Party Planning: Say Cheese!



Whenever I throw a big bash, I like to set up a photo booth so guests can snap silly pictures. Since setting up an actual photo booth is pretty unrealistic, I suggest making your own! Set up a digital camera or a Polaroid on a tripod and face it toward a blank wall or drape a sheet or streamers to create a fun backdrop. If you use a digital camera, upload all of the photos the following day to a photo sharing site or Facebook for everyone to enjoy. Trust me, the photographs are always a hit.

Add an element of fun to your booth by providing guests with a basket full of silly props. One of my favorite props to include is a “mustache on a stick” (pictured below). Click here to learn how to make your own mustaches.


Other fun prop ideas include word bubbles, mini chalk boards (write your own message), hats, feather boas, confetti, lips or glasses or bowties on a stick (similar to the mustache above), empty frames, or anything else that might fit the theme of your party.

Encourage guests to take photos by posting a sign beside your photo booth that reads something like this “PHOTO BOOTH! Pick a prop. Strike a pose. Say cheese!”

Have you made your own photo booth before? If so, share your tips and pics in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Photo: elizabethannedesigns, loveandlavender