Slim Tip: The Spinach Swap

Don’t get me wrong, I love to commit a little carbicide* here and there by enjoying a bowl of pasta or a slice of pizza. Unfortunately, eating carb-heavy meals regularly isn’t exactly figure friendly–especially during the summer when your next bikini outing could be any minute (queue horror music).

One of my favorite slim secrets was something a fellow intern taught me back in college. She suggested that I swap my pasta for spinach when I am trying to cut back on carbs. The idea is: keep everything else in the recipe the same and just make “the spinach swap.” When I tried it, I was more than pleased with the result. It’s really delicious, especially if you add in extra vegetables and go with a lighter sauce. The swap totally hit the spot. Spinach pseudo-pasta helped me fulfill my pasta craving without the carbs. But, if you absolutely need the noodles, quarter the amount of pasta and substitute the rest with spinach.

This trend has really caught on. In fact, I’ve discovered a few restaurants around LA that offer the spinach for pasta substitute.

In the end, just because it’s bikini season doesn’t mean we have to completely sacrifice our carboliscious cravings… We must simply make a few minor meal adjustments.

Do you have any Slim Tip swap suggestions? If so, share them in the comments below.

XO Lauren

*Carbicide {car-beh-side} noun 1. The act of metaphorically ending one’s life due to overindulging in carbohydrates. Origin: Bruno. Related Words: pizza, pasta, bread basket, all-nighter

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UPDATE: I noticed a lot of you asking how I prepare the spinach… I actually sauté it in a little olive oil and then mix it in with the rest of the veggies, sauce and such. Just make sure you use a lot of spinach since it cooks down quite a bit.