the tape gently lifts the top layer of eye shadow, leaving your foundation, bronzer, etc in tact. To remove, just form a bubble of tape around your finger so it can roll gently across your skin gently.

  • Natalie Irwin

    I use a black sharpie marker to fill in scuffs on my black shoes a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

  • Marinela Mic Plucic

    I use my iPhone camera to check my hair and face before meetings. If I don’t have a hair tie and want to put my hair up I use my pen to put it up. If I don’t have a lint roller I use tape to collect lint of my black jacket. :).

  • Domenica Brundia

    A Rubber band! I use it to put my hair up, and i also used it when the button of my pants fell off. I looped it in the hole of my pants and looped it around the claw. It worked great!

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    You can use a small stapler remover to clean out underneath your nails!! Especially on days where you are in-between picking a new polish color and you go to work with your nails bare…you don’t want to be caught with dirt under your nails! :)

  • alexandra b

    Tape to get rid of lint on my clothes!

  • Emily Wells

    The other day, the hem came loose in the one of the legs of my black slacks and I used a stapler to staple the hem. I stapled right on the seam on each side of the pant leg, vertically, to keep the problem unnoticeable and at bay until I got home – it worked wonders and no one noticed.

  • nycgirl01

    We have every color sharpie in the office, so I always use them to touch up a nail if it chips during the day!

  • Ashley Gaa

    I use paperclips in an emergency like loosing a button or a quick hem on my pants. the also will hold bangs out of the face.

  • Charmaine Simmons

    I use binder clips to pin up my hair on a bad hair day. Also, I use them to pin a skirt that is too big.

  • Jordan Jones

    I am guilty of using sharpies to cover up scuffs on my patent pumps and leather shoes… but it is not a permanent solution! lol

  • StephV

    I always use a pen to put my hair in a bun…and then I spend 5 minutes looking for my pen on my desk and forget its in my hair…every time! haha

  • Karie Obremski

    This beautyE-kit is incredible!!! I absolutely need it, Lol I always have fly-aways and things I need to touch up!

    For an office accessory, I always find myself using small or large binder clips for my hair. I can pull it back, put it in a bun or anything! Paper clips are great for bobbi pins.

    Also I use rubber bands to pull back my hair when I need to control the length of it!

    Love this beautyE-kit! SO CLEVER!

  • Sheryl Coonan

    Erasers! Whenever an earring back goes missing, simply tear off a small piece of an eraser and push the point of your earring through it to keep your earring securely in place!

  • Harper30

    Hand Sanitizer. I work at a gym and scrapes and cuts happen- if they do and there is nothing handy to clean it out, simply use Hand Sanitizer. It works, and doesn’t burn (maybe slightly depending on the cut but not terrible).

  • orangetulipgrl

    It’s a little gross, but I fold up a piece of paper until it’s thick enough to use to clean under my fingernails. Using a folded corner helps to “”catch”” the gunk so it doesn’t fall to the floor.

  • Lauren McEwen

    Binder clips as hair clips, staples work well if a hem comes undone on pants, and packing tape can help get hair/fuzz off of clothing. =)

  • Vita

    Ive used many office supplies for many things. One thing I have used alot is big paper clip holders. I have curly hair so there is always frizz and the holders give me a nice hairstyle…sometimes.

    Also, I just remembered, I only did this once( it is kind of gross,but helped). I had forgotten to put deodorant on and I txted my mom about it. She told me to rub a little hand sanitizer on my underarms(just a little or else it will look like you are wet with sweat) until it dried. I did and it worked, then at lunch I went home and put actual deodorant on.

  • Lisa Mergen

    I had the lovely experience of realizing my skirt was a little see through once I was already at work. I had nothing else in my car to change into so I opened my desk drawer to see what I could work with…I grabbed a binder clip and headed to the restroom. Luckily I had a longer tank on and pulled it down and cliped it together between my legs, making my own bodysuit! It worked quite well but I hope to not make that mistake again!

  • Kaitlin Curran

    This is really weird and random but sometimes I will use the clear mailing envelopes for packages as a lint remover. They are actually amazing!

  • lvittadini

    okay well i’ve got two favorites!

    1) erasers! whenever you lose the back to an earring or have an missing stub on your heels, cut off a little piece of eraser and stick and keep moving!

    2) a sharpie! it’ll fix any shoe scuffs and turn an ugly heel into a shiny one!

    loved this piece! i’m all for driven ladies in the workplace and tips on how to avoid mishaps and oopsies as we go for success and shine in the workplace! thanks lc!

  • Lacey Scott

    We have lots of safety pins where I work and I use them for everything! They are great for hemming jeans that are too long or if you rip your blouse or tear off a button. I also love to pin hairbows and flowers onto my shirt or shoes and safety pins work great for this!

  • Rachel E

    I use tape to remove lint and when in a pinch use a rubber band for a hair tie (ouch!).

  • chloe frew

    I use a index card between my brow and lashes when I can get to a mirror and need to apply mascara! your lid never gets dirty!

  • chloe frew


  • Kameeeeeeel

    Thanks for the great Beaut-E Kit tips! A helpful office tool that can also be used as a beauty product/tool is tape or double-sided tape. When dust particles get onto your office skirt, blazer, or pants – Tape or Double-sided tape can be used in place of that. Even using the back of post-it notes (adhesive side) for a quick lint removal!

  • Laura Stocks

    I use a mini binder clip on the inside of the back of my cardigans to cinch, which makes an otherwise baggy sweater look more flattering on my frame.

  • Lamia Ashour

    I tend loose buttons on a lot of my clothes and a paper clip comes in handy when trying to keep a skirt up or a shirt closed. :) great post!

  • chloe frew

    I also use scotch tape as a makeup remover! If I’m going from day tonight and I need to change my eyeshadow fast before I leave the office, I pull a piece of scotch tape, and I put it on my eyes. It works so fast!!

  • Courtney Locke

    A pencil is a MUST! My mother taught me that for an emergency, a pencil can be used to create and secure a chic bun in the same sense as the typical “”chopstick”” hair accessory! Plus, it’s a cute and unexpected way to pull off a new look. Im sporting it now as I ran through campus with wet hair and needed a way to fix my own hair emergency.

  • Haley Barr Jones

    Stapler! It’s a great temporary fix for a loose hem on pants or shirts!

  • Shayna Gunn

    A pencil eraser doubles as an earring back. :)

  • Sol Sol

    Hhhiiii girls!!! great post lauren!!! really effective!!! =)

    I always use pencils to tight my hait up! weather its a ponny tail o a bun!!! i also use de elastic bands to do a nice and perfect ponny tail!!!

    Once i used my liquid paper to improve my french manicure before a meeting! my nails where awfull and they ended up really perfect!!! =) all women where excited with my nails and asked me where i got that shinny manicure!!!


    what an excelente week ladies!!!


  • Crystal Cierlak

    Gosh I don’t have any examples. I basicallys it at my desk working on grad school work all day long so the only things I keep on my desk are reading material sand lotion.

  • Shellz

    I’ve used correction fluid(white) with brush as a quick nail polish

  • Cassie Martin

    When I need to pop some color on my cheeks in a pinch, I dab red dry erase marker on my fingertip and blend it on my cheek for a quick flush of color.

    I also use a pen cap as a manicure tool, cleaning dirt out from under nails and pushing back cuticles (only if I have lotion on hand).

    LOVE the BeautE-kit Lauren! Would be very helpful in my office of full of boys.

  • Carolina Weddle

    I use a business card when i need to apple or touch up my winged liner and dont have my liquid/gel liner on hand. I apply my regular kohl liner to the edge of the business card and rub it along my lash line. The precise tip actually makes the perfect sized line and flick! This works so great, it looks as if i took the time and used a liner brush to sculpt the wing.

  • Jasmine Simmons

    Paper clip came in handy when the button of my pants came off. And I always have lotion and my multi-purpose rose salve on hand.

  • Carolina Weddle

    I use a business card when i need to apply or touch up my winged liner and dont have my liquid/gel liner on hand. I apply my regular kohl liner to the edge of the business card and rub it along my lash line. The precise tip actually makes the perfect sized line and flick! This works so great, it looks as if i took the time and used a liner brush to sculpt the wing.

  • Susanne Boettche

    I had to use a paperclip to fix my Zipper on my jacket! And I’ve been using tape for years to paint my fingenails in different colours! And rcently my boss came up with using a toothbrush to clean the PC keyboard!!! (other way round 😉 )

  • jessica rush

    I use post-it notes to blot my lips…no one wants lipstick on their pearly whites!

  • Laura Acton

    Last week I used a small binder clip to keep up a lose hem on my dress pants — because of course I didn’t notice it until I got to work.

