Tuesday Ten: Summer Shades


From Top
Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer Ray-Ban Iconic Style Aviator
Alexander McQueen Retro Inspired Sunglasses

Not sure which sunnies to pick up this summer? Choosing the right pair for your face can be a frustrating process, but luckily there are plenty of trendy frames that are universally flattering.

Oversized glasses are still in, as are more retro shapes like wayfarers, circular shades and cateye sunnies.

Here are my top ten picks (including the 3 above)

These wayfarer shades are cool and classic and they go with nearly everything:


From Left
Urban Outfitters Pearlized Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Oversize Wayfarer

I love the size and finish of these sunglasses:


From Top
Elizabeth & James Beverly Sunglasses

Urban Outfitters Jackie Sunglasses
LC Lauren Conrad Square Sunglasses

An oversized frame is chic yet sophisticated and still on trend:


From Left
The Row Exaggerated Cateye

Karen Walker Annie Sunglasses

Which style is your favorite?

XO Lauren

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  • Jessica Longstaffe

    I LOVE the square sunglasses! My face just doesn’t suit any other style 😀 I have bought all of the pairs from Kohl’s, in your collection, that are square shaped – I just can’t get enough!! X

  • Kimberly

    I love sunglasses!! It’s always the first thing I look for when it’s spring or summer. And I can’t get enough.

    I have sunglasses from your line and I’m so happy with it. But my favorite resembles that of Alexander McQueen Retro Inspired Sunglasses.

    So happy you posted this blog!!


  • Nancy Garza

    I have sunglasses from Burberry(square shaped)and I love them.. but my favs are the ray-ban wayfarer!!

    oh & I want the Heritage Aviator Sunglasses from Juicy Couture… they are so cute!! Essential for this summer :)

  • Claire Coppersmith

    Ray Ban Wayfarer are my fsvorite, but I own a lot, and they are all different styles.

  • daisyjanine

    Wow, I love the Alexander McQueen ones!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Anything over sized is great

  • Millie Jayne

    i really like the ray ban ones pale colours are just the best <3

  • Jennifer Houlahan

    oh my goodness, I love all of the top three! So chic! :)


  • Kara Endres

    Oooh, I love those peach urban outfitters ones! Can’t beat a $14 price tag!!

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    This summer I will definately try oversized sunglasses!! I wanted to buy LC ones from Kohl’s website, but they don’t ship worldwide:((((

    From this post I love Alexander McQueen ones!!

  • Sarah Tio

    It’s really difficult to choose, I like them all!!

  • Emmy Rho

    I am totally on the Wayfarer kick this summer!



  • Andjela Jugovic

    I love the Ray Ban Aviator and I have something similar, just in a cheaper version: http://www.stradivarius.com/en/accessories/watches-sunglasses/1867_aviator-sunglasses-with-butterfly-detail-

  • Kimberly Pinney

    I have 3 pairs of yours! Love Them!

  • cassandra lobo

    I absolutely adore cat eye glasses! I will most certainly be rockin’ them this summer :)Great picks!

    xo, frillyfabulous


  • maia maia

    I have already the Ray Ban Wayfarer and I’m looking for buying the Aviator model.


  • Kellie Norton

    I’m definitely a fan of the over-sized sunglasses when I’m wanting to feel a little more classy/dressy. When I’m just dressing to look casual/comfortable I usually go with my ray-ban wayfarer… or whichever is in my purse. Thanks for the post :)

  • Hana Gargett

    I have to go for Ray-Ban Wayfarer been rocking them on the odd days the sun comes out here in the UK have a limited tye-dye pair so cool!

  • Irina Monroy

    i prefer Lacoste Sunglasses L501s. it look amazing!

  • SweetLikeKiwi

    These are my favourite pair of sunglasses coz I can wear my normal glasses underneath and no one can tell unless they look me up close!


    only thing that sucks is that the screw came out of one of the hinges but the design means they still work I just have to click the arm in. I’ll fix them one day

  • Sara Hussain


  • Elena Last name

    Funny.. I have them all x)

  • Maria Abbruscato

    I like the ray ban classic wayfarer, adorable!!!!!

  • paola nvr

    Definitly the wayfarers, I’ve got the ray-ban’s on blue :)

  • Susan Westrell

    I have two pairs of waaaaay oversized sunglasses because they protect my eyes. They’re cute enough, both with a tortoiseshell pattern.

    Only thing I hate about sungasses is that the pieces that fit over your ears are ALWAYS way too long for me. Oh well!

    Love your picks!

  • diana seitanidou

    i love big sunglasses! i saw the sunglasses from your line and i was like these are my favorite and then i scroll down and see that they are yours haha they are really cute

  • Susannah Williams


  • Melissa Short

    I love the look of the Wayfayers, I have a pair from Ralph Lauren that are a hybrid of Wayfayers and and the LC Square that I love to death!

  • Kira M

    I’m a fan of the Wayfayers but I also like the extended cateye look.

  • Louna Charaf

    I’m always in love with your sunglasses Lauren !

