• Trisha L.

    I haven’t made the Sprinkles on a Stick yet, but I plan on making them today for my nieces.

  • veronicag

    I got a test today! Really suck… It is so nice outside. I rather tan and make those Sprinkles on a Stick. Looks delicious!

  • Kendall Garland

    I went out to some parties:) but then came home and watched The Hills with my bestfriends:)! I stopped watching when Kristen came on though, its just not the same. Now I’m getting ready for a Fourth of July Festival:) Hope you have a great day:)

  • Justine

    I live in Canada so I celebrated Canada Day on Friday by watching the fireworks at the lake =)

  • Paige Marie

    I am going to a barbecue today and I am bringing your Sprinkles on a Stick treat that I made!! Thanks again for the great idea!


  • Julie Haugan

    I`m actually celebrating 4th of July in Spain! 4th of July also is my birthday, my 24th! Wich still makes me a spring chicken! My BF has pampered me all day, and he is taking me out to dinner in Benidorm,and we`ll take it from there. I tried the sprinkles,but thet are all gone:( No photo either. I did mine with with pink sprinkles:)

    Have a great weekend!

  • smf2

    i was at work today but i m happy ’cause in 2 weeks i m going vacation with my best friends. because of that I ‘m searching for new ideas for pedicure. could you and your team give some ideas about that??? also, could you please give us some advise about the perfect beach outfit?? I’m looking forward to see your ideas :) :) :)

  • Flavia Roque

    Oh, here in Brazil it’s just a normal workday … ( I know, so annoying ) but my friend is having a birthday party today and I sugested that she tried the Sprinkles on a Stick …. but we are going to make it yellow and green …

    So it’s a Brazillian Sprinkles on a Stick !

  • Jennifer Houlahan

    Thanks Lauren! We’re just finishing getting everything ready to have friends over for Chorizo tacos! :) here’s the recipe!


  • Megan Babin

    some of the family got together and went to gpas house last night. Had homemade food and shot off some fireworks and also watched fireworks throughout the town from his yard. He lives in a tiny town so you can see everyone’s fireworks light up the town. Grandpa decided to do fireworks a day early this year because he didn’t want family traveling with drunks on the road. :)

  • Alejandra Giron

    I am not american, but i like how you celebrated 4th of july, love the fireworks!

    My weekend was very good, i rested a lot, because friday here was a free day!



  • Leticia Rivas

    LAUREN!!! I went to Laguna Beach!! I love your home town such a beautiful place to grow up in and walked around the shops thinking you guys grew up here thats so freakin rad!! Bought some new sunglasses felt all your tips were inspiring me to be a smart bargain shopper and get cute stuff. Then found a nice quiet spot on the beach and loved the atomsphere of Laguna, wonderful place loved every minute of it!! You are awesome Lauren, adore you :)


  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Happy 4th of July to you too! Today my family and I are having our traditional cookout. Over the weekend my friends and I went to watch fireworks, went to chrich bazar’s, and went shopping at some outlets. Great weekend!

  • Clarisse Cadio de Champsavin

    Nothing special since 4th of July is just a normal day in France!!

    Waiting for the birth of my nephew who is due for today!

    Wish you a great holiday!

  • Laura lou

    Family cookout and fireworks later!

  • Jennero

    On our way to go kayaking on the lake with friends. I’m thrilled that you posted the marshmallows with sprinkles yesterday. I was planning on making cake pops, but I ran out of time. I had all the ingredients for the marshmallow pops, so I made a batch in record time. So cute! Thanks for the idea.

  • LilLily

    Chilling in my house, thinking about a hair makeover!! and doing my nails :)

  • Jennero

    P.S. I posted two pics of my marshmallow pops.

  • Kristi Bucksbarg

    lounging by the pool today!



  • Angel LaMae

    Happy 4th of July! We had our Canada Day celebrations on Friday! Nothing like sitting on a patio with good friends enjoying the day and then having a bbq for dinner that evening and just relaxing! ahhh!!! Enjoy your day everyone!!

  • Lauren Taylor

    Hung out with my friends last night, now going to hang out by the pool with my family today!

  • Selina Ricci

    Had a cook out yesterday and watched fire works over the lake. Today went to our towns parade and then possibly going out of town to spend time with friends have a cook out n watch fire works. Also on Friday my family and my fiance n I went to Michigan for a motocross race and it went great :) Hope everyone enjoys the day.

