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To say I love perfume would be an understatement. For me, it’s a must. A fabulous fragrance is like the icing on a cake. It’s the final touch. Perfume exudes luxury, but for a fraction of the cost. After one spritz of my favorite eau de toilette (as the French would say) I’m instantly elevated–feeling feminine and downright divine.

I love to change up my perfume selections based on the season. In cooler months, I prefer sophisticated scents that are more saturated. Whether it’s a hint of musk, a dash of lily, or a trace of jasmine, I like to think my fall and winter perfumes are a tad more elegant. For fall, I love Miss Dior Cherie. And for winter, Issey Miyake is my go-to. Both scents have a lot more body compared to all of the lighter fragrances I usually wear during the spring and summer season.

What’s your fall/winter scent?

XO Lauren

P.S. Don’t forget to share your tips on seasonal perfume in the Forum.

Photo: Dior
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  • Melissa Panici

    I love to wear Refuge. You get it at Charlotte Russe. I actually wear this all year round because it has the best smell! It’s my absolute favorite:)

  • debora f

    I love j’dore dior always..

  • Glorietta88

    For fall/winter period I prefer Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana or Cheap and Chic by Moschino. Are strong, one spritz is enough!!!! 😀

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    Miss Dior Cherie is one of my faves too bc that’s my name! But I love Burberry Brit in the fall and Gucci Guilty in the winter!

    Check out my half moon manicure I posted today (I’m obsessed!) –

    – Cherie

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    My favorite perfume is LIV GRN Earth. It is such a beautiful scent. I don’t switch perfumes seasonally though. I’m more on a monogamous perfume owner, haha.

    Kindness is the best accessory,


    Chance by Chanel, it’s the only perfume where I don’t get nauseous from. And for the summer I wear Ralph by Ralph Lauren.

  • Jessi Reel

    Right now I’m wearing Boyfriend by Kate Walsh. Very musky and fall-ish! :)

  • Lindsey Christopher

    I’m wearing Hollister’s August a lot lately.

  • marwa naghmouchi

    I am into Tr

  • Lauren Hoffman

    LOVE Issey Myke! Right now I’m wearing Marc Jacobs Lola and plan on trying MK’s Gold next!



  • Julie Haugan

    I adore Miss Dior Cherie. Thats what im known for among my friends! I also use ISSEY MIYAKE and I use Marc Jacobs Lola! They are my must haves!

  • Jennifer Lucey

    Chanel Chance Always! I’ve been wearing it for over a decade now. I stick to the one because I like the idea of people associating me with a particular scent

  • Alba Cuci

    Love the Body by Victoria fragrance all year around because it’s super clean and fresh, especially for fall. Burberry Brit is my other fall favorite! I feel like a millon $$$ when I weare it!

  • Megan M

    I love Avril Lavigne’s Blackstar perfume – my new favorite! Ironic that she is Brody’s girlfriend…Lauren what do you think of Avril? – I am assuming you have been around her a few times!

  • Megan Alagna

    I just got Love Struck by Vera Wang, and that’s all I have been wearing.

  • mckalli

    my favorite and what i am wearing right now is the dolce & gabana No 3 limperatrice…i love it!!!

  • Mariana M

    For fall/winter I like Miss Dior Cherie and Hypnotic poison, I love sweet, gourmand fragrances

  • Sabrinchen

    I also love Miss Dior Cherie and have to get it asap! For winter, I also like Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. It also has a lot more body that other fragrances.

    Which perfumes do you use for spring/summer, Lauren?

    Have a nice day!

  • Laura Miller

    In the fall/winter months I usually use Chanel Chance or Vera Wang Princess. They are long lasting and smell amazing. I always get compliments on both scents. I just picked up Vera Wang Glam Princess and I absolutely LOVE it (might even like it more than the original Princess perfume).

  • GA

    Bond No. 9 – Highline.

