Beauty Essential: My Must-Have Mascara



My favorite mascara is a bargain at just around $7. Maybelline Full N’ Soft Mascara is the best one I’ve found to date. I use both regular and waterproof depending on the occasion. It gives volume without clumping and it lasts until the tube is empty (unlike other brands that often dry up in just a few weeks). If you’re on the hunt for the perfect product to gloss your lashes with, I highly recommend giving Full N’ Soft a go!

What mascara do you use and why?

XO Lauren

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Photo: Maybelline
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  • Nicole Bitonti

    I love your mascara..I wanna try it. So… today I use a mascara from Rimmel,which is waterproof and makes my lashes very long and beautiful.. I can’t wait to try Full’N Soft!!

    XO XO Nicole

  • Louna Charaf

    I use L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara, and it’s my favorite one.
    It gives more volume to my lashes, but they still look natural.

    I don’t know if I can find this Maybelline mascara in France, but if I can I’ll try it !

  • Melissa Panici

    I never really used mascara because I couldn’t find a good one so this is awesome! I love using products that you use because you are so stunning! So I am going to buy this one! Thanks Lauren:)

  • nazanin khaleseh

    i use MAXFACTOR , flash lash effect , it’s greaaaaaaaaaaaaat…

    but i really wanna try this one , it seems great …

  • veronicag

    Im addicted to Diorshow mascara because it looks like you got more lashes and Lancome Hypnose because the vibration gives an extra length to your lashes. Love it !!

  • Morgan Hash

    My favorite mascara is Avon’s SuperSHOCK – it thickens and volumizes my lashes and doesn’t flake off! I have been using this product for close to 5 years and I don’t think I’ll ever switch :)

  • JillianCW

    I use the Almay mascara for brown eyes. It’s tinted purple which really brings out the color in my eyes. I didn’t think you would actually be able to tell, but I love it!

  • lovelysunshine

    Hey Lauren, the one I use is amazing! I absoultley loveeee it!
    It’s by Revlon and it’s called “”Grow Luscious Plumping”” mascara! It works so good.

    I love it because of the brush, I always go for the big brushes that boost up my eyelashes. And this one does just that! It’s about $10.99 here in canada, and I’m sure it’s the same in the states. It’s a affordable and it does a wonderful job. You should check it out :)

  • CC

    Covergirl Lashblast has worked wonders for me. It is the One beauty product that has stayed a staple. Horrible huh? Now you just might have tossed that in the air as well! lol

  • Lauren Lance

    I like the Almay Intense i-color with light interplay technology. I like that its hypoallergenic because it doesnt make my eyes itch. Some mascaras make my eyes burn for some reason. I used to use the mark scandalash hook up which I like too :) but I wanted to try something new so those are the two that I really like the most !

  • Lauren Lance

    I do want to try the one you recommend though to see if theres a difference :)

  • Kendra Oatis

    I honestly feel like I have tried a million different mascaras, but haven’t found one that I’m in love with. There are a couple I really like though: d.j.v. beautenizer Fiberwig LX ($24, Sephora), and Lancome Hynose Drama ($25, Sephora). While I haven’t found a mascara to die for, I have found something else I absolutely don’t go without: M.A.C.’s Prep + Prime Lash. Let me just say, my eyelashes are nearly non-existent but when I put this stuff on before my mascara, you’d think I just applied some falsies. LOVE IT!

  • estefani Jimenez

    Thanks Lauren! So glad to know that you don’t necessarily have to use a pricey mascara! Love your tips!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney LaHaie

    My all-time ABSOLUTE favorite mascara is Fresh Supernova!! It is so smooth and makes lashes super dark and full without clumping! Eyes look fiercely wide!

    I am currently falling in love with MAC Haute or Naughty mascara…two wands for different looks (use them separately or mix-n-match to find the combo that’s best for you).

    For an inexpensive choice, my go-to mascaras are Rimmel Lash Accelerator or Maybelline One by One!

  • Dominika Pojtingerova

    I love Rimmel Volume Flash waterproof mascara… It makes my eyelashes long…

  • Michele Clark

    Loreal Volume Million (: Comes in a gold tube and it’s amazing! I have hardly anyy lashes, it really adds volume! I love it!

