Since Halloween falls on a Monday, many of you may be celebrating as early as tomorrow (Friday) night! If you haven’t a clue what you’re going to be yet and still need a costume (like ASAP), it’s time to get risky! As in Risky Business.

A few years ago I saw some girls pull off the iconic look from the dance sequence in Risky Business and I thought it was the best idea! It’s simple, but the statement is big. And guys love this costume. It’s the perfect last minute getup for the cool, confident party girl.

Get inspired gals…

Putting together this costume is easy as pie. Borrow a men’s dress shirt from one of the boys in your life, slip on a pair of old school scrunch socks and a fresh pair of men’s briefs (bike shorts are great too) and finish off the look with Tom Cruise’s unmistakable Risky Business wayfarer shades. Put your hair up into a ballerina bun or a ponytail and keep your makeup natural. Most importantly, practice your slide!

Will you be risky this Halloween? What was your best last minute costume?

XO Lauren

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