  • Veronique Hoang

    I really like Paris Amour from Bath & Body Works

  • Ashley Elizabeth

    I love Miss Dior Cherie! I’ve been wearing it for years and consider it my signature scent. Seriously, does it get much better than that perfume? Love.

  • Amanda Kreutzer

    For all year round my fav is Gucci Guilty :)

  • Tina D

    definitely chlo

  • Hollie Sutton

    Harvey Prince Eau Flirt – Lavender Pumpkin

  • Jennifer Sellen

    I love Viva La Juicy and Ed Hardy perfumes… they have this great smell that just makes me feel more sexy. I am defnintely gonna have to try Miss Dior Cherie… Thanks Lauren 😉

  • Shellz

    miss dior cherie’s been on my wishlist for a while now lol.. my fave will have to be j’adore!

  • Nina Sydskjoer

    I’m currently in love with Diesel’s Fuel For Life and their Denim Collection!

    Also, my all time favourite, Dior Addict 2. It’s definitely my go-to when I can’t decide! :)

  • Brenna Gray

    This time of year I love Harvey Prince Eau Fling. It has hints of Lavender, jasmine and PUMPKIN PIE! Yes, that sounds gross to be wearing pumpkin but it smells amazing. I also like Britney Spears Curious sadly lol for the other times of the year.

  • ChicaPeru7

    Absolutely love the NEW Cartier- Baiser Vol

  • Rachel Moltz

    Lacoste Pink is wonderful for summer, and Estee Lauder Beautiful is my go-to in winter

  • Giulia De Luca

    Now my scent is Chanel Chance, but for fall I prefer Coco Mademoiselle!

  • Annemerel de Jongh

    I love Miss Dior Cherie as well.. but Coco Mademoiselle is my ALL TIME favorite!

  • caitlin meany

    i am absolutely obsessed with marc jacobs daisy. althought it could be considered more of a spring and summer fragrance lola his other version would be more of a winter time one and that one smells just as good too!!

  • Lina Kay

    Right now, Miss Dior Cheri

  • Angela Courter

    For fall and winter I switch to Euphoria by Calvin Klein. I’ve been dying to try Miss Dior Cherie though! Does anyone recommend Hollywood by Michael Kors?

  • Kimmy S

    Love this post! I wear Prada Iris during the spring/summer and Stella McCartney during the fall (and sometimes mix Miss Dior Cherie in there too). Cute pic!

  • Puja

    flora by gucci!

  • Nathalia

    My winter perfume used to be Angel by Thierry Mugler, since its so voluminous that it chokes you in summer. But I have grown tired of it, since I have used it since I was 16. My perfume of last years winter and this fall is Christina Aguileras first perfume. I got it from my boyfriends mom for christmas, and though I liked and used it, I am searching for something new now. I love the smell of vanilla, so if anybody has a tip…

  • Corinne

    My all time favorite is Lolita Lempicka first perfume for spring and fall and for winter i love L by Lolita Lempicka. It’s so sweet, reminds me of my grandma cakes for Christmas.

  • Kimberly

    I don’t have a perfume for every season. I use Royal Desire by Christina Aguilera all year. I love it!! I love all her scents.

  • Vanessa Turkel

    My Fall/Winter perfume is Armani Code, it’s lovely.

  • ElEhYouAreEh

    My go-to perfume for years in any season has been Burberry Brit. Even after wearing it almost every day I still love it as much as the first time I smelled it

  • Lauren Woods

    I LOVE Miss Dior Cherie – it’s my absolute fav. and people ask me what it is all the time. I also really like the new Marc Jacobs, Oh, Lola!

  • ElEhYouAreEh

    @Nathalia I find Dior’s Hypnotic Poison to have a lot of vanilla in it. I really enjoy wearing that from time to time.

  • lala123

    I love Angel too!

