I had such a good time reading through all of your responses to my Tuesday Ten: Back in the Day post!

Below is a collection of 10 sweet and silly memories you shared…

  1. From Sara Fogel Best part of being a kid: Dressing up in my moms jewlery and getting in trouble for ALWAYS taking the “good stuff”…i had great taste even back then.
  2. From Nicole Proto Oh. My. God. Pretty Pretty Princess was my FAVORITE game as a kid! I used to play it with my male cousin and he used to tell me “you look MARVELOUS”!
  3. From Anna Truelove Waking up on Sunday mornings and my parents deciding to go on a random on day adventure, we saw the most amazing places this way without travelling more than a few hours! Too bad my brother and I kinda grew out of it.
  4. From Carolyn Drover A memory I have of my childhood would be blowing bubbles, picking wild daisies and blue berry picking with my sister…. but I would be the one to eat them all.
  5. From Clarisse Cadio de Champsavin My favourite childhood memory is with my cousin, we used to fish with cheese for bait.
  6. From Aga One my favourite childhood memories is when i stayed with my grandfather and we were going for walks, he held my little hand and we were visiting this shop every day when he bought me chocolate covered vanilla ice cream on a stick called ‘Bambino’ and himself a beer. We could sat in the park for a long time and talk about whatever you can ”talk” with 4 year old. It is just one of the greatest memories.
  7. From Sabine ZeigerI also loved to be at my grandmother’s. We played endless games and I was allowed to nibble as much cacao powder till I got an “ouchy tummy”. But most of all I liked sitting midnight with grandma at the open window and watching all the stars on the firmament. Grandma told me that they were little angles…
  8. From Liz Ashbaugh I used to love playing Pretty Pretty Princess… We have a photo of my grandpa playing and winning, all decked out in all the accessories…
  9. From Casey TennantA favorite childhood memory I had was when I would go to visit my mom in Corpus Christi. She would take me to the beach quite a bit every time I would come to visit her and every time we went, we would always shop for one special thing we could buy. I loved the activity but getting to spend precious time with my mom meant way more to me than I could imagine.
  10. From Kayla Brennan I love this! It brought back so many good memories! My mom always made me wear bows when I was a little kid. She once said that I had a bow to match each and every one of my outfits and I still love them to this day!

I loved reading all of your memories (so don’t feel bad if your memory wasn’t included). And thanks again to everyone that shared!

Speaking of childhood memories, what was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

XO Lauren

P.S. Thanks to member, Megan Babin, for sharing the pretty photo featured in the post!