Tuesday Ten: Pretty Pretty Pumpkins

Later this month, I will be throwing a pumpkin decorating party! Emphasis on “decorating.” Instead of intensive carving, I am inviting my guests to embellish their pumpkins using unlikely materials such as rhinestones, spray paint and even lace. I’m planning on picking up plenty of craft supplies for guests to get creative with during the party. Below are 10 fresh takes on traditional pumpkin décor that will be inspiring my craft supply shopping list… Enjoy!

1. Glitter {add some sparkle to your spook a la Martha Stewart}


2. Lace {pull over a large lacy stocking for instant glamour}


3. Stenciled {place a doily onto your pumpkin and paint away}


4. Rhinestone {bejewel your pumpkin using glue and a little creativity}


5. Tacked {pin your pumpkin–and no, I don’t mean with Pinterest}


6. Tied Up {wrap it up with ribbons and garlands}


7. Blackboard {chalk it up using this simple diy chalk paint recipe}


8. Hardware {wind some wire and hammer your grommets to pumpkin perfection}


9. Puff-painted {henna your pumpkins using dimensional paint}


10. Carved-by-color {check out these carve-by-color templates for instant chic}


Which pumpkin is your favorite?

If you give any of these a try, upload a photo to your LaurenConrad.com profile page for a chance to have your pumpkin featured in a Member Spotlight post! Click here to learn how to upload and submit photos.

XO Lauren

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