    My favorites are the oversized sunglasses.

  • Sharma Pierre

    i love the all black ones those would look so good in my closet

  • mary1024

    I love how the Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer looks! I plan on getting sunglasses in that cat eye shape

  • saffy bt

    nice.pretty all the glassess here but i love those 3 on the top,they really good pretty to looks,more prettier to wear it.hmm,just love the color.

  • Casey Lynn

    I invested in a pair of Ray Ban tortoise shell Wayfarers a couple summers ago and still love them! I debated for a long time before making the plunge ($145 is more than your average pair of sunglasses) and I don’t regret it a bit! I have also convinced myself that in the long run, I will have saved money because I take good care of these whereas before I would lose them, sit on them, scratch them, etc. because they were usually only $10 or so!

    I am currently debating getting a pair of aviators too. I went with Wayfarers as my first choice because they never seem to go out of style (Thank you Audrey Hepburn).


    ^follow the link and check me out! Thanks :)

  • Keeler

    I bought the Wayfarer style tortoise shell sunglasses from your LC line at Kohls and I have never gotten so many complements about my sunglasses before. I wear them everyday, shopping, at work (outside as a lacrosse coach), driving. They are the greatest! I highly recommend them to everything!

  • Julie Haugan
  • Efthymia Pavlopoulou

    I own the PINK RAY BAN WAYFARERS!!!!!!!!!!! They are amazing!!! My friends are so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monica Castillo

    LOVE those pink Ray Bans!!! Would go perfect with a dainty outfit..lace and pearls!

  • Kelly Hardtmann

    I love sunglasses! Cute suggestions…I just got cute ones from Canal Street in New York City last week :) You cannot have too many pairs of sunglasses!

  • Kiomi Cottrell

    I love sunglasses. Especially for when you have to run errands quickly and have no time to put on makeup or do your hair. Sunglasses, lipgloss, cute pair of earrings and your hair down or up is perfect for those times.

  • Nikola Holkova

    hey, nice pick :)

  • Courtney Thompson

    I’ve been in love with the floral wayfarers all summer. They go with EVERYTHING :)


  • Pocketfulofdreams

    Love the glasses!So pretty!Wayfarer shades are definitely my favorite.I just love the vintage look. http://store.delias.com/item.do?itemID=55724

  • Pocketfulofdreams

    And speaking of vintage,I just got these polka dot sunglasses from Delias. These make my summer look complete.

  • Maja D.

    I’m in love with the pink wayfarers♥
    I want them so bad!

  • simme-own

    I love these sunglasses you got here. SUnglasses are some of my favourite things to wear for extra!

  • FIDM Fashion Club

    I just bought my first pair of aviator sunglasses and they’re silver with a pink lining and they’re fabulous! I get so many looks when I have them on and I can’t help but feel totally chic :)

  • Becky Taitt

    i LOVE my wayfarers! they really do go with everything!

  • Ashley Nicole

    Ray Ban wayfarers are my new obsession!! I have black ones but I really need a summer color.. I love the pink ones above, but I’ve been eyeing yellow and white ones. However, I kind of feel like white sunglasses are played out… what do you girls think??

  • emily gallo

    i love any of the oversized ones!! especially the one that look more classic. they always look great on me whereas with the other i have to look forever! but i do lovee the pink wayfarers!!!!

  • Sarah Azizah

    love the pink classic on the first picture

  • Nina Kallas

    Pink classic Ray-Bans are my favorite. :-)

  • Marie Baker

    Im a Massive fan of Ray-Ban and have a pair of Avaitor glasses and they are so Lush, but Im also in love with Alexander McQueen Retro glasses. Ashley Nicole i agree, white does seem to be played out alot, although the colour is a classic and joined with Ray- Ban Wayfarer, i personally think its a winning combination. X x

  • Bri BD

    Purple thick frame Elle sunglasses are my favorite.

  • Charlotte Tait

    Those are all gorgeous! <3

  • Jamie Lynn Davis

    I went to Cato’s and was going to buy a bag cause my little zebra one has about had it lol. but I decided to wait but on the way out I saw a pair of the cutest black sunglasses with zebra print on the inside!!!! I just had to have them. :)

  • Lissette Sarti

    just got the folding ray bans <3 love theeem! wanting the aviator ones too... ah!

  • CourtureFashion16

    i love the ray ban style in fact i have the light pink 1 !

  • Olivia Melley

    just got the alexander mcqueen inspired sunglasses from forever2.com …love them!

  • ashley courtemanche

    i love the color of the ray-ban classic wayfarer pair and i love oversized frames. my favorite pair I just bought are my ralph lauren pair, they fit great and I love their color.

  • Jeri-Louise

    Hii :) Could you please tell me where I can get the pink Ray Ban Classic Wayferer’s from? Ive been searching for ages for a pair and I really want come before i go on holiday!! Thanks for any help given :) xx

  • Brilliant Brittany

    love the pink wayfarers!

  • karis tucker

    so cute!

