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Well ladies, this is the third and final post in my DIY Halloween Costume Guest Blogger Series. Our last guest blogger is member Noel Fortier. Congrats Noel! Noel will show you how to make a beautifully crafted peacock costume. I am somewhat obsessed with it… It’s brilliant! Anyway, let me know if you give it try.

XO Lauren

Hi everyone! This was my costume last year. I got tons of complements and many people asked how I made it. Here is what I did…

Step 1: Take a strip of elastic with sequins on it and a blue feather boa. Cut the elastic band so it will comfortably fit around your waist and secure it with a safety pin. Next, pin one end of the boa to the sequin strip and loop it up and down, attaching the boa to the elastic band with small safety pins. See photo below for better understanding:


The resulting skirt, should look something like this:


Step 2: Find a tight fitting tank you don’t mind changing up. Add the same color elastic sequins wherever you would like on the tank using hot glue gun. I chose to put it down the center because everywhere else what just a mesh material. Add feathers to the cups of the top. Use any colors you want to match your peacock feathers. Attach feather and sequins using hot glue.


Step 3: Using a handheld fan or a mask, attach a variety of lengths of peacock feather so that they are spread out. I found my feathers at an online hobby store. Arrange the feathers so that they fan out and look full. I used the hot glue to attach everything. It won’t be extremely sturdy just yet so be careful holding it up.


Final Look: Add some fun make-up or face paint to tie the whole look together. Put the skirt on with hot pants (or biker shorts) under, then the top. I wore bright yellow/green tights to add to the look as well. Tie the base of you feathers around your waist and hide the tie under your top and the waistband of your skirt. Then, loop two strings through the feathers and tie them to your straps for added support so they don’t fall backwards. You can’t ride in the car like this, so do this right before you enter the party. The fan of feathers should be really easy to take off and on if you do this without making any knots.


There you go! This is what I did to create this costume.

XO Noel
P.S. Has anyone tried out Pauli‘s Dorothy tutorial or Laura Pifer‘s Carrie Bradshaw tutu skirt yet?
If so, upload a photo and post it to your profile. I’d love to see your handy work! I hope you guys are enjoying these DIY costume tutorials!

XO Lauren

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  • Anna James

    So creative. I love this. I have a weakness for peacocks and this is perfection. Would love if you could check out my photo shoot for JEWELMINT on my fashion blog. The jewlery is amazing. Can’t wait to incorporate them into Paper Crown pieces. xo

  • Kellie Norton

    This is gorgeous!! Loving it so much :) thanks for the tips!

  • Elliot Taylor

    this idea is adorable!!

    i recently found a web site and it has amazing clothes for a really great price! please check it out and let me know what you think, i’m obsessed!

  • Lupsie

    Wow, I love this costume! It seems fairly easy to do as well! Great post!

  • Cherie LaFlamme
  • Caitlin Zucal

    I love peacocks and this is such a gorgeous costume idea! Thanks for posting!!!

  • Lindsey Christopher

    Beautiful and creative!

  • Susanna Hall

    I’ve been wanting to do a Peacock costume ever since I saw Holly Madison’s on the Girls Next Door. I love this one, it’s a great idea and doesn’t look to difficult to make. I have my costumes all set for this year but I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sprinkling Sugar

    Can someone please help me find a good desing for this little guy?

    Lauren I know you have a pup of your own, any ideas?

    Thanks, Marion

  • Amanda Lehrke

    This is fabulous!!! I love it! I’m going to be the black swan for Halloween and was wondering how to add feather to a tank, so this really helped :) Thanks!


  • Melissa Panici

    Aww so cute! I love this costume!

  • Trisha Massmann

    This is absolutely gorgeous!


  • Erica Kelly
  • Jennifer Hellman

    LOVE this! I am obsessed with peacock feathers and have a tattoo of one. I’ll definatly use this idea someday :)

  • Paola Gonzalez

    check out this website- its my friens new costume line and its very creative and I know many ppl will love it.

  • Christine Rosko

    This is my favorite costume so far!!

  • Amanda Coughlin

    This is perfect I have been making my own peacock costume this week and this was just the inspiration I needed for the final touches! I love how you made the skirt! Super Cute :)

  • Allison Lara

    I love this idea… I was a peacock for Halloween last year. Is there any special glue I could use so the feathers won’t stick together?

  • Isa Reynoso

    gorgeous costume! and the ideas with making it are so creative! Genius! :)

  • tinamarie

    omg. love love love.

  • Haley Lynn

    I’m in love, this is a possible candidate for my costume this year. :)

  • samah AS

    WOW! What a unique idea! loooove it! no one would expect this costume diffinitley the one! xo

  • Laurie-Estelle Miquel

    Costume very original , i like

  • Clare Kessler

    def. making this costume this week :)

  • anja pogmark

    woooow amazing!! love this costume

  • carena klerkx

    it’s nice, good think work of her!


  • Ashley Hayne

    I don’t understand why women feel the need to wear corsets and other lingere in public settings on Halloween. I think it asks for the wrong kind of attention.

  • Vesna S.

    Click the link to see Tori Spelling’s peacock make-up:,,20539580,00.html#21071050

  • Lala Valentine
  • Allison Williford

    I made this too! So much fun!

  • Druscilla Rogers

    How many feathers did you use?

  • TK

    Making this for my daughter’s costume this year…what lengths of feathers did you use, and how many of each?



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