  • Amanda OBrien

    A pencil is a go to tool for several beauty emergencies in the office! If you have a stuck zipper, you can color the track with the pencil- the graphite lubricates the track and helps your zipper slide up/down again! You can also use the pencil as a way for a temporary fix to a heel that has lost the covering on the base. Slice off a thin piece of the eraser end of the pencil and glue it to the bottom of your heel until you can get home that day and take it to a shoe repair shop. Another quick pencil fix? Use it to pull your hair into an impromptu bun (use it like a chopstick and stick it through to hold the bun in place).

  • Kierra Lagervall-Adams

    Definitely been saved a few times by liquid paper. Whether it’s for a paper cut and you don’t have a band-aid on hand, or when you get to work and you realize you have an awful run in your panty hose. I little liquid paper will do the trick, I swear by it! Just make sure it’s clear!

    Another little quick one is if you ever get yor zippe stuck, I have useda pencil to color on the area of the zipper that’s stuck. Works like a little lubricator and almost always gets you out of a trapped jacket or undone skirt.

  • Katelyn Sheppard

    I was at work one day and my flip flip strap broke. I used one of those black paper clip thong that has the two metal pieces that u flap down around the paper,don’t know exactly the name for it. I put it on the strap to hold it together until I got home to get a new pair of shoes. It worked really good! I keep one in my purse at all times just in case it ever happens again:)

  • Gabrielle Ortega

    Lauren I love this! I work in retail so quick fixes are all I have time for!

    I have really long hair, so things get a little tangled on a crazy day I have a small dog whose hair loves to follow me to work, and I’m addicted to coffee with a white uniform!If that wasn’t enough, living in High alititude mountains, moisture and hydration are hard to find! The women in me always needs to appear fresh to UPS men delivering daily so Of course I have something up my sleeve for that.

    If there was a reciepe to disaster I am it! have no fear my very own EMERGENCY kit hold

    bobby pin with clear elastic, to perfom a quick bun or fishtail braid to hold my long locks back.

    Lint roller, for when I leave my dog at home but she followes me to work!

    Tide Stick, for the three cups of coffee

    Baby Lotion, for the softest skin in the southwest, and the sweetest smelling, I don’t leave without baby lotion!

    All Natural Chapstick, mouthwash, secret ingrediant eye drops. Soft lips the better to kiss you with my dear :) I enjoy all natural chapstick like burts bees to keep the dryness away and leave a great natural finish. mints just cover up the smell if your like me i need that clean feeling to know my breath is fresh, portable mouth wash works perfect! I live in a desert where allergies are the enemy, swollen eyes, watery eyes washing all my makeup off? NO. I toute my eyedrops around to keep my looking awake and alive even if it is just lack of sleep 😉

    LOVE your site and TBD keep the good stuff coming,



  • Lizeth Moran

    Office supplies always come in handy!

    -Rubberband as a hair tie

    -pencil or pen to hold my hair up

    -once my bag strap ripped so i stapled the strap on the inside to get me through the day


  • Nuniell

    Staples and openers for a manicure fast, the computer monitor off for a fast mirror, two seconds before the boss comes into the office.

  • Melissa Ramirez

    I have a few….

    Stapler and sharpie – Stapler to fix a hem on my pants and sharpie to color the other side so it doesn’t show…(I do have all sharpie colors available! LOL)

    Double sided tape – to fix the spread on the collar of my shirt – if I’ve ran out of the house in a hurry and didn’t get to properly iron it…it helps to keep it down =0)

  • deeliciouz

    I totally use a pencil and a rubberband to hold my hair in a bun when it gets in the way at the office.

  • Cupcakegirl

    Staplers to emergency hem pants. Just be carefule when removing the staple as to not tear the fabric!

  • mary gillogly

    Packing tape! Double side it in a loop for lint or hair pick up that you missed on the way in! Doubles as a lint brush!

  • Taryn Taylor

    Tape is a multi-purpose tool!

    Roll it to use as double-stick tape, use it on your nails for interesting manicures use it as a lint-roller, or my personal favorite; use tape to remove dead skin cells from your hands/other parts of your body to leave them baby soft.

  • Caitlin Graybill

    I use those black clippies for a multitude of things — I had lost some weight recently and used a clippie as a belt to help hold up my pants because I forgot to wear one that day (lack of coffee and an early morning will do that to you) !! I also use the black clippies as hairties to put my hair half-up and out of my face or at the end of a long side braid. There are a variety of sizes from minis to large so they are great for any occasion. I cannot live without those black clippies, my desk drawer is full of them!

  • Christina Dreksler

    I use my pencil everytime I forget my hairband to secure my hair in a high neat bun (ballerina-like!) which works wonders.

    I also used a stapler once when my trouser hem got loose but I wouldn’t recommend that one!

  • NMP25

    Scotch tape to the rescue! You’re in work and you all of a sudden realize you have lint or animal fur all over you with no lint roller in sight. Wrap scotch tape around your hand a few times (sticky side out) and pat away to take off all the lint or fur. Also if the hem on your pants comes undone you can temporarily tape it up until you get a chance to fix it at home.

    There was also a time where I apparently got dressed in the dark and went to work with a small bleach spot on the arm of my black sweater. I filled it in with black permanent marker so it wasn’t so noticeable. If you have colored permanent markers at your desk I’m sure this can work for other colored clothing items as well.

  • Elliot Taylor

    my purse is always packed with silly things that come in handy when i don’t expect it:

    safety pins-buttons fall off, zippers break, seams come apart…really, they are life savers.

    swiss army knife- this is truly a god send, this little gadget comes with tweezers, knife, bottle opener, and more

    flashlight- for both emergencies or when you just need some extra light

    gum, tic-tacs- you never know when that cute office guy decideds to stop by

  • Miranda Worsley

    I use receipt paper or coffee filters in lieu of oil-blotting sheets!

  • Anna Martin

    I’ve actually been known to use paper clips like bobby pins when I haven’t had them on hand! (This is where your beautE kit would come in handy. 😉 ) Definitely not the most comfortable to pull out at the end of the day, but they’re surprisingly good at holding in hair!

  • Brenda Gutierrez

    I lost the back part of one of my earring the other day at work, so I grabbed a pencil and took a piece of eraser. Placed it as a new backing for my earring. It held my earring in place all afternoon and night.

  • Raquel M

    I’ve once used the cap on a pen to clean some foundation from under my nails (YES i did leave home in a hurry!) 😉

    Pencil to secure hair in a bun is a classic for me 😉

    An I may have used a pen cap to push back my cuticles in a moment of procrastination 😉 (but don’t tell anyone!) —

  • Jennifer Jupiter

    im sure this one has been said many times, but packing tape is an excellent lint remover.

  • Lindsay Adams

    I’ve used those sticky white hole reinforcers to help me with a moon shaped manicure so I’m ready for a hot night out. Just use half of it, stick it on your nail and polish! You get a cute half moon!!

  • paige mcnabb

    I work in an office, and everyday someone comes to me wanting me to do their hair. So, very often we run out/lose bobby pins. So I use staples and paper clips to hold hair together. They work great. then pop a flower over them and you would never know they were there. :) simple and easy.

  • Thais M.

    Pencil are the best to make a good hair ban. I use this so much! Almost everydaaay

  • Michelle Lynch

    Sometimes I use the cap from a pen to use as a cuticle cutter, works really good :)

  • Maarja Soidla

    I must agree what almost everyone else is saying, pecils for the hair ban! When I get tired and really need to concentrate it actually helps me when i get my hair off the face. After putting my hair into hair ban i feel like a total geek and i’m ready to work hard! :)

  • Desi

    When I lose the back of an earring (which always happens at the worst times) I’ll use a pencil eraser as the back

  • Maria scala

    Pens always work to put up hair (especially if its long) but i do use a stapler to hem my pants last minute. The tiny little holes don’t damange my clothing much and they’re so thin that you can’t even notice them on my pants. Helps on days when i decide to wear flats!

  • Anita Voraphet

    Paperclip! When a button pops off, close up the opening with the handy clip just like a stack of papers.

  • Julie Solomon

    Last spring I was rushed to get ready for a big meeting with some top execs. My nails looked awful and needed a pick me up, so I used white out as a nail polish alternative! It wasn’t the best DIY manicure, but it did the trick in a time crunch. :)

  • Valerie Lynn

    I use coffee filters as oil blotting sheets too! And paper-clips work great to fix a clump in my mascara, hold pieces of my hair, and work as a great zipper if one breaks! :) My blackberry screen works awesome for a little mirror too! 😉

  • stephany zabaleta

    I work in a medical office so when my lips are dry or cuticles need a little healing a tad of neosporin does the trick :)

  • ealove

    If I get a big, red, bulging painfu zit mid afternoon (especially during that time of the month 😉 ) I will crush a white advil or tylenol and put a dab of water on it. It takes away the pain and redness and also reduces swelling. Helps me keep a good impression on that hottie in the cubicle across from me. :)

  • Veronika Cziklin

    Sometimes I use post-its to capture the fallouts when I apply eyeshadow, mascara etc. It’s magical! (Of course when there’s nothing better to do the trick)

  • Jillian K

    i use scotch tape and roll it like you would to hang something on the wall or posterboard and use it as a quick lint brush to grab stray dog hairs or lint from my clothes before a meeting. so easy to do and can be done at any time.

