Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, ladies! Per usual, I’ve been incredibly busy with work. Lots of photo shoots and deadlines coming up! Here’s a little behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot I was working on for…

I’m excited for you to see all of the great things we have coming up! Anyway, here are my weekly favorites… Enjoy!

Favorite Open Letter (this was left by Morgan Walsh in response to my post):

Dear Friday,

I’m so glad you’re finally here.
Working For The Weekend

Favorite Inspiring Video (This video series is just spectacular and the editing is amazing! The video below is my favorite, but you should go watch all three…):

Favorite Optical Illusion (Stare at it for a little while… it will make you second guess yourself!):

Favorite Dress (It’s on sale at ASOS!):

Favorite Summer Sip (peach sangria–yum!):


What’s your favorite late-summer drink? Share your recipe in the comments below!

Have a lovely weekend!

XO Lauren

P.S. Click here for more Friday Favorites!

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  • Elizabeth Carter

    Can you give us the recipe for the peach sangria? It looks so yummy!!

  • Lindsay Lee

    I’ve been making these a lot latey as after work drinks to enjoy on my front porch.

    You’ll need:

    1 cocktail shaker, 1-1 parts lemon juice and water (I normally do probably 1/2 C. of each,) 1 splash of simple syrup (or more if you want it sweeter), 1 shot of vodka/un-spiced rum/gin, frozen blueberries, and fresh mint


    First add the mint leaves and blueberries to your shaker and muddle them in the bottom. Poor in all the liquids on the bottom and add some ice. Shake for 30 seconds or so and them pour (garnish with more fresh mint if you see it fit) :-) The drink is the most awesomely adorable purple/pink color from the blueberries and it’s so fresh it could brighten up the gloomiest of moods. Enjoy!

  • Erin Phillips

    I would love to see the recipe for the peach sangria as well! I just got married and have a cool new pitcher that I want to use–this would be the perfect drink to break it in!

  • Lindsay Lee

    Whoops that had a lot of spelling mistakes but you guys get the drift! <3

  • Lindsey Christopher

    I agree with Elizabeth and Erin–peach sangria recipe if you have it, Lauren!

  • Melissa Panici

    Happy Friday Lauren! I loved all of your favorites! Could you give us the recipe for the Peach Sangria? It looks so goood!!:) I drink water all the time and beer is my alcoholic beverage so I won’t post a recipe! lol Have a great weekend Lauren!

  • Lauren Taylor

    Beer would be my drink, a good Sam Adams! Or a strawberry mojito.

  • Giulia De Luca

    The video is really STUNNING!! Even if my favourite is LEARN!!

  • Ali Peterson

    i am in love with that dress! Super cute

  • Ali Peterson

    and P.S. can I have that guys live in the video?!?!?

  • Kimberly B

    Favorite newly-discovered cocktail… I forget what it’s called, but it’s kind of like a mojito but with vodka instead of rum.

    Just mix club soda and Firefly Mint Tea vodka and pour over ice and add some mint leaves. (You can probably crush them into the drink, mojito-style, if you want.)

    Very good and so refreshing!

  • Aine Carlin

    These strawberry margaritas are hitting the spot for me right now:)

  • Andry Paez

    I’m loving the Spritzer glass its so fun!

    I didnt get the guy image at first.. creepy hahaha

    My favorite cocktail by far is the FRozen strawberry Margarita:

    …and the Rasberry Mojito:

    Both very refreshing for a hot Miamian Summer 😉

  • sara chaudry

    Ahhh the opitcal illusion was scaarrryyyy :/

    And my fave is probably a nice classic–strawverry banana milkshake!

  • Berthille Vannetzel

    Great post, Lauren, can’t wait to see the behind the scene complete photoshoot !

    Also, could you please give your recipe for the peach sangria please, it looks so yummy and perfect for summer ?

    Thanks !

  • Mariella

    Wooowww! the video is great!! and there are some images from my country Argentina!!!

  • sandy Kapoor

    Love the Dress!! so cute{o:

  • Lindsay Advincula

    i LOVE sangria! :)

  • Sarah Michael

    love the video!! and the dress is super cute, i’m thinking about getting it in blue :)

  • Maribel C

    I had to share this video. May favorite laugh for the week!

    Have a great weekend!

  • gemmin_y

    wow, coolestvideo ever.. plus the guy was kinda cute too 😉 . lovethe dress and scary illusion..

    My favorite summer drink is too use the blender and crush a whole lot of ice cubes, then squeeze lime juice and add a sweetener to it for instance sugar, and some water.. a nice slushie cool and yummie drink :)

  • Brandon Gruzen

    that optical illusion is money

  • loveislouder

    I loved that video everything about it qas flawless, even the guy yum 😛

  • Shaden Abu-Hammad

    I really liked the video, and also the dress it’s nice. but that optical illusion :/ I don’t get it!!

  • Shaden Abu-Hammad < --- This is my favortie optical illusion :)

  • Sara Davis

    Love the video with the cutie :) it really was inspiring, i’m trying to watch the other two right now. That drink looks delish! By the way, I love when you post behind the scene photos.. I want to see more! :)

  • Stefani Williams

    Absolutely LOVE sangria, that was the drink of the night last night at a clothing swap/sex and the city dinner party I had last night <3

  • Jackie Kim
  • samah AS

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve the optical illusion WOW! my favourite :)

  • Monica Castillo

    That illusion is crazy cool!! I love a good Malibu breeze any time of year but it’s more fitting for summer: Malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, & ice. Very light & refreshing!