  • Laura Miller

    I love trying new mascaras but one I keep going back to is Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length. Only about 7 dollars each too. I get compliments all the time about my eyes when I wear it.

  • Grete Oanes

    Must try this I can never find good mascara.

  • Jamie Gage

    I use dior blackout mascara. it is a little pricey, but i think it works wonders. especially since i dont like to wear a lot of makeup, but i want my eyes to pop!

  • Nicole Mathew

    I am a fan of Cover Girl’s original CG Professional, but recently tried a few of their other options… I’m really happy with LashBlast Volume Blasting & LashBlast Length Mascaras.

  • Lola

    Dior blackout always makes my lashes dramatic and long although for more natural look Maxfactors 3000 calorie mascara works great.

  • Wendy Lee

    I like Falsies by Maybelline and Lash Stretcher by Sephora.

  • Kristi Bucksbarg

    That’s my favorite too!

  • Kelsey Phipps

    I use maybelline volume express (silver and black tube) and it is WONDERFUL!! It works so great and I have never had a bad eyelash day since I started to use it. I recommend it for everyone!

  • Jacinda Carlisle

    Although I’ve tried a variety of brands, I love Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length. It’s quite affordable (around $7) and extends my lashes for days!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    I swear by DiorShow mascara in 090 – I won’t leave the house without it on! My lashes are naturally long, but this makes them longer, darker and fuller. I always get compliments on my lashes when I wear it. I agree with Jamie that it is a little pricey, but sooo worth it!

  • Kaitlyn Blackwood

    I love Mary Kay’s LoveLash Mascara. It’s a little pricier at $15, but I love its lightweight feeling on my eyes :)

  • Haley Anderson

    Awesome! I will pick this up next time I’m out! I’m always trying to find “”the one”” mascara. 😛 I’ve been using Rimmel London’s Max Volume Flash Mascara (also $7). It works pretty well and doesn’t glop up like a lot of others do. <3

  • Gingerjac

    Define-a-lash or LashBlast depending on day or night. Love maybeline!

  • Rebecca Doepke

    I love love love the Fresh Supernova mascara.. for extra length i add the Fresh Firebird… they are pricey but I have yet to find another mascara that I like better

  • Kellie Norton

    I actually saw that you used this on a website and bought it a few months ago! I absolutely love how soft it makes me lashes feel… I often forget I’m wearing eye makeup :) thanks for sharing!!

  • Noelle Morris

    I absolutely love Maybelline’s The Falsies – I put on one coat, coat my eyelashes with loose powder, and then add two more coats. Paired with winged eyeliner = my favourite.

  • Jaclyn S

    I used to love Maybelline mascara… Nothing beat it out. Over the past couple years, I have developed a high sensitivity to certain types of makeup… and in turn I am very careful in what I use so that I do not dry my skin out or drive my eyes crazy. For all the ladies with sensitive skin/eyes I must recommend checking out the Tarte cosmetics line… especially the Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara

    I love it and the brush is amazing! :)

  • Daisy Debonair

    maybelline great lash! nothing beats it!

  • Jenny

    I LOVE the Full N’ Soft mascara! My absolute favorite, too! Unfortunately though I live in Germany, and they don’t carry it here anymore (boo!). I’ve used Chanel’s Inimitable mascara, which is great but too pricey. So I’m always looking for another great one like Full N’ Soft!

  • J. Pepper


  • Angela Courter

    I swear by L’OREAL’s Voluminious Extra Collagen mascara. Each tube runs around $8. Being that I have very fine hair and eyelashes this mascara really bumps up the volume factor and has great length! It doesn’t clump and goes on smoothly coat by coat. I love this stuff!

  • sofis

    I love Diors diorshow mascara. Its a bit expensive but definitly worth it!

  • Stacy Chapman

    I use Fresh Supernova. I don’t have all the “”whys”” defined other than it is just my fav. I have tried everthing under the sun (non-drugstore) and keep a list of ones I don’t like so I can remember. I keep coming back to this one. It layers nicely, is jet black and grabs those fine extra long lashes in the corner of my eyes the best. I buy at Neiman and Sephora (but may be carried elsewhere). I am obsessed with mascara options, so I will be trying yours!

