Polished: 4th of July Nails

As you may have noticed, I’m slightly obsessed with doing fun things on my nails these days. Holidays are always a great excuse to get creative. Here’s my Independence Day inspired manicure. I used the stick-on nail polish in blue + white nautical stripes and added one simple solid red nail to each hand.




  • clear base/top coat
  • red nail polish
  • stick-on nail polish strips
  • nail file
  • cuticle nippers (optional)


  1. Apply a thin base coat, and then fit the correct nail polish strips to each finger. Skip any random one you want and leave it for the red polish. I chose the ring finger.
  2. (Optional) Cut the excess off with cuticle nippers or scissors.
  3. File the edges. This will give you a perfect edge with the nail polish strip.
  4. Paint the plain nail red. I did 2 coats.
  5. Go over everything (polish strips + red nail) with a clear top coat.

I hope you all have a great 4th of July. Be safe. Can’t wait to see your photos!

XO Lauren

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Source: TheBeautyDepartment.com