Halloween may be a month away, but now is the time to start planning your costume! Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays. Not only is it an excuse to play dress up, it is also a great time to get crafty and creative (and for some, wear minimal clothing). Needless to say, the panic of picking the “perfect” costume can be nerve-wracking. Especially when you’ve already heard what your friends are planning on being. Well ladies, I’ve got you covered! Over the next few weeks, I will be doing a DIY series on making your own costumes and will also be sharing some last minute costume ideas too. For now, check out these ten costume suggestions and get those creative wheels turning!

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors. This is a great idea to do with a couple other friends. I think these girls nailed it!
  2. 1920s Flapper. This is one of my personal favorites. When in doubt, I always go for the flapper girl costume.
  3. Lichtenstein Lady. Be a Lichtenstein gal! Just prepared to wear a lot of face and body makeup (and be excited to accept your prize for best costume too).
  4. Three Blind Mice. This is another cute costume idea you can do with two other friends. Wear grey leotards or bodysuits (American Apparel has great ones) with little tutus or frilly skirts, mouse ears, a bowtie, and sunglasses. And don’t forget to tack on a tail and bring your walking stick too!
  5. Peacock. Why not be a peacock? After all, you could really “shake ya tail feather” all night long…
  6. Ghost. There’s a reason this is an oldie but goodie. Instead of throwing a sheet over your head, try this tulle take on the ghost costume. Did I mention you get to yell “Boo!” all night long? Yes.
  7. Bewitched. Or should I say, be a witch. I mean, if the broom fits–fly it!
  8. Clown. Have fun and clown around! I was a clown a few years ago… Let me know if you would like me to do a DIY post on how I created my clown costume. It’s really easy!
  9. Pinup Girl. Channel your inner Rita Hayworth and be a pinup!
  10. It’s Raining Cats & Dogs. I just thought this was too cute. Leave it to Martha Stewart to be the mastermind behind this one.

Share your costume ideas in the comments below!

And if you have any DIY costume requests, let me know about those too.

XO Lauren