  • uneamoeba

    Paper toilet seat covers make amazing oil absorbent pads! They are cheap and highly effective, definitely recommended for those with uber glossy t-zones!

  • Bonnie Schanck

    I have gold paper-clips on my desk – sometimes when I forget my bobby pins, they double duty as bobby pins. Luckily my hair is thin and paper clips can double as bobby pins! easily put my hair up in a french twist :)

  • Jess

    Scotch tape! If my french tips chip, I put the scotch tape on my nails so that the tip is exposed and touch them up with some white nail polish… let it dry and take off the tape- perfect tips! If you really want to stick it to the man, use the office’s white out pens!

  • Kristen Smiley

    When my pants need some quick hemming I use some packing tape and tape them. It is really easy to do and does not ruin pants, especially when I do not have time to get them altered.

  • melissa haddock

    My hair gets super static-y so I carry around dryer sheets. I wipe down my hair with them and it gets rid of all the static and makes my hair smell really good.

  • Samantha Berman

    Where I work we have to wear baseball caps and have to have our hair up and out of our face. We have rubber bands just laying around everywhere, so whenever I forget a hairtie, I just grab a rubber band to loosely make a ponytail.

  • Patricia Paniagua

    I tape my little magnifying mirror unto something and pluck my eyebrows! There is nothing you will miss with the white office lights!

  • Melissa Richards

    I’ve used the ‘glue stick trick’ since I was little! I always manage to get runs in my tights when I’m in a hurry and applying a little glue to the run keeps it from growing!

  • Gabulous


  • Sahara Rao

    My favorite office double beauty duty is Officemax Assorted color Rubber bands. They can be used as an office item as well as to tighten my hair. I wouldnt have to worry about carrying a clutch as whenever I like to tie my hair up, I have my rubberband in my office drawer. I love the color bands as I can match it with my dress. :)

  • Paulina Novaro

    a pencil or a pen!!! I use them to grab my hair, you can do it as crazy or sophisticated as you want! 😀

  • Tisha

    a double sided adhesive tape works all the time for me! it is very useful for work, and for my clothes! i use it as a lint brush, i use it for a quick clothing repair, or whevener my clothes doesn’t fit well on me, i use the tape to make my top or my dress stay in place! no more uneasy moves for me!

  • Balynda Walling

    Ok so this happened to me yesterday. After a long halloween weekend and getting to work at 6am I forgot to put on my mascara. I HAVE to have mascara on. I have super long eyelashes that curl up. SO putting on mascara is difficult without getting around my eyes because they touch the upper and lower parts of my eye. I used a business card to block the mascara from getting around my eyes instead of on my eyelashes! Worked like a charm!

  • Ana S

    Stapler. You can staple your jeans if they are too long

  • sugarmitten

    Scotch tape is one of my favorite manicure tools. I use it to get nice sharp lines. I also use pen caps and erasers as dotting tools in my manicures.

  • Mary Martin

    I use paper clips to clean any crud that gets stuck in my nails through out the day! Works like a charm, just don’t stab yourself!

  • Jenn Phillips

    A magic marker or sharpie can quickly sort out a scuff in your new shoes on the way to a meeting! :)

  • Ariane

    a paper clip can be used to fix a broken zipper or a hair tie! and of course I use tape to paint my nails, just like told me :). also, in real emergencies you can use a red or pink marker as lipstick or rouge.

  • Sarah Kichefski

    I have had to use a binder clip if my shirt or skirt is not doing what it is supposed to. If you hide it, no one will know that you have a binder clip holding up your skirt!

  • Stacy Chapman

    On many occassion when I am too much of a hot mess in the morning to find a strapless bra, I have just gone out of the house with a cardigan on temporarily and when I got to work, paper clipped the straps of my bra into a razor back. Works great!

  • Deb Dickman

    I use white-out to touch up a chip in my nail…it’s only temporary, but it matches the french manicure color perfectly!

  • Karolina Cz

    if I somehow run out of my bobby pins I use a paper clip to pin back my annoying fringe that disobay that day.

    thank you

  • Lily Kay

    Quick swipe with my office sharpie over a unsuspecting stray gray keeps it hidden! Ssshhh dont tell anyone!

  • Stephanie

    Stapler – I’ve fixed my unraveling hem with staples before!

  • Erica Imergoot

    This is a trick I use all the time…Binder Clips! Not only are they a great tool to hold together elastics and such, but they double as a safe tool for a quick manicure. Use the top metal pieces to safely push back cuticles and sweep under the nails removing all of that grossness. I’ve even used them as a last resort to get that last clump of mascara off of my lashes. (Note: do that last one CAREFULLY…) :)



  • Nicole

    This is kind of embarassing, but when I have a french manicure and the white part gets chipped, which seems to happen to me all the time, I’ve used white out to fix it temporarily until I could get them touched up. Don’t make fun of me :)

  • Katrina Jensen

    i like using white out as nail polish! it is the whitest white and it makes your hands look tan! 😉 lol

  • Marlynn Gonzalez

    pencil!! the perfect tool for a messy bun!

  • chelsea lee bennett

    hangry lol.. that reminds me of those snickers commercials with liza minnelli hahaha :)

    I use one of those rounded handheld letter openers to clean the stuff out from under my nails on the regular. It’s rounded at the point so it doesn’t stab under your nails or scratch at all like paperclips sometimes do, and it works to push your cuticles down too! I’ve even scraped off the last trails of nailpolish in a pinch.. Maybe not the classiest lol, but you do whatcha can when you’re a girl on the go! I have a beauty emergency kit in my purse and one of the things I could never go without is eye drops! Bright white eyes can do wonders for “”I slept through my alarm”” days, and a dot of the solution on a blemish takes the redness right out so it’s almost non-existant. Being a girl is awesome. :)

  • Lauren Bridgforth

    I hate to get to work and find all those fuzzies on my black pencil skirt or trousers. So, packaging tape takes care of those and keeps me looking clean! =) It’s also great for those long, blonde hairs on your blazer!

  • Lainey Lamme

    I often will use a pen to hold a twist in my hair if I don’t have a hair tye!

  • LuLu

    I do this all the time:
    I absolutely hate scuffs on my shoes and anything white staining those dark pieces of my outfit. My solution: a black permanent marker. It literally covers everything and puts a look back together after a less-than-graceful moment! I’ve even used permanent markers on furniture! There is this brown wooden chest in my house that i scratched so I filled in the scratch with a brown permanent marker and Voila! There are always markers around at a desk or at the office. Whether you are signing autographs ;), making labels, filling out paperwork, creating posters, or fixing an outfit, a permanent marker is a daily essential!
    xoLuLu :)

  • samah AS

    i use a pencil all the time if i want to create a missy bun! also a stapler, i once had a cut on my shirt when i was in school, so i used a staple to close it. it was really funny but useful idea. xoxo

  • Giulia De Luca

    The pencil, of course! I use it to write and also to realize and easy and fats updo hairstyle!

  • Nicole Fusco

    Definitely any type of tape – cant leave the house without snuggling with your puppy? tape can pick up the hair… ripped out the seam on your pants? tape it back together…. TZone feels a bit oily??? yup dont let anyone see you but put the tape on your nose and you would be surprised what comes off… Dont have a band-aid? grab a tissue and some tape! Bite your cuticles and now you dont have a clipper the cut the rest off?? put tape over it so you dont do anymore damage! Ring feel a bit loose today??? put tape around it to fill the gap!!! Why do you think Men love duct tape!!! What a great concept!

  • Stacy Nicole

    I once had to use a paper clip to replace a zipper that fell off. Worked like a charm. I’ve also used a white out pen to touch up my french manicure. :-)

  • alexis

    Ok! at my office in my desk i keep a paperclip holder (one of those little plastic box things with the magnetic opening at the top) to hold and keep my bobby pins! it works great!

  • Lauren White

    My mom taught me when I was younger that the toilet covers are PERFECT for when your skin is too oily. Instead of caking on anymore makeup, I just make a trip to the bathroom and use the toilet cover. It works perfectly and is free :]

  • SLMorrow

    Just today my purse strap broke, but I clamped it back together with a binder clip! My purse is black, so I just used a traditional black binder clip…but with all the colors available…the possibilities are endless!!

    I also heard that sortquik, (pink stuff that helps make turning pages easier), is great for taming flyaways! (almost like a hair wax)

  • Tash

    Stapler if your hem becomes unhemmed its a life saver until you get to sew it back.

