DIY Halloween: Dorothy Costume

I hope everyone had fun with Laura Pifer‘s Carrie Bradshaw costume tutorial. This is the second installment of my DIY Halloween Costume Guest Blogger Series. This next tutorial comes to you all the way from Argentina… Congrats to member Pauli of The Small Pocket Diaries! Your Dorothy costume was well constructed and your directions were easy to follow and simple to do. Thank you so much for the great submission!

Below is Pauli’s tutorial on how to make your own Dorothy costume. Have fun kiddies!

XO Lauren

What you will need for the apron:

  • 70 inches of gingham fabric (light blue and white combination)
  • 4 white buttons
  • White thread and needle
  • Pins

Props (I already owned most or bought them for cheap):

  • Red shoes (flats, stiletto heels, Mary Janes–you name it…the sparklier, the better!)
  • White button down shirt with short sleeves
  • White or light blue ankle socks
  • A small whicker basket (can be used as purse)
  • A stuffed dog
  • 39.4 inches of blue (or red or light blue) satin ribbon as head band

Instructions for the apron:

1. Cut a piece of fabric of 39”x24” for the skirt (take into account I am only 4’9” tall, so maybe you should make the hem allowance a few inches longer). Sew the trim on the bottom of the skirt along the length of the fabric and then sew the two 24” ends together but not all the way up! Stop sewing 6 inches before the end, leaving a gap.


2. Now cut a patch of 8”x13” for the top piece. Sew the hem on all four sides to give it a clean finishing. Then, sew it to the front of the skirt, in the middle part.


3. With the remaining fabric, cut 2 strips of 25 inches long and 2 inches wide, and a third stripe of 51”x 4”. The first two strips are sewed to the front part (after proper hemming on the sides) Add two white buttons at each end on the top piece.


4. The last strip (after proper hemming to the sides and the ends as well) will work as your waist tie. Sew it to the skirt, below the top piece, all the way to the back, leaving around 3 inches unsewn on each end to tie it up. Last but not least, sew the last two buttons onto the waist tie, at the front, aligned with the other two buttons on the top piece.




5. Voila! There you have your Dorothy apron. Wear it over your button down shirt, own those ruby slippers and make sure your Toto doesn’t run away!



Happy Halloween!

XO Pauli of B&P

Will you try Pauli’s Dorothy costume?