Tuesday Ten: Your Q’s Answered

As promised, I went through all of your comments and questions in response to my Tuesday Ten: Style Q&A post and selected ten questions to answer today!

Below are the most popular questions with my answers. I hope you enjoy reading this!

  1. Sabrinchen“Hey Lauren, What are your favorite perfumes that you use? Hugs from Germany, Sabrina” My favorite perfume is Miss Dior Cherie. I’ve worn it for years.
  2. Chanine H.“What curling iron do you use (barrel size and brand)?” I use different barrel sizes for different style. For everyday curls I use a 1 1/4 inch barrel by Hot Tools.
  3. Coleen“If you were stuck on an island and could only have 3 things with you, what would they be?” 1. Sunscreen- I wear high SPF on my face for protection and I just started using Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Mineral Block Sunblock Stick SPF 50. 2. Lip Moisturizer- I use Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm in SPF 10. It keeps my lips soft and it has a light rose scent that I love. 3. Powder Compact- Now this is me just taking the question literally… I watch a lot of Discovery Channel (nerd) and I know you can start a fire with a mirror. This would help more in the survival category. Also, if it gets hot on this island I won’t have to worry about being shiny (just kidding).
  4. Jennifer Houlahan“I would love to know what your five minute beauty routine would be for a really low-maintenance ladies/when you’re in a rush 🙂 Thanks!” If I am in a rush I stick to very simple makeup. I also opt for a no fuss hair style like a top knot or a simple pony. An excellent way to minimize your beauty routine is by taking care of your skin and hair. Drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, eating right and having good skin care regimen all are very important. The better you look without make up, the less you have to apply.
  5. Paige Schaeffer“If there was something you think the fashion industry needs that doesn’t have yet, what would it be?” More smiles. I love this industry, but there are times I think people take it a little too seriously. This is an industry built around creativity, self-expression and passion. Obviously it is a vital business in our economy, but we’re making clothes–not curing cancer. Have some fun with it 🙂
  6. Gresly Trejo Valverde“Hi Lauren, here in Peru…my question is what is something that you haaaaaave to do before sleeping?” Brush my teeth, wash my face and moisturize. Not very exciting, it’s what I do every night before bed.
  7. Kayla Robertson“If you could choose one accessory to describe your personality, what would it be?” A black pump with a hidden platform. Timeless, but still youthful.
  8. Laurenda Dosenberry“You have beautiful skin, but you live in California and are often beach bound or pool side. How do you keep your skin looking young with all the sun exposure?” I wear a high SPF and a large hat when I am on vacation or by a pool. Also, I almost always wear a cover up. For more of my personal tips on sun protection, click here.
  9. Melody Plumb“Could you write a post about your favorite hair and makeup tools, such as: favorite makeup brushes, best blow dryer, favorite lipstick for spring/summer, go-to eye shadow… That would be a great post and I think many would enjoy it! Hope to see it soon!” I love this idea and will do an entire blog dedicated to this question! In the meantime, my favorite makeup brush is Sephora Collection Professional Platinum Powder Brush #50. I use an Elchim blowdryer. For spring/summer, I have been wearing Dior Addict Ultra gloss in Luminescent Peach a lot and my go to blush (for day) has been Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Plush Peach. For more on my favorite beauty products, click here.
  10. Kate Harley “What is your favorite type of nail polish to use? And what are the names and colors?” I don’t have one particular brand that is my favorite. I change my nail polish every couple of days so longevity of a polish isn’t very important to me. Some of the best colors I find are actually from American Apparel. I just bought “Poppy” and “Office” last week.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions–they were all great, but as you know, I can’t answer them at one time. If your question didn’t get answered–don’t worry. I will do my best to address them in other blogs and maybe even another Tuesday Ten: Style Q&A (if you like these let me know).

In the meantime, post your style and fashion questions below!

XO Lauren

Photo: InStyle