  • Gina Mackey

    If you get a run in your nylons (I realize I’m OLD school, but I have to wear nylons and I know some offices may require women wearing nylons with skirts and dresses), and you get a run, use white out to stop it (provided it’s where it won’t be seen!). If it is where it will be seen, use glue. I know that may be a little out dated, but I know the offices I used to work in, they required me to wear nylons anytime I wore skirts or dresses.

  • Hilary Hamilton

    I go to the kitchen/lounge and steal coffee filters to keep in my desk. Then use them throughout the day to blot shiny spots on my face. Works wonders and are way cheaper then oil blotting sheets!

  • darriqueen

    White-out is the perfect quick fix for nail polish!!!

  • Ellen Reis

    I recieved a magnetic paperclip dispenser for free but don’t really use paperclips all that much. I throw all of my random bobby pins into it! Easily holds and dispenses my bobbypins and I’ve reduced the number of bobbypins I’ve lost from setting in random spots. Even gave it a little makeover with some glitter!

  • dana forrest

    i am a footwear developer. so it always helps that i have extra shoelaces around… or an instant belt incase i need one =)

  • Jill Thiessen

    I’m in school but work part time at a tanning salon, I hardly ever wear my hair up so I normally forget to bring a pony tail to work! I often find myself needing one so what i do instead is take a elastic band and a bobby pin (I can usually find one at the bottom of my purse) and slide one side of the elastic through the bobby pin, then wrap it around my hair, then put the other side of the elastic through! It doesn’t hurt your hair like just an elastic would. :)

  • Melinda Batson

    If I’m sitting at my desk and want a quick bun I will use a paperclip in place of a bobby pin, I just roll my hair up and stick them under my hair so they cant be seen.

    Also, if my button pops off of my shirt I use the stapler to close my shirt again. I staple it from the bottom so the only spots you can see are the tiny little bottom. It comes in handy!

  • Donna F.

    Use a magnetic paper clip holder to neatly store bobby pins. You can even line the outside or inside of the container with pretty paper so it looks nicer on the vanity!

  • Jennifer Sellen

    TAPE… its my “”go-to”” item when i have cat or dog hair on my clothes or any little fuzzies.

    and PENS… when i want to put my hair up really quick cuz i’m hot from running around i wrap my hair in a bun and stick a pen through it.

  • Anisha Khan

    Lip Gloss:) If you have dry lips and you urgently need to attend a meeting or so, just bring out your shiny gloss and apply it. It is necessary for it to be kept in the bag so it could be found in an emergency. It makes you look chic and beautiful in just seconds!! :) I always have 2-3 in my bag;)

  • Kimmy S

    I use toilet seat covers as blotting papers haha

  • Caroline Caruso

    i use paperclips as bobbypins all the time! the colorful ones are the bestt(:

  • Ana Crocker

    the stapler is a very useful item in case of emergency in an office, for example it could be use for a hem of a garment. You just quickly staple it together and saves you a complain from your boss!!

  • Samantha Barfield

    I use toilet seat covers from the bathroom to blot oil from shiny spots. I also love keeping bobby pins in a paper clip holder and often keep snacks in the back of the keyboard drawer of my desk for quick access. (I do not have any other drawers in my desk!)

  • Evelyne Mechas

    Hi I am Evelyne and I am 15 years old.. i am known as the fashionista! To in my purse section i would add a super hydrating lip balm, during the winter monthss the dry air causes sensitive areas such as the lips and the skin under the nose to become dry. This balm will repair those areas. I would also add perfume. Perfume adds something a little special throughout the day. I have also used perfume when using public bathrooms when the smell is unbarable Mints are also a key item in my purse. You never know when you will be up close and personal with someone and the last thing you wnat is to be self-conscience about your breath. Also gum can look trashy when you smack, so mints are the safest approach. The last thing i would add would be blush. This is my go to makeup item, after a long day of school i can add some blush to my cheeks which will brighten my whole face, which makes me look like i am ready to face anything.

    Some items that have a dual purpose would be every 6th graders savior.. the eraser instead of an earing back when your has gone missing. Next, when you cant find a hair tie, a quick twirl of you hair and a slip through of your pencil will keep you hair up so your ready to work. Also, tape is very useful as a lint remover but also to hem a skirt, to fix a hole, and to keep shirt from going to low (double sided). Another helpful desk tool turned fashion device would be a sharpie to fix skuffs and bleach marks on black pants. Also a piece of paper to clean under my nails.

    Hope you like this,

    xoxo- Evelyne

  • Evelyne Mechas

    Hi I am Evelyne and I am 15 years old.. i am known as the fashionista! To in my purse section i would add a super hydrating lip balm, during the winter months the dry air causes sensitive areas such as the lips and the skin under the nose to become dry. This balm will repair those areas. I would also add perfume. Perfume adds something a ittle special throughout the day. I have also used perfume when using public bathrooms when the smell is unebarable Mints are also a key item in my purse. You never know when you will be up close and personal with someone and the last thing you wantt is to be self-conscience about your breath. Also gum can look trashy when you smack, so mints are the safest approach. The last thing i would add would be blush. This is my go to makeup item, after a long day of school i can add some blush to my cheeks which will brighten my whole face, which makes me look like i am ready to face anything.

    Some items that have a dual purpose would be every 6th graders savior.. the eraser instead of an earing back when yours has gone missing. Next, when you cant find a hair tie, a quick twirl of you hair and a slip through of your pencil will keep you hair up so your ready to work. Also, tape is very useful as a lint remover but, also to hem a skirt, to fix a hole, and to keep shirt from going to low (double sided). Another helpful desk tool turned fashion device would be a sharpie to fix skuffs and bleach marks on black pants. Also a piece of paper to clean under my nails.

    Hope you like this,

    xoxo- Evelyne

  • Danielle Trujillo

    Paper clip is my go to! I use it to clean under my nails and to split up clumpy eyelashes! Also, sometimes I can bend the paperclip just right to hold up my bun on hot or stressful days.

  • Madiha Rashid

    Double-sided tape if the top of your blouse needs to be fixed up to be more appropriate. You can also use regular tape – you just stick the ends to each other for a DIY double-sided tape.

    If there arent any tissues or napkins available, stick PENS between your toes while you paint them during your break.

    If there’s a stray facial hair, use SCISSORS to cut a loose thread from an article of clothing you’re wearing, tie the ends together and thread out that stray hair asap!

    White-out for fixing up french-tips (emergencies only of course!) Go straight to the nail salon after work to get it done professionally later on

    These are just some off the top of my head. Hope they’re useful if not for laughs.

  • Elle Munns

    My favorite thing to use is a business card. When putting on mascara I hold the card between my lashes and my brow, not only does this prevent getting mascara on my lid but it also helps me access my lashes more vertical than horizontal giving them more length, more volume and, less clumps! I hope this helps all you ladies reading!

  • Ana Crocker

    Paper clip is an essencial item! incase your zipper head breaks and you can’t take your jacket or coat off, you could use the paper clip to pull it down just stick it thought the zipper hole :)

  • HelloDawn

    I always cut off a little piece of eraser to put on an earring if I have lost the back. I also use clear elmers glue on runs in my tights to prevent them from tearing any further. Another thing I use (i think most girls do) are paperclips as bobby pins and pencils to put my hair up if it gets in my way! :)

  • Kristin Albrecht

    I use four office supplies as beauty products when I am at my desk!

    1. the very common paper clips as bobby pins.

    2.binder clips. I will use a binder clip to put my hair up when I do not have a large clip or a hair tie or I will sometimes use the smaller binder clips to make an ill fitting shirt look tighter or more fitting. (do not forget to conceal the binder clip it is NOT cute if it is visible!)

    3.White out to fix my nails. this is a quick fix for a french manicure if you know you cannot make it to your nail salon anytime soon or you simply do not have the funds at the time of the accidental nail mess up.

    4. Pen Caps! Sounds strange, but the simple BIC pen caps work really well when you can see that your mascara has begun to clump. The end of the pen cap has been my go to office supply many times when this happens to me! (remember not to chew on it after you’ve used it on your eye lashes ladies because lets be honest most of us are victims to chewing on the end of pen caps!)

  • Vanessa –

    I already do about 6 of your tips – even the deodorant one!

    Some office supplies I use are those teeny bulldog clips – I clip on the inside of my blouse if it’s opening by the boobs.

    I use a long lead pencil to hold my bun in place… but try not to walk around / out and forget it’s there!

    Sometimes I use an opened paperclip to pick my teeth – eww.! :)

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Lovisa Brandt

    Take a black paper and a glass-plate.
    Put the black paper under the glass and voila; a mirror!

  • Emily MacMillan

    Rubber Bands!!! I always have them handy! they are so useful for organizing AND of course quick hair styles! I have the type of hair that looks great in the first half of the day but tends to droop and get in my face the second half of the day! I’ve even gone so far as to carry a few on my wrist during work, lol you never know!