  • Julia Renkert

    My sister and I made those Sprinkles on a Stick yesterday! I’ve submitted my photo for review. Thanks for the great idea! Happy 4th of July!


  • Katie Campbell

    I’m going to a marshmellow fight on the beach. 😀

  • Amanda Light

    I have to work later, but I made the marshmallow pops for my co-workers and me! :) Hopefully we aren’t busy tonight, and we get to have our own fun!

  • Alexis Mendez

    Today I’m going to celebrate by just hangin gout with my family, go swimming, & watch fireworks:D

    Happy 4th of July Lauren! <3

  • Ryan E

    Um, at home working on my Swedish lessons. Does that make me un-American, lol?

    Also, I can neither confirm nor deny that there will be lots of pizza involved too. Happy 4th!

  • Caroline Dabroszek

    I was hanging with my friends in the weekend! Just chillen and talked a lot, because I’m leaving tomorrow. :-)

  • Cristhian Rivas

    It was my birthday yesterday and I’m just going to continue the celebration at a dodger game and fireworks :)

  • saffy bt

    me, just hanging with my husband for the whole week.Because we’re looking for our new nest to live (insha allah).hope we can find soon,because this is our last month in this building,(not really like here)some neighbors are not good,making noise everyday especially in the middle of ur sleep @ some are smoking.(got some showbiz here.).

    thanks for reading my mail,@ for sharing ur celebration on ur special day…

    take care always!!!

  • Christine S.

    I ran the Palisades 5K this morning with a few friends and I’m going to the LA Galaxy game tonight for fireworks. Happy 4th!

  • Monica Castillo

    I enjoyed my freedom today by seeing Bad Teacher and eating at my favorite Italian spot withy boyfriend!! Hope too see some fireworks tonight ::fingers crossed::

  • juliana aguirre

    In my country, Argentina is nothing special on July 4th for me is … Today I am 3 years with my boyfriend!! Happy July 4th to beyond.

  • Pamela Likrama

    Nothing special …just lying in my couch and watching TV.. 😛

  • Katherine Zambrano

    went to a bunch of Annual 4th of July Partie :)!

  • Kellie Norton

    Lauren, I hope you had an amazing fourth of july get together :) I went to an Atlanta braves game!! Here’s a picture of me wearing one of me new LC Lauren Conrad tops at the game http://www.laurenconrad.com/photo/view/10192/1225/4591/1

  • Katie Stuart

    I’m going to a pool party with my church youth group :)

    I made the Sprinkles on a Stick and will put a picture up soon! :)

  • kirsty waldron

    I live in Ireland so I didn’t do anything for the 4th of July! I went to see my aunt from England though and we had dinner at the hotel she’s staying at :)

  • Rebecca Kost

    I went to my friend’s grandma’s house on a lake (in Michigan) and we chilled out there! It was beautiful outside today. We took the boat out, layed out, and took out the jetski. Fun day! Hoping to go see some fireworks later :)

  • simme-own

    I don’t normally celebrate the 4th of july but i will be getting ready to go on a camping trip soon, so im excited for that right now!

  • Erika Jale King

    i’m from the philippines so we don’t celebrate 4th of july but over the weekend i attended a surprise party for my brother in-law i did a chocolate lollipop sprinkles for the giveaways…=)

  • Hoa Nguyen

    I went to the mall today and spent all my money on clothes and shoes !!!

  • Casey Lynn

    Woke up and ran the “”4 on the 4th”” road race in Maine, then had brunch prepared on the grill, put on my red, white, & blue, and ended the night with barbecue and backyard croquet!

    Hope you all had a great forth!!


    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

    ^ Come visit my blog!!

  • Ashley Isom

    I went to hooters, bought fireworks, rode a golf cart, and now its time for a pool party with random strangers!! woohoo!!! :)

  • Diana Arias

    It’s my birthday so I spend the whole day celebrating

  • Caroline Knapp

    I made your cute last minute 4th of July treats and watched the fire works from the Standard Hotel.


    Happy 4th of July!