  • ilovemakeup5

    I change up my fragrances and perfumes based on the season, too. I don’t have a specific perfume that for each season, but I tend to wear vanilla-influenced scents in the cooler months. It feels cozy for the time of year.

  • onelove

    Flowerbomb – Viktor&Rolf

  • tinamarie


  • Diana Sorato

    I Love Lola-Marc Jacobs , Miss Dior Cherie , Elle-YSL and The One D&G :)

  • Anna James

    Obsessed with this post, Lauren. I have several different perfumes I go between, but right now I’m loving Miss Dior Cherie.

    I have a new Paris Fashion Week Fix up post on my blog today. Love to hear what you think. xo

  • Blair Arms

    I work in the food industry and am sensitive to smells so I keep my fragrances to body splash and sprays. In the Fall and Winter I like to wear Sensual Amber or Brown Sugar Fig. Both are made by Bath and Body and have a very warm smell to it!

  • Vanessa –

    I’m wearing Poppy by Coach – change it around with Guess-Seductive – CK – Beauty… next buy would be Chanel Chance – been eyeing it… or nosing it as the case may be :)

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    I love CD “”J’adore””, now thinking of getting “”Miss Cherie”” for fall/winter:))

  • Casey Horberg

    Demeter Cinnamon Bark

  • Arielle T.

    I can’t wear perfume because of my eczema! I use to wear it all the time, and I miss it so much! (especially chantilly) :,(

  • Susan Westrell

    I can’t wear perfume. :/ My mom and I both have huge allergic reactions to most scents – ie; throat closes up, can’t stop sneezing, stuff like that – so no perfume. Which is sad.

  • turquoise frosting

    Womanity by Thierry Mugler <3

  • Bev

    LALA LOVE Issey Miyake… but for the Fall/Winter time… Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue and Viva la Juicy for the summer… and Harajuku Love any day of my life!!

  • SanneS

    I like Paul & Joe’s Blanc, a fresh floral fragrance which features notes of hawthorn, angelica, almond, sweet pea, freesia, lily, rose, musk, heliotrope and cloud of milk. and Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. A great fragrance to wear while running or workout is Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star

  • Steph

    I recently discovered how much I love perfume (hooray!). My top favorite is Stella by Tocca. I seriously LOVE it. Very Hollywood by Michael Kors is wonderful. I also really love the scent of musk like in Rosewood by Banana Republic.

  • Jill Rodrigo

    i have been wearing Sexy Little Things from Victoria’s Secret. It has that spice but sweet scent to it.

  • Dana Gallaty

    my go to fragrance is definitely Princess by Vera Wang. it was the first perfume i ever got and i’ve yet to find one i like nearly as much.

  • Selina Ricci

    I wear Honey Suckle by Mary Kay and sexy little things from victorias secret

  • Jaclyn Last name

    I love Miss Dior Cherie! Such a feminine, classy scent

  • Jane Finucane

    My favs are Gucci Rush II and Chloe by Chloe they both smell soo amazing but I am obsessed with perfumes so have too many, if that’s even possible. Would love to hear about some new scents though, always up for trying something new that smells devine!

  • Hannah Nelson

    My favorite perfume right now is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Stays on all day and eludes elegance.

  • Lauraashley

    I usually wear Miss Dior Cherie in the fall/winter and D&G #3 L’Imperatrice and DKNY Be Delicious in the spring/summer. I love perfume though, so I have many others that I swap out in between.

  • sofis

    I love Miss dior Ch

  • Helen

    I am a Ralph in the summer and Very Hollywood by Michael Kors in the cooler months. But I am always willing to try new scents. I am more of a sweeter, lemony smell. Don’t like many florals

  • Melinda Batson

    I just bought Wonderstruck By Taylor Swift and its a great fall scent! My Favorite smell is Paris Amour from Bath and Body Works!! :)

  • Connie Lofska

    I love and wear only one perfume. Chanel No.5 Eau premiere.. !