  • Janice Campbell

    I work in an office & I have a staple remover at my desk & I have also used it for tightening a button on my pants & if I have a rock or something stuck to the bottle of my shoe it can easily get it out without having to get your hands dirty or risk breaking a nail :)

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    Well, I keep sharp and small “”letter opener”” (that I’m using in my office) in my bag. So, if I leave my work late at night I can defend myself if someone dangerous will approach me on my way home….I know it is not about beauty, but still:))

  • Jessica Lopez

    Scotch tape :)

    For me, I hate when I get fall outs from my mascara or eyeshadow on my face. So a quick fix is taking a piece of scotch tape (removing excess glue by placing the piece on my hand and removing it) and placing it where the pesky fall outs are and gently lift away the fall out without undoing all the work I put into doing my foundation or blush.

  • Heather McMurray

    For me its a stapler, great for holding things together! Ive had a few instances where my clothing has snag on something and the hem comes out on the bottom of my pant and even on the side of my shirt, and I will staple the items back together until I get home where they can be fixed!

    I also bring snacks with me to work and one of my favorites is an organe, its a little messy but has a great dual purpose. Once I am done peeling the orange I save a few peels and bend them backwards (white stuff on the inside) and it creates a little sprits of vitamin C. Only a few sprits are needed (otherwise your face will be sticky!) and it makes your face glow for the rest of the afternoon!

  • Rebecca Bedford

    I keep a few extra glue sticks and bulldog clips in my desk draw for when I am meeting friends after work and I will be at my desk for a few hours I like my hair to have volume and loose curls so I use the glue stick as a roller to wrap my hair around and the I use the bull dog clip to keep it in place. Before leaving the office I take the clips and glue sticks out of my hair to reaveal nice loose curls that give my hair the volume I like.

    Also when I arrive at work and find my clothes have lint on them I use sticky tape to remove it. Works perfect. Even one of the males in the office came to me in a panic because he took his new sweater off to realise it had left fluff all over his shirt. I showed him the sticky tape trick and he was so thankfull.

  • Claire Coppersmith

    You can use a paperclip to fix a skirt or pants if the button falls off. Floss also doubles as sting to sew up a hole(:

  • Lindsay Davis

    Binder Clips! They come in cute patterns other than black such as Lilly Pulitzer, Johnathon Adler, and so many more. This powerful paper pin is more than just an office tool but a hidden hair jem. Once the hair is clipped the handles conveniently pop out leaving your hair in a stylish do. Slip a flower underneath for fun and you’re positively the trendiest employee of the month

  • Jessie Zajac

    My teacher did this one day in class and thought it was so neat! She had taken two pieces of clear tape and took her bangs that had been falling in her face all day and taped them sinced she didn’t have a bobby pin.

  • Lisa Lopez

    2 words that will change your life: BINDER CLIP

    1. Smart phone holder: For watching youtube videos when I should be working

    2. Impromtu hair clip

    3. Money clip

    4. Emergency clothing clip

    5. Impromtu torture device (have you ever tried putting a binder clip on your tounge?)

    The list goes on and on

  • Josie Strandberg

    Safety pin!

    These are so nice for a quick emergency wardrobe fix

  • Stephanie A Escamilla

    You can use an old business card/a piece of paper/ post it note as a barrier for your lids when you put on mascara. You can also use the air coming from the vents of your office to help your nail polish dry faster and a CLEAN toilet cover as an oil absorbing sheet (don’t do this in front of your boss or teacher lol :D)

  • Hayley L

    I think business cards are a good tool for applying eye make up. Just hold it between the lashes and the brow line. Make sure you apply most of the mascara at the base of the lash line instead of the edges like most girls tend to do.


  • Lindsey McMorris

    I often wear fake eyelashes, but sometimes get pressed for time getting ready in the morning and do a bad job putting them on. I use a paper clip to add more glue to the ends of the false lashes if they start to come off during the day!

  • Nathalia

    Glue to fix runaways in tights before they get too far. Sticky Tape on the skin or on the pantyhose to stop shoes from chafing.

    Paperclips as hair-accessories. To pull back bangs, but also formed into a spiral around some object, they can be used to make a simple bun, especially if you have an elastic and help along with a pencil.

  • Ramisha Khan

    Erasers: If you lose the back to your earring and simply cannot go without accessories, use a bit of rubber from a pencil eraser as an anchor 😀

    Works every time! I always lose the backs of earrings and this is an easy replacement!

  • Kayla Rowe

    If your anything like me, i like to stock good looking stationary….

    decrotive pencils, to flick the hair into a fun bun “”like chopsticks””….. and old style that can work in any emergency situation, and if your hair is too thick and long, just use a rubberband to secure it into a ponytail first :)

  • Celine

    Tissues and sticky tape are a lifesaver for when you are rushing out to a meeting or just walking around the office and your shoes are starting to rub against your feet creating blisters. Its a quick fix when you dont have band aids handy.

  • Totoro

    A safety pin! (:

    Can be used to fix up any wadrobe problem…
    whether you loss a button on your pants, pants too long, ANYTHING.
    all you’ll need is the safety pin ;D

  • Kristy Cosgrove

    Paper clips are great for use as a bobby pin if your elastic breaks, but also great for popped buttons. Just loop one end through the thread in the skirt or jacket where the button was and the hole the button should be going through! It’s a life saver when you have a meeting to go to and your favorite skirt’s button pops off!

  • Lisa LaFountain

    white out when your french manicure chips at work :)

  • Joanne Kim

    rubber bands 2 secure your hair into a ponytail just in case you dont have an elastic with you

  • Annie Gregor

    i use white- out for my nails whenever i chip my french manicure!!!

  • Nancy Torres

    To battle a stuck zipper, color it with a wooden pencil, which will help lubricate the track so you can easily slide the zipper up or down.

    And use the eraser of the pencil in your high heels that are missing the rubber or plastic covering of heel base, the pink rubber might not go perfectly with your favorite shoes but it will save you from a fall until you make it to the cobbler.

  • ryan simpson

    As a teacher, I’m constantly getting rug hairs stuck all over my black tights. I use masking tape/scotch tape as a lint brush.

  • AmyHG

    Double sided tape — it can be used to fix a hem that has come undone or in lieu of a lint roller to get the fuzz off your outfit! You can also use it in place of Hollywood tape :)

  • Emmybear411

    scissors for loose threads

  • Allison Phillips

    I always use post-it notes to wipe the shine away on my forehead! Works just as good as Oil-Spotting Sheets!

  • Victoria Mai N

    I use scissors for split ends :)

  • Jessica Spear

    Lotion:It can be used for scuffed shoes. You just rub the lotion on your shoes for a clean refreshed look. It also helps my shoes last longer by keeping the leather soft and supple.

  • Jennifer Olland

    Hi Lauren!

    I love this post!!! So genius..and I wanted to share my favorite office supply turned beauty tool!!

    You know those paperclip holders? The little square ones with the magnetic ring in the cap?

    I fill those with bobby pins and it keeps my bobby pins in a nice neat place, and when I need them I can shake one or two out but the rest stay within the container!! Its way better than having them scattered throughout a drawer!

  • Shelbs

    Something I resort to during a nail emergency is the rough side of a box of matches. It’s the perfect nail file and most offices have those in a cupboard next to the birthday candles. Say goodbye to snagged nails!

  • Nancy Tao

    This sounds gross but it’s not – promise! Those toilet cover seats can double as oil-blotting sheets. Learned it from my sister who went to FIDM :)

  • Lucretia Barraco

    black felt pens or markers, to fix those odd scuff marks you find on your shoes when you arrive at work – lotion or even vaseline also helps rectify these too

  • Jasmin Ortiz

    I like to use a paper clip to either push my cuticles back or if I have a mean cow lick in my face I can just use it as a bobby pin and pin it back so its not in my face anymore..

  • Kristin

    Gum!! Always GUM!

  • kiki16

    well… maybe i can say : post-it ,colored and usefull to remember things, but, in case, you can create a particular “”floreal”” crown around your ballerina bun securing it with a rubber band . 😉

  • Michelle Le

    liquid paper for french tips :)

  • Leng Chhoeu

    toilet seat covers as oil blotters :)

  • Alison Nudo

    After lunch I take my shiny business card holder and make sure I don’t have any leafy greens stuck in my teeth! It also works great for lipgloss touch ups before meetings!!

  • Alexandra Ramirez

    I can never decide if I want my hair up or down so if I want it up and I happen to not have a hair tie or any bobby pins I use a pencil. I twist my hair all the way to the ends and then pull end toward the top of my head and twist a pencil through. Push the pencil horizontally through the lower half of the twist and bring lead end up over hair (on higher part) and push back under to secure. It is fast and easy.

  • Rachel Corelle

    I use scotch tape to quickly take off eye shadow!

