There’s a saying at Kaia House and we are kind of obsessed with it: Life’s better chemically naked. Oh yes it is…

So, what’s Kaia House?

  • Kaia House is pure beauty: Kaia is a Scandinavian word for “pure” but also means “skin” in Hindi.
  • Kaia House is safe: The company’s ingredients are verified in the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetics Safety Database.
  • Kaia House is big hearted: A portion of all proceeds goes to organizations like Small Kindness, the Rainforest Foundation, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Kaia’s bringing down the House…
Kaia House is clean as they come. Around here, you don’t hear dirty words like petrochemical, propylene glycol, or paraben. A champion of health and eco-consciousness, Kaia House swears by ingredients that don’t sound like rocket fuel. Sweet. All products are powered with natural acids, extracts, and antioxidants like green tea (you may have heard of it). Plus, for those who only do animal byproduct-free, Kaia House has an entire line of vegan options. Talk about eco-liscious…

Ladies, get your one-two step on!
Kaia House offers everything from an incredible line of nail polishes (in seriously awesome colors) to the best and brightest products for your skincare regime. A few of our personal favorites include the Charcoal Cleanser, Green Tea Clarifying Moisturizer ($16), Bright Eyed Starlet serum (for our tired, raccoon eyes), and drumroll please… the Espresso Scrub for cellulite ($19.95)!

Are you ready for this?
Around these parts, nail polish is as important as your outfit. A frumpy fit is just as démodé as chipped nails, so check out this polish tutorial from Kaia House to keep your look covered from A-to-Chic:


This is the remix: Your Exclusive Offer.

Not only is having an up to 40% off sale, they are also giving members a FREE nail polish for all orders over $25 with this code: SUMMER. The sale and coupon code are good until August 15th.

Go naked (chemically, of course) and do a natural 180 by shopping!