  • KatieLinz

    I have always, and most likely will always, love the oversized trend. It’s so Jackie-O-esque. I might have to get myself a pair of the Alexander McQueens in the first group; they are so adorable!

  • Erika Lutz

    I lovee the pink ray bans! <3

  • Maddie

    I LOVE ray bans! The shape is flattering to pretty much everyone!

  • Vanya Deleon

    Love the Pink Ray Bans! A real must buy ASAP!

  • Allie Hymas

    I just bought the Ray Ban Aviators. I love the white rubber on the ear pieces, it gives them a summery/girly feel :)

  • Giulia De Luca

    Generally speaking I love Marc Jacobs sunglasses!!

    In this case I love the Alexander McQueen one!!

  • Griss teran

    me encantan tus indiaciones de moda en cuanto a lentes de sol…son hermosos!!…aun que debo decir que a ti todo se te ve muy perfecto…y los que mas me gustan son los LC Lauren Conrad Square Sunglasses…i love!!

  • Annie Shin

    i love raybans!

  • Martha Valeska Garcia

    I still love oversized shades!

  • Laura Ledesma

    classic raybans!!!

  • Marie-Philippe Roy

    the ray ban aviators are perfect.

  • maria mojica

    LC…Lauren conrads square sunglasses..<3.

  • Emily Norton

    I love Lauren Conrads ray bans

  • Lily Anne

    nothing can go wrong with ray-bans, they are so classic and cute

  • Melinda Lopez

    luv the oversized glasses

  • Milouna Hokayem


  • Patricia Papp

    I love Lauren Conrad square sunglasses!!!

  • Erin Dean

    I love the Ray Ban style! I recently found some that look dead onto it but aren’t by Ray-Ban but from Forever-21 I paid under $4! What a steal! I also love the over sized sunglasses especially if the tint is dark b/c I like them better that way. :)

  • deepti shrestha

    i love aviators…rayban wayfarer and of course LC square framed…i love it since i’ve seen her wearing square frames on Laguna Beach n the Hills..

  • jackie rea

    I love the ray-ban iconic style aviator, and the Alexander McQueen retro inspired sunglasses! I like that the aviators are in pink, which isn’t your typical color for sunglasses.

  • Katie Bettelyoun

    I REALLY love the grease look the glasses have. (Wayfarer) The Aviators are still my favorites. The oversized ones are still on my list too. The colored and designs are coming back!

  • Jessica Cuevas

    Ray Ban is the classic, but i like the LC square glasses as well those are my top 2

  • Laura Moore

    Sunglasses that fit my face shape are so hard to find! My face is fairly ‘square’ shaped, and usually only aviators compliment its structure. When I tried on a few pairs of LC sunglasses I was pleased to find that several of her shapes of sunglasses looked great on me! I bought two pairs, one aviator and the other wayfarer, however I’m tempted to return to the store I purchased them at and buy her retro inspired pair too. These glasses are amazing and have inspired me to break away from my comfort zone, although I’m still a sucker for aviators.

  • Kelly Kugler

    I love wayfarers they look great with many different looks and are definitely popular this summer! I typically only wear aviators but I recently got brave and tried the wayfarers. SO glad I did!

  • BeckyAnn

    Oh gosh! I LOVE anything Ray Ban!!

  • erin Bradley

    I am obsessed with sunglasses, they instantly finish an outfit and there are always new styles. I’m currently obsessed with the Urban Outfitters Pearlized Wayfarer you posted. LOVE the color and LOVE the style.

  • Lauren Leathers

    I love Aviators and Raybans! :) if you ever need fashion & beauty advice, feel free to check out my blog anytime!




  • chikako horiuchi

    pink is absolutely “”IN””!!

  • Janneke Brantjes

    aviators and raybans, absolutely

  • Kaydee Mirrors

    Oversized frames will always and forever be my favorite although I wish I could pull off Ray Bans but not quite.

  • Courtney McKay

    Oversized are my thing, I love them :)

    Alexander McQueen Retro Inspired Sunglasses are gorgeous; could maybe pull them off.. and the Karen Walker Annie’s are gorgeous :)

  • Jonni Wilson

    I love the

    So vintage and and classy

  • Jonni Wilson

    elizabeth and james beverly sunglasses

  • Mackenzie Gardner

    I love Raybans mine are white and the inside has a gorgeous flower pattern.

  • Carson K.

    Wayfarers are always cute! i like Target’s ones- the colors are so bright!

  • Amanda Wellman

    cat eye! retro marc by marc jacobs are my absolute favorite sunglasses ever! :)

  • Elien Wouters

    I do love my Raybans but I really want a Cat Eye for this summer! Where can I find cute ones?

  • Nikki.Anne

    I LOVE the Urban Outfitters Jackie Sunglasses! They are AWESOME! I wish they weren’t sold out!

  • Tere Sa
  • Katjusha Bricman
  • Jo

    Help!! Where can I find LC Lauren Conrad square sunglasses sold in kohls. They are my absolute favorite and my last pair just broke! Doesn’t look like kohls is selling them any longer.


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