  • Teresa Stay

    I always check my make-up in the display of my blackberry. I also often use sticky tape to mask my fingers when I put on nail polish, because I like to wear my nails short and often paint my fingertips accidentally :)

  • Nikki Galligan

    So I love my post its on my desk! So one day, I had these new, cheap-o tights on and whenever I walked around it made a little squeaky noise for whatever reason. And I couldn’t figure out how to make that squeaky sound go away!! So I post it-ed the inside of my shoes and the noise went away!! :)

  • Mary Giese

    Stapler… if your hem comes undone staples are a quick easy way to fix it. if youre wearing a dark skirt or pants you can always color the staple with black sharpie..

  • Leen Holsbeek

    When I have to work and read stuff, I hate it when my hair always comes in my faces. And at the same time I’m kinda lazy and don’t want to get up to get something for my hai,r so I ussually use the pencils at the desk to put my hair up! 😀 And it works!! Hope I win!! 😀 xoxo Leen

  • Jen J

    1. Sharpe for shoe scuffs

    2. White out for french mani touch ups

    3. Staple for quick hem/repair

    4. Tape as bandaid for paper cuts or to block blisters temporarily

  • Michelle Way


    In a case of a “” oh i forgot a hair tie…”” or “” I have a hole in my shirt…”” I have used floss, with the needle from a sewing kit. The kind of floss that you use to get something out of your teeth. You can always take the flass out of your drawer at work or even a cute clutch when your out on the town with the girls.

    Hair Tie : Take the floss make it into a circle and tie it into a not, then place it in your hair as you would any other hair tie! takes some time to get used to doing it but I have done it millions of times and no one even knows!

    Hole Fix: No one wants to carry a full sewing kit with them at all times. So I take the needle out and take some floss with me and put it in a bag and put it in my desk, or even the back pouch of my bag. So here is what you do to fix that hole or slit in a shirt or pair of jeans. Take the needle and the floss and make a tiny fold on the shirt or jean and start to fix the hole or slit by just sweing it!!

    Floss has so many differnt uses. These are just two of them many things you can do with.

  • Jessica Smith

    when I wear my hair down and have nothing to pin it up I wrap it up in a bun and use a pencil to hold it and believe it or not it kind of looks cute lol :)

  • Cristina Flores

    I use paper clips as earings in case I loose one or forget to wear a pair.

    Tape for french manicure

    Stapler when I need to fix a button, hem or ripped clothing

  • Lindsay Schaaf

    I use paperclips as bobbi pins sometimes if i want to pull back my bangs or put my hair up in a bun, works well in a pinch

  • Caroline Barada

    I work at an ice cream store, and we are required to have our hair back at all time. I was working the night shift, and was sooooo tired and fed up with work, when my scrunci snapped. I ended up using a plastic spoon to keep it in place in a bun. It ended up working really well, and it was kinda cute…

  • Kerry Strawn

    I’ve used a paper clip to hold a skirt together when the button broke off. I took the paper clip and bent it into a form that would fit into the broken button area and the hole. It held the skirt together until I was able to get home.

  • Jenny Coldea

    I definately use a pencil to put up my hair in a messy – but fashionable -bun when I forget to bring my hair tie! And I always have pins in store in case I ever sadlt tear something.

    – Jen:)

  • K B


    I am always able to find cute new ways to use office supplies for beauty/personal tricks! I just started an internship at a magazine (not easy!!) and it is super hectic, so using these little quick tips is always key!

    1. Paper Clip: Clip up hair (every girl knows and appreciates this!)

    2. Black Marker: ….HELLO black heel scuff fixer!

    3. Bubble Wrap: If you want to bring jewelry to work because you are heading to a dinner date right after, wrap it in bubble wrap and itll keep safe and wont tangle (OR wrap your fruits/veggies in it for the commute….no more bruises!)

    4. Binder Clips: (see here: I always love having photos at my desk, but sometimes frames can take up a lot of space….use binder clips to hold up photos!

    5. Double-sided Tape: Use to hold up hems on my skirt! Its less invasive as staples but holds it super well!

    6. Plastic Bag: Use this to wrap your wet umbrella with before you put it back in your bag….keeps everything dry

    7. Pencil: Unstick a stubborn zipper by rubbing the teeth on both sides with a pencil–graphite is an excellent lubricant

    8. Duct Tape: Put it on the bottom of slippery shoes for a better grip!

    Hope these help!!!


  • jazmin lopez

    Saftey Pin! Can help cover up too low of a shirt and can come on handy when you notice a button fell off of a favorite coat, shirt, or even jeans!

  • Grace Farley

    I’m still in high school and we wear uniforms, so when our skort zipper breaks, we staple it together. Also, if a button falls off, we use paper clips to hold it together (my favorite is the elephant paper clip my friend gave me to save me from having my shirt fly open with no button; not only did it save the day, it looked super cute!)

  • Stephanie Berry

    If you put lip gloss on and you have no tissue you could blot your lips on a sticky note. Also if you want to curl your hair you could roll your hair with paper. You could also take a paper clip and put a pretty little bow, flower or any kind of decoration on it and stick it in your hair and it works fabulous as a hair accessory. Another thing you could do is if you have a few of your fav makeup items and nothing to stick them in, you could put them in a envelope ( and decorate it of course) and it could be used as a little cosmetic bag. :)

  • Bethy

    Currently my favorite wide-leg pants has multiple safety pins on the hems to fix the length. They’ve lasted through multiple washes. This way if I need to readjust all I have to do is remove the pins. Also I have used notepad paper as quick-fix blotting papers. Does the job.

  • Angie Chanquin

    A Stapler…..for when a strap from my dress lay loose and you don’t have a needle to sew. Or when you forgotten to make hem your new pants, the staples are the best.

    A pencil or a pen, for when your hair is a mess and you don’t have either a hairband or bobby pins; you can easily use it tu secure a cute bun. =)

  • Tiffanie Frazier

    Safety Pins-

    1. I use them alot to hold papers together since we often run out of staples

    2. One can also use them to keep a a strapless dress from falling down by pinning it to your bra (which isn’t strapless). We’re not allowed to show are shoulders during the day so you can easily cover it up with a jean jacket or a sweater.

    (Another favorite of mine is double-sided tape- for papers and a suddenly missing hemline)

  • Jerri Fitz

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taped up my toes and heels with Scotch tape when I wear new heels to work. It creates a perfect barrier between your skin and the shoe. It’s a perfect blister prevention tool and because it’s clear tape, no one can see!

  • arelee

    Coffee Filters: They work great as facial washcloths. I do not work at an office but I imagin coffee filters are easy to get at any office. I get the fiter damp, dab on some cleanser , and scrub my face clean. They are tough, durable, and stand up to water well, and their texture will help to scrub you smooth.

  • stacey gunzelman

    Staples!! I have used these little metal gems recently to fix a broke strap on my tank top! They are small and relatively undetectable – especially if you are wearing a cardigan/sweater as well.

  • Bree Coburn

    Hi Lauren,

    I use my pencil/pen holder to hold my lip gloss.

    I use rubber bands if I am out of hair ties to pull my hair up.

    I use sticky tape to take off fluff off my clothes.

    And I use safety pins to alter/hold anything up on my clothing.


  • Rachel

    The really cheap toilet paper that all offices and schools have are great as blotting papers! Also if your earring backing ever falls off and you can’t find it just take a small chunk out of an eraser it works perfectly!

  • Kellie Kaufmann

    Erasers- use as an eraser or a back for your earrings

  • Kayla Mixell


  • Kayla Mixell

    Paperclip- serves as a bobby pin and can be slid into hair to hold it in place! And scotch tape to remove fuzzies/ quiet down noisy high heels! I used scotch tape on a heel before that was loud for some reason. It worked wonders! :)

  • Emily Travis

    Wow, great minds! I just posted about little beauty tricks like this on my blog yesterday! (

    I’ve been known to use ALL KINDS of office products in a beauty pinch


  • louise miles

    White out to touch up a chipped french mani :)

  • maria del mastro

    Staples .. to shorten the dress or skirt in a different way.. So I leave the office and I’m ready for the evening with my friends when I have no way to change my dress!

  • debora f

    during a business convention decided that my skirt had to shell out on the gap .. fortune I had a stapler and I sheltered in a second…

  • Brooke Hollis

    I am generally the “”Queen”” of – If its going to happen, it’s going to happen to me – so I have had several office mis-hap’s. In a pinch and during all nighters at the office I have come up with a few creative uses for my office supplies. Here are a few of them:

    * Use a Post-it to clean under your nails (fold it a couple times to make it thicher).

    * Use a Binder-clip for a hair clip / use a paperclip for a bobby pin / and a pen to secure a bun.

    * Use a paper clip or a staple to secure a loose pant hem (color it to match clothing with a Sharpie) I generally go for paperclip as I don’t like putting unecessary holes in my clothes – regardless of how small they are.

