So you forgot to check your Facebook reminders or just completely blanked on picking up a gift for your friend’s birthday party… that’s tonight! We’ve all been there. Being caught unprepared without a fallback gift can leave you feeling flustered. To avoid said situations, I suggest stocking up on some quality candles. By having a classy candle stash, you will always be prepared for eleventh hour “I need a gift!” moments.

The way I see it–a luxurious scented candle is great gift. It’s the type of thing most people don’t splurge on for themselves, but love to have in their homes.

I like candles by Diptyque, Jo Malone, Fresh, and Illume.

For those of you that prefer to be over-prepared, try pre-wrapping the candles before stowing them away for later last-minute use. Label each box with a sticky note indicating the brand and scent. This will help you get out the door faster and personalize the candle based on the recipient and occasion.

If all else fails (and the recipient is of legal age), call it a day by grabbing a nice bottle of champagne on your way out… A little bubbly is never a bad idea.

What are your last minute gift tips?

XO Lauren