Shape Up: Kick Into Gear

I started doing kickboxing a few years ago and I absolutely love it! It’s really fun and it works everything from my core to my buns. My trainer, Jarett Del Bene, likes to make it a full-body workout. According to Jarett, “Kickboxing is a full body cardio intensive workout that tones the whole body. It is a workout that you can mix in 2 to 3 times a week with your weight training routine to get optimal results.” Aside from the cardiovascular benefits, it “helps improve balance and coordination.” And those are never bad things to work on. Jarett also told me that kickboxing is a “great stress reliever as the punches and kicks being performed help loosen nerves and release anger.” Talk about a fun way to fight your way through life. Additionally, kickboxing burns calories (you can burn up to 300 calories in only 30 minutes) and tones muscles since the act of kicking activates large muscle groups such as your abdominals and arms.

Personally, I think kickboxing is a great way to amp up your regular cardio routine. One minute you’re lunging-squatting-lunging-squatting, and the next thing you know you’re punching-kicking-punching-kicking. Not only does kickboxing literally keep me on my toes, it’s helps me zone out and focus on the movement at hand. I suppose you could say I’m a kickboxing junkie. I’m a total devotee. I do it about 2 to 3 times a week for a half-hour or so and then I hit the weights. Since I started kickboxing, I’ve watched my body transform. I feel leaner, stronger and more energetic. For me, nothing beats the post-workout high I get after a serious round of kicking butt. I feel invincible and ready to take on the world.

Have you tried kickboxing?

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XO Lauren

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