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I posted a photo of this peach sangria (photo above) in a recent Friday Favorites and noticed a lot of requests for the recipe in the comments. I discovered this delicious drink through Pinterest (my newest obsession), but the actual recipe is from Coastal Living (July 2009). Needless to say, peaches are in season right now (California’s peach season came a bit late this year), which makes this the perfect time to share the recipe with all of you!

Here it is, courtesy of Coastal Living


  • 1 bottle of white wine of your choice
  • 1 cup peach schnapps
  • ½ cup frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 2 nectarines, sliced
  • 1 cup green or red grapes, whole or sliced

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. Cover and chill at least 2 hours or overnight. Stir before serving. Enjoy!

For a virgin version of this recipe, swap out the schnapps and white wine for Sprite or sparkling water!

Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Have a yummy late-summer drink recipe? Upload it to your profile page and link it in the comments below!

XO Lauren

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Photo: JustBeSplendid
Source: Coastal Living (July 2009)
Categories: Recipe Box
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  • Melissa Panici

    Thanks Lauren! I am going to try this at home and I will share with you what I think:)

  • Maria Padilla

    I will definitely have to try this recipe, it looks easy. :)

  • Sara Davis

    Wooow! this sounds delicious! thank you!

  • Lindsey Christopher

    OMG, thank you! It’s starting to feel like fall here now so I’d better make this ASAP before it’s too cold to drink it!

  • Leslie Freeman

    Lovely! I want to follow your Pinterest!

  • Michela Garau

    Thanks for the recipe. If I’ll try it I’ll send you my pic! Last month I made a lot of peach ice cream :)

  • Sarah Heckle

    Mmmmm, sangria is one of my favorites — nothing is more refreshing! Another one of my favorites is my muddled watermelon cocktail recipe!

  • Kellie Norton

    This is awesome!! I have a friend from Spain and he came over recently and made us Spain’s famous Sangria but it was made with red wine (super delicious) I’m more of a white wine kind of girl so I’m definitely going to give this a try!! Sounds extra yummy :) thanks for the recipe!

  • Viviana Mora

    Super excited to try this! I love red sangria but this will be my first peach! Can’t wait. Thanks for the post!

  • Cilie Lennartz-Nuttall


  • Blair Arms

    I made a Peach Sangria a couple of weeks ago for my boss and a couple of co workers. The recipe was very similar to this but I used a sparkling white wine. Turned out to be very delicious!!

  • Emilie Jordan

    I love pinterest! How do I follow you on there?

  • Parisbluepizza

    Thanks! Will try this at home. :)

  • Jennifer Fox

    This is PERFECT bc I’m having people over this weekend and I’m going to make this my project since I desperately trying to hold onto summer!! So excited and PINTEREST is my new sick obsession too!! Let’s just say I haven’t been getting anything done at work these last couple of weeks… Woops

  • Parisbluepizza

    Thank you, Will try this at home :)

  • Samantha Luciano

    Lauren, this is why you’re amazing. I’m so trying this.

  • saffy bt

    now im thirsty,i will try this.thanks for always sharing…. “”;)

  • nadine

    Delish!! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Kimmy S

    YUM. I will be making this over the weekend… Or maybe tonight. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

  • Cara Maio

    Mmm this looks so good and refreshing just as summer is ending haha. I don’t drink alcohol but I’m excited to try it with Spirte!

  • Aimee Major

    yum, So making moving in Sangria’s for our moving in night next week , my flatmates will love it :)

  • Diana Arias

    I love It but smoothie feel better for me! 😛

  • Petra Zeller

    mhmm… I love peach fruits and this looks very delicious and refreshing. I try this on the weekend :) thanks for sharing. xoxo

  • gabriela garcia

    love it !

  • Maria Camila NR

    I love peaches! I’m going to try the virgin version! I love all of your recipes, just I have some problems with some ingredients, the place where I live doesn’t have many of them. ♥

  • Sam

    So glad you shared!! Thanks Lauren!

  • samah AS

    that looks so yummy! i’m definitely going to try it! thank you lauren xoxo

  • Glorietta88

    I have to try this version..Normally I don’t drink red wine beacuse I get drunk in few minutes…So this is perfect, white wine is lighter for me…

  • Melissa Stehling

    This looks so good. I will definitly try it over the weekend :)

  • Tanja

    This looks so yummy! I’ll definitely try it! Thanks for sharing,lauren!

  • Alyssa

    Sounds great!! The sangria I used to make in college all the time was with pinot grigio, sprite zero, strawberries, oranges, and a splash of oj :)

  • Koceva Tamara

    MMMM… This looks delicious and very refreshing! I’ll have to try it!

  • Paige Wagner

    Wow, this looks great! Thanks Lauren… I’m going to try it on the weekend since its just starting to come into summer here in Australia :)

  • Naomychelsea Meyer

    thank you for the recipe for sangria, my friends adored. And I do not think it was as good ^ ^ thank you lauren

  • Dominque Finney

    Just made this for my roommates birthday celebration. Everyone loved it. It’s absolutely delicious!

  • roxanne clarisse

    Hi, totally random but does anydoby have a good vegan crossant and cupcake recipes ?.. please post it if you do.. or any good veagn recipe ideas you might have at hand. thanks ladies :) and happy holidays



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