SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals is a skincare industry game-changer. The brand is different from your run-of-the-mill skincare company for a few reasons. First off, they create concentrated formulations using chiral technology, a process that separates out the most effective parts of every molecule ensuring maximum absorption into the skin for optimal skin health. Secondly, everything is made without chemicals and artificial fillers, and in small batches, which ensures extra-concentrated, extra-fresh products. Plus, everything is cruelty-free. Finally, their products are designed to get results without… how shall we say, freaking your skin out.

Take for example their X-Trap daily gentle cleanser, which deep-cleans without stripping skin, leaving it soft and glowing. Plus, it smells of real grapefruit, tangerine, ylang ylang, bergamot, and peppermint. Yum! SIRCUIT also has an incredible acne treatment, called Fixzit. Fixzit is a targeted treatment that clears up those annoying blemishes without drying out skin. This concentrated serum is your new cure-all and you’ll see a noticeable difference overnight.


But, the best product we can recommend is SIRCUIT’s Molecular Mist. If you’re like the rest of us, you and your skin have been battling the summer heat. While spritzing your face with water may feel refreshing and cooling, it’s not doing your complexion any favors. Once the water evaporates, your skin is left as dry as before. Consider Molecular Mist your smarty-pants spray. SIRCUIT’s spray uses a heavy water complex, which allows it to keep skin hydrated longer. Like all SIRCUIT products, Molecular Mist utilizes chiral technology to extract and employ only the most effective parts of molecules. It’s also an incredibly versatile: use it in the morning after cleansing to prep for your moisturizer and makeup, or during the day to revive dull skin. (Expert tip: Put it in your fridge overnight and take it with you on a hike or to the beach for an extra cooling effect.) This is a total must-have product.

SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals is committed to being truthful, savvy and skin-friendly. They offer top of the line technology to create all of their products using the latest scientific advances with the purest, highest-grade ingredients. So get your skin gorgeous and glowing the scientifically natural way and try SIRCUIT.

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Good luck everyone and cheers to SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals‘ Einsteiny skin products!

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