    * Use packing tape as a lent brush – I even use this at home.

    * Use a Sharpie to fill in chipped nail polish or a scuffed shoe.

    * Use a #2 wood pencil to color a stuck zipper track.

    * Use a scented spray hand sanatizer as body spray.

  • Amanda Simpson

    Black sharpie marker as a substitute shoe polish for your black boots/shoes that may have a scuff!

  • Krystal Calabitin

    My go to office item has to be double stick tape. When my top has a low cut neckline I just grab a few pieces of tape and place them on the inside just to secure/prevent any mishaps from happening. I also use tape to get the lint off my clothes, and when the wing of my eyeliner somehow gets messed up throughout the day I use tape to fix it. Just place the tape diagonally from the end on your lashes to the end of your brows and whip out any liquid liner and draw along the tape line. It gives you a perfect wing! (:

  • Tressa Collado

    I’ve used probably way too many items that you can find in my desk for beauty products. Anything at my desk is up for grabs for minor emergencies at the office.

    *Double sided tape to fix hems

    *White out or rubber cement to stop a run in my nylons

    *A #2 pencil broken in half to put my hair up in a bun and hide it in my hair at the same time

    *Staple to clean anything under my nails

    *Packing tape as a lint brush

    *Gross but true – Hand sanitizer when I forgot to put deoderant on in the morning

  • Hannah Rhian

    pencil for using as a pony tail (just incase you were in a hurry in the morning and forgot!)

    love you lauren!


  • Stacie

    I’ve used a binder clip for tweezers before. I’ve also used the binder clip to pull off a hangnail – total no-no, but I can’t stand hangnails.

  • Katia Gobbo

    I have a great one that all my friends do: use a 2B pencil to do your brows! It is perfect and it gets flawless, it is a great tip!! It has to be 2B!!! Look for Faber-Castell.

  • anais1

    I’ve actually used a black paper clip in lieu of a bobby pin on more than one occasion when I desperately need to pin my bangs away and don’t have a bobby pin on hand. I just make sure I place it so that hair will cover it and it will not show. That way I get my hair out of my face but am not embarrassed because people never see the paper clip.

  • mary1024

    Hi Lauren! I’ve used:

    sewing thread as floss

    the tip of a pen to make small designs on nails and the larger side to make larger designs on nails, similar to a dotting tool or toothpick for nail art

    clean art brushes for makeup and nails

    black fine point marker as eyeliner for upper lids

    putting a business card or paper under eyes/eyelashes when applying makeup like mascara so there won’t be any mascara on skin and less mess

    vaseline for any faded spots on clothes especially works well on denim

    air freshener to freshen clothes

    small piece of paper like post it can help with feet rubbing against shoes so it won’t be uncomfortable

    stuffing some paper or tissue into shoes that are a little loose fitting

    regular tape as a lint remover and for nail art to make straight lines/less mess

    double stick tape or paper clip for hems

    paper/post it paper or wrapping tissue as face blotting tissue

    binder clip and paper clip to keep hair in place

    binder clip as to remove any stray brow hairs like a tweezer

    staples for securing clothes

    stampler remover to clean under nails

    sharpie in different colors for fixing scuffed shoes or even chipped nail polish

    white out for chipped white nail polish or for covering small marks on white sneakers

    pencil/pen to secure hair especially an updo

  • Maria M

    using masking tape as a lint roller!

    just rip a piece of masking tape and loop it into a circle that fits through your fingers and quickly rub it on your clothing to take lint off! Repeat if necessary once the masking tape fills up with lint/dust!

  • Sophie Sklar

    In the summertime, clear nail polish not only gives your nails a finished touch, but also can make bug bites stop itching.

    Also, those little crest wisp toothbrushes can be used to brush after a not-so-pleasing meal and gets things out of teeth/out from under nails.

    A pointy comb can get out tangles in your hair, and the point and the tip can be used for many things

    Mini air freshener can spice up a musty room, or can fill in if you forgot deoderant or your clothes smell bad

  • Jennifer Le

    a stapler (:
    if you wear a dress or actually ANYTHING and it rips you can staple it together because you won’t have time to sit there and sew.

  • Christina Libbing

    Toliet seat cover as blotting paper – Sounds gross but it works better than you’d think.

    Hand sanitizer as deodorant – really does work

    notecard paper as a file – any paper with a heavier grain than white printer paper will smooth down small dings till you can find a file

    Pink highlighter/red sharpie as nail polish – better used to fix chips than to really paint your nails :)

    lastly the stapler it can fix almost all wardrobe malfunctions

  • Magaly Gutierrez

    a pen can actually can help a lot as a beauty product I learned from my Mom she’s a nurse an always in hurry and when she need to fix her hair really quick que would just twist her hair it an add a pen to hold it can make great look plus looking professional…an as tool you always need a pen wherever you go is daily thig to write checks,school notes,reminders,and etc can leave without a pen aas simple as it sounds

  • Lola Anna

    I work as a nurse in the Emergency Department and when I am desperate for a piece of dental floss, I grab a piece of suture string used to give people stitches. I know it sounds gross, but they are sterile!!!

  • simmy xo

    Sticky tape – for removing lint!

  • Apple

    Yoghurt. You can keep some in your bag or in your desk drawer incase you get hungry, intstead of splurging on junk food. Not only that if you burn your forehead on a hair iron it naturally calms and works to heal it.

  • Lindsay Amos

    Pencil erasers – Make great subs for missing earring backs! OR replacements for the rubber heel-ends of your stilettos, should one ever snap off midday.

    Sharpie markers – Quick camo for shoe scuffs or your makeshift pencil eraser heel!

    Packing or Duct tape – wrapped around your hand works well as a substitute lint remover; In a real bind, can be used to fix clothing hems

    Dry Erase Remover – I have heard this works well as a stain remover, use in moderation

    Chalk – I knew a girl who used standard white chalk to cover a stain on her wedding dress, so this would work well for concealing a stain on your crisp white blouse at the last minute!

    Coffee filters – the texture helps to remove unsightly stains from your teeth (i.e. coffee, wine, etc.), also works well as a stand-in for oil-blotting sheets (so do toilet seat covers, as mentioned above)

    Paper Reinforcements – These are staples in my at-home manis! They’re perfect stencil guides for tips & half-moons! :)

    Pencil (graphite)/bar soap/candle – All can be used to un-stick a zipper

    Paperclip – Aside from aiding w/ tress control, they can be used like a “”Strap Perfect”” to convert bra straps to racerback–great for added lift, preventative strap slipping, or transitioning from post-work to work-out!

  • Lindsay Amos

    Not sure if it’s my iPhone to blame, but my comments always have my double-spacing removed : Sorry for the run-on confusion!

  • Charlotte Hewlett

    **Bulldog grips: they can pinch in clothes to make them look tighter and sleeker if your heading out after work.

    **Once used a black marker over the top of a light nail polish to add decoration.

    **I was heading for drinks after work one day and my hair looked very untidy, i neatened up my fringe by using scissors to snip away the strays & a elastic band (and the hair slides in my bag) to create the ballerina bun (also with the help of LC’s ballerina tutorial)

  • Kimberley Crisp

    Crazy glue works great when you cut yourself. Quick fix if you don’t have a bandaid or don’t like getting stitches. (work in a gym so lots of bumps and bruices)

    Ice packs also for those really red swollen pimples. the ice pack takes down the swelling and then use eye drops (for red eyes) and a drop or two takes the red out of it!

  • Meaghan Greer

    A pink highlighter for lip stain and hair highlights for after work parties. Also, I have powered down my computer screen to use the monitor as a mirror to check my hair on the fly when the boss was coming down the hall to talk. These new monitors on Macs are glass so it works really well!

  • Jenny Smith

    Paw Paw ointment! At only $4 a tube, this mutli-use ointment will become your best friend throughout the seasons. Dry lips after a cold winter, put some pawpaw on them and it will not only help heal but moisturise with a lovely smooth lipgloss finish. Perhaps you burn you hand trying to rush a quick iron for your jeans, it also helps burns and chafing, it helps everything and i seriously never leave the house without it!

  • samantha

    a post it! you can use it as an oil blotter if your skin is really bad and you can use the sticky side to pick up lint or … kinda gross, to get dead flakes off your skin/lips

  • sandra smith

    fold a post-it note in half and use the sticky side to get dirt out from underneath your nails!

  • tinamarie

    sometimes i forget hairties. i use the traditional pencil or pen to help me out. i usually use 1 or 2 depending on my hair situation that day. wrap my hair in a bun & use both of them to hold it in. a rubber band helps too!

    p.s. thanks for the static guard idea. i def. need those!

  • Natasha Hussain

    When I know my brows need a good threading, or I’m trying to grow them to reshape them, rulers and baby scissors are life-savers to snip off a few hairs here and there without completely ruining their shape. I’ve also used scissors to trim off a hangnail before.