  • Thais Machado

    i really like he victorias secret beaty rush mascara, it’s a great mascara for the day because it gives the perfect glow for the day. But when i go out at night i like a little bit of drama so i use the Haute & Naughty Lash MAC.

  • Sabrina Ramirez

    i love the new mark Lash All You Want Mascara. It Instantly adds up to 12X the volume in just one coat! Unique brush has bristles at the tip to get at the tiniest lashes. You can get it for $10 in my eboutique: http// use code WELCOME for free shipping!!!

  • Usha Ohwoisi

    Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara is great!! About $20 or

  • lee v

    Absolutely LOVE Mac Zoom Lash & Maybelline XXL 24-Hr Bold! Neither will break the bank and both give you pretty great faux-false lashes!

  • SLMorrow

    Thank you so much for the info…I have been having a fit trying to find a mascara that doesn’t clump my lashes together. I will definitely try this one out!

  • alicia

    Mary Kay’s Ultimate Mascara ( is hands down the best! At work, I’ve gotten stopped 4 different times to ask what kind of mascara I use.

  • Katherine Rodriguez

    Mary Kay’s Ultimate Mascara in Black <3

  • Jennifer Welden

    my designer pick is lancomes hypnose; my drug store pick in l’oreals volumillions!

  • Shelby Stallsmith

    I use cover girls lash blast in the orange bottle. Usually my eye lashes don’t show up but this gives volume and doesnt clump at all. My eye lashes are beautifully visible.

  • Brittany M

    I love the Full N Soft mascara, but only the standard, not the waterproof, that one seems to dry out fast. My ULTIMATE favorite though is Buxom Lash by Bare Escentuals. It is a bit spendy ($18 @ Sephora), but my first tube lasted me at least 4 months, if not longer, and the wand is freaking amazing. Never clumps. Also, if you shop for it through you can usually find it in gift sets for almost the same price as if you bought it separately, and usually the sets include eyeshadow or eye liner or lip gloss or all 3. Super awesome!

  • ElEhYouAreEh

    Dior Show has been mentioned by a few ladies on here and I swear by it. It gives me the illusion of fake lashes!

    I constantly get comments on my eyes when I wear it and have turned a few friends on to it as well. It’s going to be hard to change my mind on my love for this mascara :)

  • Jacqueline Chan

    My favorite mascara is MAC False Lashes. It gives the perfect amount of coat to one’s eyelashes without facing major clumping. Not to mention, the volume it provides to my eyelashes is incredible. I am currently using it, and let me just say that you can never go wrong with it!



  • Christine G

    My current favorite right now is Maybelline’s The Falsies. It gives great length and with the brush used correctly, provides defined lashes. My next favorite is Maybelline’s Stilleto. For a drug store brand, I think Maybelline is the best when it comes to mascaras.

  • Lo

    I use Neutrogena Healthy Lenghts Mascara Regular & Waterproof versions. I love it so much because I have very small non-voluminous eyelashes and this makes them pop! I’m actually scared to try any other mascara because I’m so used to the way my eyelashes are volumized with this mascara!

  • Jess Melkrson

    Belvada Mascara Noir Amazing, and washes off with water!

  • Shelley willis

    The Falsies Volume Express by Maybelline is amazing!

  • Karolina Cz

    nice, it’s been my fav too for years! although it’s discontinued in my country for whatever reason i still get hold of it online for dirty cheap.

    I currently like Prestige My Blackest Lashes,cheap as well and when I want to treat myself I buy my favourite Chanel Inimitable Intense, separates, curls, give lenght . That’s all we need :)

  • Lucy L

    My favorite by far is Voluminous Million Lashes (it comes in a gold tube at your local target or walmart). I have extremely long lashes…so i just really need a mascara that adds volume and heightens my lashes. This one is perfect!!

