Tuesday Ten: Eat, Drink & Be Scary

This year I am throwing a pumpkin decorating party for Halloween. I’ve been scouring the Internet for fun decorating ideas, easy appetizers and creative Halloween themed cocktails. Below are 10 tips and ideas for making your Halloween party spook-tacular too!

1. Chill out. Keep drinks chilled with a pumpkin cooler dreamed up by the one and only Martha Stewart! Simply cut an extra large pumpkin in half, scoop out the icky insides and place a punch bowl filled with ice inside.


2. Whiteout. Makeover your living room by covering all the furniture with white sheets. This will give the space an eerie feel…


3. Go batty. Tack paper cutout bats to your walls. Click here for an easy tutorial…


4. Label away. Make festive labels for drinks and snacks…



5. Lighten up. Put tea lights into old mason jars (or baby food jars) and add a spooky face…


6. Add some creep factor. Drizzle red candle wax onto white candlesticks to create a slightly haunted ambience as spotted on Martha Stewart


7. Much on these. As for snacks, these “Mummy Mia!” mini pizzas are serious crowd pleasers…


8. Tasty treats. Your guests will go crazy for these devilishly delicious Skeleton Cupcakes


9. Say cheese! Set up a Halloween themed photo booth! Click here to check out my blog about making your own…


10. Get inspired. Coordinate a beautiful spread… (I am pretty much obsessed with these decorations featured on Hostess Blog.)



What’s your party plan for Halloween?

XO Lauren

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