  • Joseph Benjamin

    i am sad because i did nothing this year.. I stayed home and looked for a job

  • erin


    I signed up for Independence 5k, but it was cancelled due to construction. :( I went to Lake Anna with a group of friends. We swam, jetskiied and probably ate a little too much!!! :)

    No, I didn’t make the Sprinkles on a Stick you blogged about. I do want to make it someday soon. We will be going to Outerbanks (OBX) in 2 weeks. I think I’ll make it there and share with friends.

    Have a great day! :)

  • V

    I’m doing the sprinkles on a stick on my independence day, Jul 9th! white and blue =)

  • Sarah Dettmann

    I went to the beach during the evening and watched the fireworks :)

  • Grete Oanes

    I spent a wonderful day at the lake, relaxing and soaking up the sun with my family. (:

  • Lindsey Prather

    we had a party at my house yesterday since our city had giant fireworks the night before. i shared my fruity water with our guests and gave you all the credit lauren! it gets more delicious everyday!

  • Kailee Myers

    I embraced the truly redneck lifestyle and went to a demolition derby. Cars crashing, hot sun, cold beer and lots of crazy people!

  • Kiwi

    Well, at like 10 in the morning I went to the local parade where I live. It’s nice and you get a lot of candy! Then I came home and my whole Spanish family(which is about 20 plus my family) came over and we ate, laughed, cooked, and had lots of fun! Then at night we went down to the lake nearby and watched the fireworks burst over the water. It was really nice and special!

    Lauren: What did you do on the 4th of July? How was it?

  • Nina Kallas

    everyone at my town goes to the beach all day and hangs-out,parties maes fires, theres a band, abunch of food. It was an amazing fourth this year! :-)

  • Mary Rawley

    My friends all have beach houses and condos so I went jet sking and boating with them. Then we came back and had a bbq and hung out in the pool while watching the fireworks! It was so much fun!!

  • Sarah Courville

    Sprinkles on a stick, not only cute but should be delicious! Were going tonight to buy the sprinkles (only ingredient were lacking) can’t wait!

  • Isabella g.

    i wish we had this celebration in Brasil for our independence day, its such a beautiful and fun party. this weekend is finally vacation so im going to parties almost everyday and having bbq but i would rather be in California swimming and watching the fireworks cause its really cold here!

  • diana seitanidou

    Hey Lauren!! we dont celebrate 4th of july where I live but i had an amazing weekend! i stayed in my bestie’s house and we had so much fun :))) love the picture you chose!!

  • lindsay
  • morgan salerno

    Hey Lauren! I so have to try the sprinkles on a stick! To cute!! :) Our family had a party and we were at the beach all day! :)

  • Mindee Krymer

    I had a fabulous 4th weekend! On Sunday, my best friend and her boyfriend invited my boyfriend and I over for a day of BBQ (both of our BFs are great cooks), drinks, and Mario Party. We wrapped the day up with watching some Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Netflix Instant. :) Then Monday afternoon we got a last minute invite to the beach, so we went to Paradise Cove in Malibu, had some fun in the sun, and watched the fireworks. We wrapped the night up with some late night Mexican food. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

  • Katie Lysejko

    I live in Canada so i celebrated Canada Day with my new roommate who moved in and we went and saw the fireworks, then went to a pub for a drink! It was chill but very nice :)

    How was your 4th of July?

  • Anna Mckay

    I visited family in Upstate New York… I hiked bald mountain, went to alder creek, and enchanted forest. we mostly did a lot of nature things and i had a blast becasue I live in a city! I definitely recommend seeing this other side of New York!

  • Tacy C. Cohen

    My birthday is July 5th, so I did some last minute preparing for that. We got together with friends in our neighborhood to do a little block party of sorts. The guys grilled, and everyone brought a dip or a desert. It was a delicious way to catch up!

  • Kimberly Reed

    Lucked out with sunny weather over he 4th…attended on the beach a Grand Prix boat race on Lido Beach…in Sarasota….fun…hot…watched the Macys 4th celebration on tv…cooked burgers, smores, had watermelon…..watched old movies…

  • kayla Tytherleigh

    It was my birthday. We don’t celebrate independance day in the UK so I celebrated my birthday with my family instead.

  • Lucy L

    I spent 4th of july with my family and friends on Catalina Island. We go there every summer for the 4th…i love it there!

  • V

    Don’t foget about this section! sept 10…! I love parties and celebrating! and theres always a reason to =) ideas for a bachelorette??


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