Halloween DIY: Cat Burglar Costume

If you’re in need of an inexpensive, last minute Halloween costume, I’ve got just the getup for you: The Cat Burglar. While cat costumes are adorable (and very common), the Cat Burglar adds the perfect twist of mystery and mischievousness to this traditional Halloween garb. Did I mention it’s a fairly cheap costume to put together?


Topshop Cat Ears ($8), Costume Specialties Cat Tail ($3), Free People Opaque Tights in Black ($12), American Apparel Bodysuit in Black ($32), Brian Atwood Alexa Booties, PaperMoon Small Burlap Bag ($9)


Wear a black bodysuit (American Apparel has a great selection), black tights, a black bandit mask, fierce heels, a pair of kitty ears and a pin-on tail. Instead of carrying a purse, use a burlap sack and draw a “$” on it. Finish off your look by drawing a little cat nose and whiskers on your face… and voila, you are a Cat Burglar!

I love this costume. It’s fun, simple and quick. Plus, everyone will think you’re the cat’s meow…

Will you be a cat burglar come Halloween? If not, what are you going to dress up as?

XO Lauren

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Photo: Chanel