    I’ve seen people use rubbing alcohol with napkins for a quick nail polish remover – I wouldn’t recommend doing this regularly but if it’s an emergency, go ahead.

    Licking your finger tips will allow you to spread a little pink hi-liter over your cheekbones to look like blush/cheek stain without looking like you took a marker to your face.

    The funniest one is getting your hair a little damp, rolling it up with markers, and holding the “”curlers”” with paper clamps! If you don’t have access to a blow-dryer, go to your car and turn on the heat and put your head directly in front to catch the air flow and create impromptu curls/waves. This does require hairspray if your hair doesn’t hold curls well.

  • Tyra Taylor

    It’s the classic tape for lint/hair and stapler for ripped clothing or clothin that won’t stay in place, can’t beat that!

  • Marysol solano

    Post-it and Palmer’s lip balm, is the best! Camera, you never know when you need to take a picture for a inspiration look :)

  • LillyElla

    Double stick tape! Hold a blouse or bra strap in place, lint brush substitute, or even on the back of your heel if your shoe is slip sliding! Or use it to hold together tights/panty hose if you have a snag! I mean really the list goes on!

  • canthony02…—twist.the.two.ends.of.the.clip.together.after.putting.through.””button-holes””—very-McGuyveresque!!!!:)

  • Emily Chartier

    When you’ve got those darn bangs getting in the way, Use a paper clip to keep them back!!! :)

  • kholoud mostafa

    – you can use a pencil, to tie your hair up.

    -if you lost your makeup bag, you can use your pencil case to put your makeup in it.

  • alexandra gomes

    Business Cards: these can be used to make sure that when applying mascara, that it doesn’t get all over your eye. Just place it on your eye lid where the lashes begin and then brush on your mascara. It allows for more curl without getting it everywhere!

    Scotch Tape: can be used to remove excess shadow or sparkles from under the eye. Before sticking the tape to your face play with it on your hands so that it doesnt tug much on your face and is gentle.

  • elise robinson

    The lid of my pens when apply nail polish on my lunch break there is nothing better then the tip of the pen lid to get rid of any messy nail polish gone out of the lines!

    and also the old sticky tape trick.. wrap some sticky tape into a circle around your hand with the outside side being sticky, then clean up any balls or fluff quick and easy off clothes :)

  • Maureen Feltz

    Water bottle! I work long hours (many of them overnight) and I tend to binge on caffeine… but keeping a water bottle at my desk ensures that I’m staying hydrated throughout my working day. And the more hydrated I am… the better my skin is.

  • kholoud mostafa

    scotch tape : you can use it to do a colourful nail polish on your nails

  • Katie K.

    I use business card for apply mascara, end of pin as a nail dotting tool and my pencil case as makeup bag

  • Jasmine Rivera

    Quick cat eye using the tape that is on top of you’re desk. By placing a short piece at the outer corner of you’re eye ( depending on how long you want the wing tip ) you can have more precision and less shakyness. Unless you are a pro already ( so not me ) lol

  • Jade Michelle Ghaleb

    paperclip, when you dont have any bobbypins on hand these really do the trick!!! and your hair stays up all day lol its great!

  • Gina Mackey

    I just read where someone said to use crazy glue for cuts. THIS IS A NO NO! You’ll be doing MORE harm than good. As a medical professional, I would STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO NOT USE GLUE TO FIX ANYTHING ON YOUR BODY! If you don’t want stiches, or don’t have a bandaid close, grab a paper towel, or toilet paper, cut to size you want and then use tape to tape it down. BUT NEVER NEVER NEVER USE GLUE FOR ANY REASON ON YOUR BODY!

  • Diana Jo

    Sometimes you just feel like wearing a sports bra under your shirt on a hot day and you don’t realize the ac will be on non stop and it’ll be freezing (or even on days you wear bras with minimal padding). On those days, some scotch tape over your ladies can prevent unnecessary attention…

  • Hannah Williams

    a post it note: this works perfectly if you need to blot your lipstick x

  • Elizabeth

    your pencil eraserr! You can use it to put on eyeshadow!

  • semen ozgunes

    < ----You can best do with this

    Do you get fake nails and you have not the money for that. Let your nails grow and then they auction. If you go first with transparent nail polish over your nails. Then you hit the edge of your nails with a white margin Typing ex post. So you can get fake nails.
    It is useful to your work but also for your nails.

    I hope this is a good tip.

  • semen ozgunes

  • semen ozgunes

    Do it with this

    I wanted the photo but it did not

    Sorry about that

  • Lacey Scott

    About the super glue- my daughter ran into the corner of a wall (very clumsy) and instead of doing stitches on her forehead, they glued it shut. They told me that it was EXACTLY like super glue in any store except that it has a lower pH so it doesn’t burn. They also said that if an adult were to cut themselves, they could use super glue to close the wound (as long as they didn’t mind the sting).

  • Justina Gemignani

    Totally loving this post! Check out some LC inspired blogging at!

  • angel charm

    hi have you ever tried black sketch pen instead of liquid liner, works good when you are out of liner

  • Mindee Krymer

    Pencil eraser works really well for cleaning up smudged eyeliner/mascara. Post it notes also work for blotting at oily/shiny skin.

  • Gemma Mills

    A terrible thing to do to your locks but I was desperate – I’ve used a rubber band as hair tie. I’ve used double sided tape to hold a top in place that is bugging me. A paper clip pushed in so you can’t see it to hold your hair in place and you can also use the rounded end it to clear under your nails.

  • mac

    A (clean!) plastic bag. If you’re ever stuck without floss – just tear or cut off a thin strip of plastic bag, pull it tight so it thins out a little, and you’re in business!

  • Ashley Hagstrom

    ABSOULTELY has to be the masking tape/scotch tape as a lint roller!! I get last minute fuzz/cat hair on me all the time when i leave for work and sometimes from the inside of my winter coat. Just pull off a piece of tape wrap it around your hand sticky side up and your in business just blot the fuzz right off your outfit! :)

  • Ashley Hagstrom

    Ive also been guilty of paper clip cufflings, a few of my dress shirt sleeves were getting a little out of control so i folded over the ends and fastened them with a paperclip tucked beneath. You could never see it! works like a charm.

  • Catherine Torres

    Paperclips can be used to remove clumps from masacara as well as seperating the lashes if they are stuck to eachother.

  • Martin M
  • Jennifer Smith

    I use big binder clips as hair clips when I forget one. And I’ve used the tiny binder clips as a safety pin on the paint seam and in replace if a button under a sweater or shirt. They also make great bag clips.

  • Christie Gencarelli

    I really like to use permanent marker if my black shoes are scuffed up. Just to keep them looking new I just dot up the marks and they look brand new!

  • Annaliese

    I’m guilty of using white-out to fix a manicure gone wrong, whether it be touch ups or a ‘new coat’. Who says you don’t use skills learned at school in real life?

  • Let M.

    A pencil or a pen to secure your hair in a bun! Twist the hair, make a bun, insert the pencil to hold everything in place and voilá! I use this very often and have actually gotten compliments on it.

  • Mahaffck

    Masking or packing tape as a lint roller or a lint roller as a duster for shelves and drawers :)

  • Kaleigh Sanio

    White out will work in an emergency if your french mani is chipped, and small binder clips can be used in place of safety pins or buttons as long as you’re careful of placement!

  • Keltie

    these are all good suggestions, I’ll throw another one in the mix. I always keep a small bottle of batiste dry shampoo in my bag. It’s a great volume booster if I’m going from work to dinner.

  • Maddie

    Use a binder clip as a hair clip! Great trick if your office is on the warmer side and you need to pull your hair back/pull it up in a pinch!

    You can also use staples as temporary safety pins in case of a wardrobe malfunction!

  • Rachel Davidson

    I love this post! I already have some of these in my desk/kit but some I didn’t think of and will add!
    I’ve found:
    paper clips- help keep v-neck shirts together; keep the side, out of place hairs out of your face(instead of bobbypins
    binder clips(especially if colored)- keep your hair up
    scotch tape- keep shoes from squeaking; keep shoes from rubbing; if placed on the inside of hose, they can keep them from pulling more
    double sided tape- keep light weight tank tops in place; help shoes fit better
    pens/highlighters/markers/pencils- put your hair into loose buns
    rubber bands- also keep hair up, but as a last resort since they tend to pull hair when you take them out.
    super glue(or clear adhesive of any kind)- keep panty hose from running
    Packing tape- lint or pet hair remover!!

  • Racheal

    Safety pins! They fit anywhere. A mini lint roller (travel section of stores) clear nailpolish for tights, tweezers, for touch ups and helping friends with splinters, an extra hair tie, floss, mini toothbrush and toothpaste

    • Racheal

      Also, having a dusting powder is useful for preventing sweat, helping shoes or oily hair.



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