Style Guide: Find Your Fall Coat

Picking the perfect coat to carry you through fall and winter is a serious matter. Ideally, you want something stylish, warm, office (or school) friendly and easy to wear. The best coats transcend trends. Like your favorite pair of jeans, a great coat must be something you can easily throw on at a moment’s notice and still feel fabulous. No questions asked. Personally, I’ve always loved coats with a more classic silhouette such as trench coats and peacoats. They are timeless and chic, warm yet sleek. However, this year I’ve also been loving retro styles and coats with a more relaxed structure (see “neutral” collage below). Needless to say, choosing the perfect coat is a tough task. The market is flooded with choices, making it difficult to commit. So what’s a girl to do when the mercury drops? Face the cold front with one of these classic yet stylish selections I’ve put together for you…


Paper Crown Bluet Coat, Anthropologie Eastward Dress Coat, Topshop Textured Peter Pan Swing Coat, Tibi Embellished Wool Coat



H&M Wool Coat, Topshop Flannel Trench Coat, Vanessa Bruno Wool Coat, Martin Grant Blend Coat


Old Navy Canvas Trench, J.Crew Encore Trench, Anthropologie Fair Lady Trench, A.P.C. Gabardine Trench


MICHAEL Michael Kors Wool-blend Peacoat, Maison Martin Margiela Peacoat, Victoria’s Secret Double-breasted Peacoat, H&M Plaid Coat


Topshop Bound Seam Duffle Coat, Anthropologie Adare Anorak, Foley + Corinna Wool Toggle Coat, Quicksilver Height Hooded Coat

Which coat style are you? This year I think I’m leaning toward ladylike…

XO Lauren

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  • Anna James

    These jackets are amazing Lauren. I totally agree. They’re a fall must have. loving the trenches. great post.

    I wore a skirt from your Kohls collection on my my fashion blog today. I’m obsessed. Check it out. xo

  • I love coats, although it means it’s getting cold outside. I like the ‘ladylike’ most and ‘neutral’ too. Luckily I found my favourite coat last year. It’s very feminine, but you also can wear it on relaxed clothes. I love it.

  • Kellie Norton

    I love the lady like jackets, especially the one from Paper Crown :) but I’m a huge pea-coat fan!! Either way, I’m really excited about cold weather!!

  • Jessica Waldschmidt

    I have 7 or 8 coats so it really depends on what I’m wearing and where I’m going :)

    My favorite is a houndstooth black and white trench coat though. Love it!

  • Melissa Panici

    I’m definately for the Peacoat! I have one just like the black one! I really like ladylike as well:) Thanks for the tips!!

  • Jennifer Jupiter

    this year my bf bought me a beautiful foley + corrina wool coat. it has a detachable fur collar w/ a leather tie that criss-crosses & double wraps around your waist. & the best part is that it is lined in hot pink. truly one of the more gorgeous winter coats ive seen.

  • Lauren Hoffman

    I LOVE the fur lined toggle coat! I’m such a sucker for a great coat, I have tons and my collection isn’t going to stop growing any time soon!

    <3 Lauren

  • Allie Emet

    I’m a neutral, trench, and toggle girl

  • Masha Tomc

    most def I LOVE the ladylike coats. but hey, wouldn’t mind a trench either. it’s a classic 😉

  • debora f

    i love this post lauren!!my favorite is peacoat Victoria’s secret

  • Ashley Dodge

    I can’t decide which one I am– however, I adore peacoats and have always wanted one. I have an adorable trench– a black and white one– so I’m covered there!

  • Dominika Pojtingerova

    I love trench coat! It

  • Janice Campbell

    They are all so cute! I love coats! They keep you warm & can make you look very stylish at the same time! I have a ladylike one & a peacoat, but I would love to get a toggle with the fur hood. It looks so nice & warm! :)

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    Omg Lauren! I love so many of these coats — I think my favorite collections are the Neutral and Ladylike. The Paper Crown and Tibi coats are to die for and would add glam to any outfit! Love love love!

    – Cher

  • Masha Tomc

    btw. I just found a long black coat (prob from the 70’s) that was my grandmother’s. and it fits. so excited to wear it this winter ;)))

  • Shellz

    cute coats! im a pea coat gal!

  • Crystal-Lee Howley

    I am ALL about pea coats!

  • Spender

    I would say I’m not so much a toggle girl, but for everything else.. i’m in!!!! love them, thanks Lauren

  • Vanessa Turkel

    I have a black trench coat and another one also black that’s a bit uniform style with a high collar. I love my trench best though, it’s so comfy and it’s always chic and pronounces your curves well. I love the two in the middle on your pic, lovely :)

  • Kristin Albrecht

    I own a nice solid black peacoat, but I am loving the ladylike selection! I want a coat in a hot pink color. There is one at Nordstrom Rack for only $35 I highly reccommend Nordstrom Rack for chic, classic, and high quality coats.

  • Jessica Faulkner

    definitely ladylike – I am going to topshop tomorrow and buying that peter pan coat! glad i’m in london :)

  • Rachel Moltz

    The Peacoat route is always a safe, classic option. They never go out of style! But I really do like the Neutral coat with the belt. Fun!

  • Hanny R

    I just got my trenchcoat or aka raincoat at H&M. Been getting tons of compliments on it. I just like how simple it is but it puts a person look put together with it.

    Though for harsher weather I either go towards the peacoat or parkas (not listed)

  • Michelle Wong

    BEYOND LOVE LOVE LOVE anything with fake fur.. also the top black one with embelishments!… so cute!