  • Dannielle Sumter

    I use Maybelline too! The Stilleto one! :)

  • Allison Lowry

    I use this mascara and love it as well! My friend told me about this one and it is such a bargain and works great!

  • nadine

    My fave right now is Maybelline One By One, before this one I was crazy about Colossal (which is a great mascara).

    Thanks for sharing yours :)

  • Kaitlin Norris

    I have found this is the best mascara as well, for the same reasons!

  • Chelsea Force

    Thank you so much for the recommendation! I’m currently using Sephora brand mascara and it has dried up so quickly. I’m an avid Sephora user, but man was I disappointed. There is nothing worse than spending good money on something just to see it wasted!

  • Meryl Tench

    BareMinerals Flawless Definition: Volumizing is THE best. perfection. tryyyy it.

  • Tara Passmore

    I just bought NYC’s High Definition separating mascara and I love it. AND it’s super cheap, only like 6 bucks!

  • Dee

    I’m all about Clinique. High Impact is one and only. :)

  • Sinead Grant

    My favourite is Maybellines Falsies mascara. I have really short lashes and this is greating for adding definition, lenght and curl. Once I started using this I was able to throw out my lash curler.

  • Megan Babin

    My favorite is Maybelline one by one volume express… I have long lashes that are also blonde and this coats every single one of them perfectly…

  • FlipFlopGurl

    I love this mascara duo from Fresh only available @ Sephora –

    I have learned that you must wipe the mascara wand off with a tissue before applying to prevent clumps. Another great tip is after you curl lashes dust them with a little talc free baby powder. Just put a little powder on a lash brush or your finger and rub along lashes. Then apply mascara. Keeps lashes separated and gives great volume! Love & Lashes <3

  • Alexis DiNatale

    I love L’oreals Voluminous mascara or the Carbon Black one! They are awesome, no clumps, they last a long long time, and are great for long wear.

    I also Love L’oreals Voluminous Million Lashes one, that comes in a gold tube. This one separates lashes and doesn’t clump and makes them super long.

  • Natalie Schlachter

    I absolutely love L’Oreal Voluminous millions mascara!!!!It makes my lashes so long and thick without clumping!!!!

  • Lex

    I totally love Maybellines One by One mascara in waterproof. Holds the curl all day long and never clumps!

  • Kaitlyn Lane

    Dior Show is my ALL TIME favorite :)

  • Andrea Belschner

    I Really like Scandalash by marc. It goes on really smooth and doesn’t clump and comes in different colors. I also heat up my eyelash curler with my blow dryer for a few seconds before i curl to get them to super curl!

  • Elina Bergmann

    I have always used Maybelline Great Lash Mascara… it was the first mascara my Mum bought me when I started to wear make-up, and nothing else I have tried has come close! I use both the Blackest Black and Water-proof varieties, and it has never let me down!

  • Courtney Keppley

    I swear by Neutrogena Healthy Volume. It gives your lashes tons of volume and adds a bit of length while fanning them out. It also doesn’t dry out. I’ve received a lot of compliments of my lashes and I always recommend it!!

  • Amy Taylor

    i use maxfactor fusion false last effect mascara, its soo good and last all day without having to apply it again, I love it :) <3

  • Renos Fy

    Will be used by the beauty I have Salon
    Because it increases the density of eyelashes

  • Simone Howard

    I LOVE Telescopic Explosion Mascara by L’Oreal.
    I have SHORT lashes, and this is clumpy so it gives them body, length, and darkens them alot!
    It lasts ALL day/night. Alot of people get nervous because the applicator is a ball but it’s so easy to get used to!
    I love it!!

  • Emily Taylor Avia Hu

    I love Maybelline Lash Stiletto, or MUFE Smoky Lash!
    Does Full N Soft give any length?

  • Girly It Girl

    I LOVE the mascara from Victoria Secret- Very Sexy makeup collection: It works really well, giving your lashes the body and length it deserves-plus, it’s long lasting <3 I love VS!

    Check out my blog:

  • Kim

    I would love to be able to afford DiorShow but it’s too pricey for me.

    The next best thing is L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. I get the curved brush because it just extends out my eyelashes to extremes!! My eyes pop and it’s the only mascara I will buy.