  • Katie N

    I love Miss Dior Cherie for fall/winter. For spring/summer my go-to scent is ALWAYS Very Irresistible by Givenchy. So amazing.

  • Emily Wells

    I love Benefit’s There’s Something About Sofia. It actually smells warm and spicy, it’s fabulous.

  • Lizzy

    Flowerbomb has to be my favourite! After that, Chanel Chance is a close second

  • Sophie Knippel

    Have tried so many different ones but always go back to my Chance by Chanel.

  • Veronica de Souza

    Marc Jacobs’ Lola is my absolute favorite perfume!

  • Hollie Fitzell

    I just love Elizabeth Arden Sunflower :) Reminds me of the summer and of Course I can’t wait to get Taylor Swift’s perfume Wonderstruck! The bottle looks amazing s I’m sure it’ll smell even better! :) x

  • daniela toledo

    I really love perfumes, now I use CH by Carolina Herrera, Fantasy by Britney spears defines me, Black xs by Paco Rabbane I just love it!! I prefer more sweet perfumes 😀


  • Kayla Vopat

    versace i love the lemony scent it has!

  • Kiwi

    My signiture frangrance is Daisy by Marc Jacobs! Love it so much!

  • Filipa Salgueiro

    Chanel’s Mademoiselle

  • Leah G.

    I love Miss Dior Cherie… I also love Viva La Juicy and Apple by Nina Ricci!

  • Emily King

    my scent for autumn/ winter is dolce and gabbana ‘the one’…its a heavier fragrance than i wear for spring and summer and has a really warm quality to it.

  • Jayme Aragon

    I love Issey Miyake. I got his summer edition and mmmm it smells so good now im trying to find a good fall/winter Issey Miyake, My boyfriend also wears the men Issey Miyake and its great cause they both really go great with each other.

  • Elizabeth Childers

    I always wear Victorias Secret Heavenly. Occasionally I will switch it up to Vera Wang Rock Princess.

  • Maria Pilar Barreda

    I am wearing at the moment Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Eau de toilette Rosee (beautiful pink bottle and delicious smell) and Givenchy Very Irresistible for nights out (very sensual scent!).

  • Tam Mai

    I don’t have a seasonal fav but my alllll time fav is DG Light Blue =)

  • Madelaine Sparks

    I love Jimmy Choo (Jimmy Choo), it’s sweet but still sophisticated! It lasts ages too, I find if I put it on the morning I still have people at the end of the day asking me what perfume I’m wearing and how nice it is! For night I love Thierry Muglat Alien, it’s really different and has a smell like no other!! I always get compliments on that too. Am definitly obsessed with perfumes!!

  • Lina Kay

    Hey Guys!

    You really have to try out HYPNOTIC POISON by Dior for fall/winter term. It is a really sexy scent! The top fragrance notes are bitter almond, caraway and jasmine. The middle notes are moss, sandalwood and oakmoss. And the base of this fragrance is vanilla, musk and cedar. ARMANI CODE and AMBER by Bath&Body Works are both also pretty nice for fall and winter!! For Summer I can recommend Sport, Style and Sun by Jil Sander and Flower or Summer by Kenzo. As you may have noticed: I love perfume! :) Therefore I’m also open for new scents!!

  • Lina Kay

    I forgot to mention AMOR by CACHAREL! In my opinion it’s pretty close to Hypnotic Poison.

    And BOSS ORANGE for Summer!!

  • Frankie Gibbons

    I have a new favourite, i always love boys wearing paco rabanne, so when lady million came out i got it straight away, such a nice smell!:)

  • Annalicia Caye

    Miss Dior is my favorite, year around. I cant let it go!

  • Clari

    for the fall/winter I really love Midnight Rain by La Prairie and Narciso Rodriquez for Her Eau de Parfum

  • Yunuenn Clavel

    lauren hey need your help to fix my hair, my hair does not like to go to school and stuff

  • Laura C

    I picked up this perfume in Germany when I was a little girl called “”Laura”” by Laura Biagiotti. And I love it! I have never been able to find it again, so the next best perfume I rely on is “”J’Adore”” by Dior; my boyfriend loves it!