  • Kad2013

    I just got the greatest Ladylike coat from H&M. But I am still drown toward the cargo long jacket in hunter green, for dress down!

  • Jennifer Sellen

    i’ve always wanted a trench coat… it gets so rain where i live and i wish i had a nice trench coat… but i’m always wearing my peacoat. its warm and thick and i love it. i also like the ladylike choices… those are cute too.

  • Alba Cuci

    Love the H&M coat, especially for the sweaters that have the thick sleves. Thanks Lauren.

  • Christine Indelicato

    I love the gray toggle w/ the fake fur:)

  • tinamarie

    hard to decide, i really like the ladylike coats, especially the anthropologie (:

  • Nathalia

    I just bought a fantastic cooked wool coat in soft grey. Its very ladylike and has some playful embellishment, that look so Jane Austen, I just had to get it. And its warm and its pretty, a seldom combination.

  • Afton Williams

    I seriously love these coats! I think I’d fall in the “”Neutral”” category–I love the draped grey trench… Beautiful selections!

  • Kimmy S

    Lovely picks! I adore the Trench coats you picked. And that Paper Crown lady coat is AMAZING. Thanks for sharing–now I gotta go buy me a coat!

  • Candice Maniga

    Maybe I’m just trying desperately to live an Audrey Hepburn-Holly Golightly lifestyle, but I think the trench coat is my fall coat for the year(:

  • Zoe g. Bullard

    I’m totally thinking toggle this season. My favorite brand for for fabulous coats on a budget is Tulle. They have amazing coats in every style and color, and most are under $150.

  • Mariah Richards

    I live in a VERY cold climate, and I’m opting for FUR this Fall/Winter. “”D

  • Mariella

    love love the trench coat! soooo english!!

  • Silvia Ribeiro

    LOVED the ladylike coats! too bad here in brazil the cold is leaving now 😛 and even when it’s winter it rarely gets cold enough to put on a big coat. (actually, maybe it never does here in Rio.)

  • Kate Gallagher

    In cali these coats work, but in the dead of winter you have on a coat or a ski coat with 2 sweathshirts a t and whatever undergarments you can find. When it gets under 0 degrees its time to lock it up inside and not leave.

  • Efthymia Pavlopoulou

    The coat is a basic for every wardrobe. It is an investment…

    Last month I bought an amazing beige cashmere coat!!!!! I am looking forward for winter to come!!!!!!!

  • Kiwi

    Definitely peacoat! I already have one!!

  • Laura Salminen

    Definitely toggle! I have a similiar coat than the dark red one :)

  • Ashley H.

    love love the neutral h&m coat. didn’t see it on the US website though

  • samah AS

    i like the neutral. they look gorgeous!

  • Katia Gobbo


    I love your fashion tips, please keep them coming!!!

  • Tasha Ball

    I have a red pea coat I’m obsessed with…But I don’t get to wear it as much as I’d like living in LA :(

  • Leah G.

    AHH. I live in probably one of the coldest climates ever, so even by fall I have to have an insanely warm jacket and no peacoat will do it. I just picked up this new fall jacket… you can click here to view it. SO warm!

  • Georgina Hernandez


  • Parisbluepizza

    Great selection…lady like and neutrals for me. :)

  • Megan Doran

    I’m with the Lady Like style. Huge Jackie O. fan :)

  • Janella Haf

    what i really want to have , is that coat you had with you when you were in lovely Paris ! that one is beautiful !

  • Marina Plessy

    neutrals 4me :)

  • Linda L.

    I generally go for the peacoats, but also have some ladylike pieces in a neutral color. Having a neutral definitely makes an outfit look more classy in my opinion and allows for my clothes under to be more bolder looking!

  • Monica Cunha

    My favourit coat is the ladylike, because they make a look very clean and sophisticated. But on the weekends Just to go shopping or have a walk in the park I usally wear the peacoat.

    I love coats… I have lots of them.

  • Kiwi

    Thanks so much for doing a coat post because I’m having touble finding new coats that look good but keep warm. Could you do a post for winter coats? Thanks!

  • Ankita Gohain

    Toggles and nuetrals for me!!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    love these. I wear lady like neutrals.

  • Carly Nelson

    where can you get good quality coats for cheap in NY?

  • Ila Red

    Toggle, definitely.

    And sometimes peacoat.

  • Ashley McAllister

    Loooooove that Bluet Coat, ladylike definitely.

  • Mindee Krymer

    I am OBSESSED with coats. Every winter if my mom and I are out shopping, she knows to steer me clear of the coat sales or else I will buy all of them! BUT I am going to New York for New Years, so it looks like I have an excuse to invest in a few new ones! I am thinking a toggle coat….

  • Helen Le

    I am searching for a nice lady like coat this season. But I want it in an electric color like electric blue or purple. Even a coral pink would do.

  • mrsellieroop

    Peacoat coats are one of the most comfortable coats that you could possibly buy. JcPenney has a bunch for less than $100!

  • katie slocum

    Great suggestions. Thanks! I just found a really good deal at Old Navy for a leopard print peacoat. It was 50% off, which made it only $50! It’s still shipping but I let you know if it’s as good in person as it looks online.

  • Samantha Smart

    peacoat for sure, love the look with a scarf especially

  • Darlis Hernandez

    Love coats! My favorite trench but all of them are so beatifull!!!

  • juju

    im feeling more the peacoats,love the way they look (:

  • Melissa mould

    Love your selection! I have sooo many costs, ever fall there are more and more I want!

    Here’s my collection and favourite coats available now xx

  • krisss

    i like toggle:P

  • Katjusha Bricman

    ladylike and peacoat, depends on how I feel.



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