  • Jenny Crane

    Here’s my story with this mascara. We go way back. The first mascara I ever wore was great lash (by maybelline as well) I was 15 years old. I feel everyone wears great lash at some point and time but it just didn’t live up to the hype. When I bought new mascara, I chose FULL ‘n SOFT instead and it was so much better. I don’t know why great lash gets all the attention?

    Anyway, it was only the second mascara I’d tried in my life and as I grew up and had more money to spend on makeup, I went through so many others (Doirshow, MAC, Sephora, ect.) I remember trying this one that “”tubed”” your lashed and washed off looking like little spider legs in the sink. weird. I was trying to find the perfect mascara not realizing my teenage self had already found it. I equated high cost to high quality.

    Never Again! I recently got a tube and I’m more convinced than ever that it’s the hands down winner. I regret having to go though all the losers when I already had a winner, but isn’t that what dating (I mean buying make up) is all about?

  • Kimberly Reed

    L’Oreal has the best! But I believe less is more with makeup…don’t over do it…

  • Sophie Charlotte Brouer

    Dear Lauren.

    If you want to try the best mascara in the world, you should try Helena Rubinsteins ”lash queen feline blacks”. This is a MUST HAVE. You will love it.^F1_Mascara&

    Sophie, Denmark.

  • Dess

    i love maybelline falsies in black drama and NP Set mini .. (:

  • Sara Sawasaki

    Lashblast by covergirl!

  • Monica Castillo

    Maybelline Great Lash in blackest black! It’s s classic and I’ve loved it for years! However recently I’ve been looking for a change. I want to believe the many mascara commercials but i dont want to b let down or waste money…i learned my lesson with covergirls lashblast. I will definitely try the Full n Soft cuz I trust u :)

  • Taniko

    I use Rimmel Sexy curves, it makes my lashes look flawless. No clumping!!

  • Mariana M

    I use Volume million lashes from L’Oreal, I like the dramatic efect

  • Kimberly Debacher

    I love Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Very Black! I don’t even use waterproof because when I go to the beach (or in my pool) it stays on!

  • Laura Findley

    i love maybelline one by one volum’ express, the brush is amazing and doesn’t clup your lashes, and it coats them really well.

  • Mallory Cyr

    I used to love this stuff! It’s definitely one of my favorites. I’ve since moved on to love Falsies, and Yes They’re Real, from Benefit, but this is one of my go tos as well!

  • Amanda Lehrke

    I love love love L’Oreal Volumious Millon Lashes, it is the BEST!

  • Erin Tannehill

    I LOVE Mary Kay’s NEW Lash Love Mascara! It creates volume, separates, and lengthens all in on application! This is one mascara you do not need several applications to get the ‘London’ look! and It’s only $15!!! Lasts ALL day, doesn’t clump, or flake!!!

    Check it out at my website Lauren!

    P.S. I just love all of your tips!!

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    I have used different expensive mascaras and my favourite of them was Dior Maximeyes Volume mascara, the brush was great and it lasted for months…but it’s not on sale anymore :(

    Now I am using MaxFactor 2000 calorie, it is cheap, good brush and the mascara itself is good.

  • Nathalia

    I have adored that mascara at least 10 years, but they do not sell it in Europe anymore since about three years. I should start a petition.

  • Grace Daly

    I have this masacara & it really does work wonders.

  • Katelyn Merrill

    I love turbolash. Jokes aside, its really a great mascara.

  • lucky17

    i have found that mascara is the one thing i DONT have to splurge on. i feel like weather i get $7 covergirl from walgreens or a $40 bottle from sephora, my lashes look the same. instead, i save the money where i can and spend it on good brushes or foundation.

  • Angelica Gonzalez

    i usee mascara fromm mexico lol i lovee it i have been using it for years!!!!

  • Rachel Buck

    Agreed with Erin! Mary Kay’s Lash Love mascara is the BEST mascara I have ever used. it’s only $15 and it’s just the best, it gives my lashes incredible length and I naturally have short eyelashes. I love it! :)

  • Agnieszka Chwiedz

    CARGO lash activator. Simply AMAZAZING pricey but well worth it, everytime I wear it ppl ask if I use Latisse to grow my lashes, they truly look longer whithout clumping at all, sometimes to make a more dramatic lash I’ll go over it with a cheap dark mascara liek full n’ soft, or bad Gal!