  • Melissa Buckner

    Thanks so much for sharing that video! Super neat!

    This summer I have played around with making some summer fruit slushes. A favorite is frozen pineapple chunks, frozen strawberry chunks, a splash of orange juice and some Guava juice to give it a kick! It’s a nice combination of sweet and tart! :-)

  • Katja Anni

    Love the posts, Lauren! :)

    My week’s favorits were:

    1) My best friend from Argentina came back to Europe to live nearby (lots of girlie time! Yayyy!)

    2) I discovered dried, stoned dates as a great snack against sugar cravings (can’t believe they’re even healthy… lol)

    3) Nude or very slightly rose nail polish topped with a fine golden sand colour. Looks so summery and glitterey :)

  • Melissa Hebert

    j’adore l’illusion! Elle est très amusante! Mmmmh la sangria semble d

  • Ana Rodrigues

    I love sangria, it’s perfect for summer :)

  • Dess

    omg the optical illusion is weird!!

    and i love that move thing

  • Rachel Hammar

    I watched the LEARN MOVE and EAT videos earlier this week! So inspiring!

  • Alexx Bukovac

    My favourite summer drink is orange juice mixed with lemonaid. Yum.

  • Shelby Stallsmith

    I can’t find the dress):

  • Victoria Evans

    thank you for the posts lauren, i love the style of the dress, something i would really wear! x

  • Katelyn Jones

    i dont get the optical illusion… :/ ahh!! :( but, I LOVE the dress!

  • Andrea Farrington

    Thought these were funny and that everyone may enjoy a few laughs!

    Virginity like
    One prick, All gone.

    Man who run in
    Front of car. get tired.

    Man who run behind car.Get exhausted.

    Man with hand in Pocket. feel Cocky all day.

    Foolish man give Wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright

    Man with one
    Go hungry.

    Man who scratch ass
    Should not bite fingernails.

    Baseball is wrong:
    Man with four balls cannot walk.

    War does not Determine who is right, War determine who is

    Wife who put Husband in doghouse soon find him in

    Man who fight with wife all day get no piece at night.

    It take many nails
    To build crib, but one screw to fill it.

    Man who drive like hell, Bound to get there.

    Man who stand on toilet is high on pot.

    Man who live in Glass house should change clothes in

    Man who fart in Church sit in Own pew.

    Crowded elevator Smell different to midget.

  • Vivien Harmat

    I love home made Mojito :)

  • Allyson Francis

    Oh gosh! the optical illusion freaked me out!! haha that was awesome tho. i love the MOVE video :) very cool

  • Mallory

    just got back from vacation in outer banks, north carolina and i had peach sangria for the first time. BEST SUMMER SRINK EVER.

  • fiorela vorpsi

    My mum makes a mix juice of carrot,apple,peach and’s delicious and its my favourite

  • Lauren Hicks

    Those videos were incredibly inspiring! Makes me want to forget this life idea we’ve created for ourselves and just go for it doing all that I can because life is truly too short of everything to be experienced in one.

  • Miss Tineo

    Great optical Illusion!!!!!!!!!

  • Flavia Roque

    OMG !!! What is that optical illusion?????? that is amazing!

    The summer sip is so delicious… it’s a pitty it is winter in Brazil now….

  • sari meester

    Virginity like
    One prick, All gone. >> great Quote n oh soo truee 😀

    At first i don’t know what Lauren talking about to stare at the pic (optical illusion) for a while and thenn i get it (really take a while for me to figure it out).. :p

  • Sabiii.R

    What an amazing video you pick :)

  • CC

    I love that video, and your “”finds”” are the best! I thought I found the most weird, interesting, best stuff lol but I was wrong, you find awesome things on the net. A favorite summer drink of mine (or actually allll the time) is anything related to a pina colada, they are sooo delicious. One I use all the time:

    7 oz pineapple juice
    2 oz coconut cream
    1 cup crushed ice – I usually use more because I like mine extra thick 😉

    For a non-virgin variant, just add any rum + any cocunut flavored liquor to your taste. OR use an all in one by adding Malibu coconut rum.

    You just blend all the ingredients in the blender and pour it in your favorite fancy glass. To make it even cuter, garnish it with a bright red cherry, a slice of pineapple, and a little umbrella! =)

  • Lyvette Munoz Giuliani

    The EAT video make me wanna eat real tapas from Spain.. miss that.

  • Khalid Azani

    I can feel so much related to that peach sangria summer sip, we call it Saudi champagne here and i make it by putting summer fruits with a non-alcoholic bear topping that with a bunch of mint leaves and there you have i, refreshing and yummy too

  • Natasha Hussain

    Just watched that video serious.. It’s amazing! I especially loved the eat one, being such a foodie :) speaking of, I’m planning on making your omelette recipe for Sunday breakfast!

  • LaLaRouge

    im so going to make that veggie omelette! LOVING ITT<3

  • Samantha Elliott

    I’m really big on art & expressing yourself

    So I really loved that optillical illusion

  • Sol Sol


  • michelle woodstock

    I absolutely love that video, It’s very inspiring!!!

  • Sol Sol

    i defenetly loved the video!!! i just watched all 3 of them, its breath taking!!! and 100% inspiring!!! =)

  • Katie Clement

    I recently watched the “”Move”” video on Vimeo. It completely blew me away! I just loved it, it left me feeling inspired to travel.

  • Katie

    Need that dress!

  • Isa Reynoso

    my. what a pretty dress! and I would love to try that Peach drink :) looks so yummy!! :)



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