  • Els Jeuris

    1. Evian facial spray

    2. Some elastics and hair clips (I usually switch hairstyles mid-day)

    3. Some (fashion) magazine

  • Cindy Cooper

    I really love EDEN by Carcharel. It’s fresh and has a hint of melon.. totally different than any other scent.

  • Katarina Hupka

    Absolutely Chanel Mademoiselle.It

  • Elaina

    I love escada for the summer time, burberry brit sheer in the fall and the one by dolce & gabbana.

  • Lannie Camio

    I love Buxom by Bare Escentuals.

  • Melissa Hebert

    J’aime le Light Blue de Dolce&gabana et Oh Lola! de Marc Jacobs

  • Amanda Silva

    I like Escada Absolutely Me.

    Its light, yet sweet…. it reminds of a field of lilacs

  • Diane Wang

    ralph lauren- romance!

  • Cluny Grey

    I love Escada anytime, but Bulgari Jasmin Noir and Boucheron are great for winter!

    Cluny Grey


  • Nicky De Grave

    Gucci Guilty !

  • Alba Casellas

    What a coincidence! I’m going to buy Miss Dior Cherie, today or tomorrow, I had decided. I have a few days testing a sample I got at Sephora and it’s definitely the best for this time of year.

  • maria del mastro

    Narciso Rodriguez For Her.. always.

  • LU650

    Chance by Chanel is my fave Winter scent

  • Briana Coons

    Chance eau de tendre layered with Chance eau de fraiche both by Chanel is a unique mix. Both are lovely on their own as well.

  • K othman

    Dior Jadore It makes me feel so clean and femenine :)

  • Amy Mayorga

    Miss Dior Cherie is one of my favorites too..!! i love their makeup as well.. 😀

  • livlab14

    My fall is secret wonderland from bath and body works and bold & playful from PINK

  • Antoinette Fraser

    Right now it’s Flora by Gucci but it changes all the time and not necessarily by season.

  • Gina Mackey

    Actually, I like your Sophisticated, Lauren. It’s a great perfume and carries well into all seasons. :)

  • Isa Reynoso

    I love Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, it’s scent is very light and fresh. :)

  • yara nehme

    i guess the most classy perfume that suits a lady is Eau des merveille by Hermes its frenchy after all, they created perfume 😉

  • Mindee Krymer

    Sensual Amber from Bath and Body Works. I have the body wash, the perfume, and the lotion. Love it (and boys do too)!

  • bvfp nicole

    for me its chanel mademoiselle and marc jacobs daisy ….im the type that likes sweet perfumes

  • Melanie Rudolphus

    Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf – love the fruit notes and the femininity about it! Soft and subtle fragrance!

  • Megan Bailey

    Love Verace Crystal Noir I am super picky about perfume but this one and nina ricci are two of my all time favorites!

  • Danny

    i adore YSL’s parisienne. it’s fun, flirty, and floral!



  • Liesl

    I’m a perfume fanatic, and I love how a scent can take you to a certain time in your life, or a certain person.


    Liesl xxx

  • Kasia Lichota

    Daytime: Calvin Klein Eternity Moment or Escape

    Evening: Paco Rabanne Black XS for her or Hermes Kelly Caleche

  • James Rustin

    For me, Perfume has become a necessity. I think there’s no person who could avoid perfume now-a-days. For me, it’s Paco Rabanne.

  • Monica Cedeno

    I loved VS Vanilla Lace but it has been discontinued. Does anyone know any scents similar to it?

  • CGA

    My favorites right now are Falling in Love by Philosophy, Orange Blossom by Jo Malone which I layer with Jasmine & Mint by Jo Malone. Also Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Calm by Lollia.



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