  • Anna Mckay

    I have used this mascara for over a year! And I love it! But my aunt and two friends i know use loreal voluminous millions and their lashes look great! It has the same effect but the loreal one is a it darker and smells a little unpleasant!

  • Megan Fisette

    This is kinda funny because I used to wear full n’ soft all the time. But lately I’ve only been using maybelline’s the falsies because I’ve only been wearing mascara for special occasions and wanted a more dramatic look. But I’ve been thinking about wearing mascara during the day again. So full n’ soft will probably return as my go-to daytime mascara.

  • Yunuenn Clavel

    Hey Lauren! would like to know is what you studied to know so much and work at Teen Vogue, I have 16 years and I draw much attention throughout your career, I expect an answer, take care I love your page! I’m from mexico greetings!

  • Koceva Tamara

    This is a great post, we would all love to know what are your favourite make-up favourites,because your make-up is always fabulous! I hope that you will make more posts like this in future,they are my favourites! Also I would like to see more video tutorials about your make-up and hair,and your personal advices for it!

    My favourite mascara is goldenrose 4X extra volume, it’s cheap but it’s great! I also like maybelline mascaras that are in yellow and pink packages….

  • Elina Bergmann

    An oldy but a goody… I’ve never found anything to work as well as Maybelline Great Lash mascara! Never too clumpy, awesome definition and doesn’t smudge!

  • Caisee Montgomery S.

    I use the clinique lash doubling and love it! I also saw somewhere some lash stain? I’m curious about that…. hmmm…

  • AmandaNicole

    My favorite mascara of all time is the Maybelline Volum’ Express as well as the XXL Curl Power (also from Maybelline)

  • Colby Miller

    I’ve been using Maybelline’s One by One Waterproof for a while now. I really love the way it separates my lashes and makes them look very long. Maybelline is definatley my go-to brand for mascara.

  • Lauren Taylor

    I use Victoria’s Secret Triple Drama’s about $12 and it works wonders!

  • Alaina Bork

    i always end up back with Great Lash by Maybelline. no matter what i try or how much i spend on mascaras that it what i always go back to. when i wanna play them up a little more i go for Diorshow. i have tiny short eyelashes and the little bruch in Great Lash is the best and reaches every lash!

  • Nish

    Este Lauder Projectionist or Sumptious.. both grreeaat!! xx

  • Susannah Williams

    i use falises by Revlon, i seem to have no eyelashes otherwise.

  • Carrie McBride

    I love Buxom by Bare Escentual. Not only does it have a great texture that doesn’t clump, but the brush is big and soft. Love it!

  • EmmaLeigh

    Supernova Mascara by Fresh is the best mascara I’ve ever used. It creates, full, natural volume while conditioning your lashes at the same time. Amazing!

  • Kimberly

    I use L’Oreal Paris Telescopic.

  • Alli Macmann

    Covergirl LashBlast Luxe. Brown in summer, Black in winter.

  • cheryl denise

    dior show has been my go to for years now—it lasts a long time and gives long luxurious lashes. but i’m always up for trying new (and more affordable!) brands

  • Elena Puffolina

    Now i’m using Lancome precious cell! it’s very good!

  • Melissa Batchelor

    Lash Blast by covergirl

  • Bev

    I use Mac’s Studio Fix b/c it lasts foreverrrrr!!! And the brush does a great job at separating my eyelashes. Although I do have to say that after reading this article, I went out this weekend and purchased the Full N Soft mascara and tried it this morning for the first time. I love how the brush gets every eyelash and it totally lives up to it’s name… FULL and SOFT!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Liz Coffman

    so timely. i was literally just wondering what mascara should be my next

  • Sharla Taki

    I’m using Buxom right now. The lady at Sephora told me to try it out, so far I’m liking it!

  • carsonperry

    I’ve used Full N’ Soft since I started wearing makeup! I love it, it’s the best.

  • maria kar

    I use maybelline new york volum’express(turbo boost) and i totally love it cause it makes my lashes look natural and beautiful :)

  • Sylvi

    I use clinique and i totally love it! 😀

  • Lauren Acosta

    I use MAC mascra! its awesome! it doesnt get messy or clumpy, i love it <3

  • Lupsie


  • Corryn Batykefer

    This is a list of my favorites and also the ones that I tried and dislike! :/

    happy lash hunting!

  • Vanessa Turkel

    I use the Bad Gal mascara by benefit, I need a mascara that puts volume in it since mine are pretty thin and also very light because I’m a blonde, this one does exactly what I need :)

  • V

    I’m using “”The Falsies Volum’ express”” by maybelline ny and I did’t have any problems so far =D I highly recommend it!

  • V

    oh and for everyday shiny AND healthy lips I wear Nivea by labello fruity shine cherry…

  • Ariane

    I just discovered Maybelline Strech&Define as my new favorite! It makes my lashes long and defined and the waterproof version lasts forever :)

  • Hannah Steel

    I can’t find this anywhere in the UK!! Can you tell me where i can order it from to get it sent to me??????
    PLease hepl!x x

  • Abigail Miklosovic

    so true! i found full n’ soft a year ago and no matter what mascara i try (no matter how nice the brand or hefty the price) I always return the full n’soft. It gives the perfect amount of definition, curl, length, and thickness so that my lashes look beautiful yet still natural!! I have already switched a number of my friends and family to this mascara they use it once and all they can say is “”WOW!””….It’s a genius mascara and I’ll always use it!

  • Katie Nolan

    You do realize that Maybelline tests on animals, right?

  • Megan Britton

    My favorite so far is Covergirl’s LashBlastFusion, but I have yet to discover other brands =)

  • Pepsi Reed

    I started using this and it works great! Its so light and it makes my eyes pop!:)

  • brianna winnie

    i love using the new CoverGirl 24Hour lash blast. it makes my eyelashes look thick and full. the best look.

  • Ambi s

    Benefit They’re Real is my favourite! See my other essentials here:

    Bombay Rose: What’s in my Make-up Bag?

  • Brittany Cranford

    They’re Real by Benefit is hands down the best mascara I have ever used! You can also use Benefit’s Bad Gal to layer it which makes them even more amazing!

  • J_Lynne98

    CoverGirl Clump Crusher is one of the best mascara’s I’ve used so far, it provides long and voluminous lashes every single time! Love it!

  • Abby

    Finally got around to buying Full n Soft and I was most definitely pleasantly surprised!!! My mom said I looked like I had on Falsies :)Thanks for sharing Lauren!! 😀

  • Ashley

    I should try this stuff out! I am currently using Physicians Formula Organic Wear in the pink tube.

  • Heidi Freeland

    I like Mary Kay’s Lash Love! And bourjois’s Volumizer mascara

  • Gamze Bozkurt

    I like Maybelline Colossal and One by one mascaras. Colossal mascara gives lenght and volume, One by One mascara primps lashes and gives volume withouth clumping.

  • Rachael
    use ID#441257198
    There mascara nourishes ur natural eyelash and don’t break them it’s AMAZING

  • Avery R.

    I love Too Faced Lash Injection and Benefit They’re Real! But I’m gonna give this one a try! :)

  • westcoast21

    ooh i will try full ‘n soft. my current fave mascara is L’oreal’s 3D Photoready, non-waterproof. the brush is my absolute FAVOURITE mascara brush ever. slightly cheaper fave is Cover Girl’s new Lash Bloom. Favourite higher-end mascaras are Benefit’s They’re Real and Lancome’s Hypnose. :) But i am always on the lookout for another fave!

  • Dana Al-Basha

    I tried many mascaras but my favorite that I go back to is Diorshow (any diorshow) but right now Back Out 099 black ^_^ it gives me thick, long, black lashes.

  • Dish

    Um…in this post you say Maybelline Full N’ Soft but in another post you say you stick to Chanel mascaras. I am confused….



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