Shape Up: My Favorite Summer Sweats


When the weather gets warmer, I love to venture outside the gym and enjoy the great outdoors. During the summer I like riding bikes, stand up paddling and kayaking in the ocean. I think it’s important to keep your workout routine fresh and fun during the summer. (The heat can get to you, so adding a splash of water and a cool breeze can work wonders!)

These are a few of my favorite no-workout workouts for the summer…

  1. Take a ride. Riding bikes during the summer keeps my arms and legs toned. Plus, ditching the car and opting to ride burns extra calories you can bank for other summer outings (More chips, anyone?).
  2. Paddle out. If you live near the beach or a lake, I highly recommend stand up paddle boarding. Not only is it a serene experience floating across the top of the water, it’s also a wonderful way to exercise. Dig your paddle deep into the water with each row and you will get a serious back and core workout.
  3. Kayak. For a great arm and abs workout, go kayaking. It’s a fun way to squeeze in your upper body conditioning without hitting the weights.

What’s your favorite way to sweat it out during the summer months? Any suggestions for people who don’t live near the ocean?

Share more of your fitness ideas in the Forum too, there’s a great thread titled Daily Fitness Ideas. Check it out!

XO Lauren
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  • Anna James

    love this bike so much. riding is my ultra favorite hobby.

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  • Tesia Gonzales

    I love going dancing during the summer. It is a great way to get your body working and have fun at the same time.

  • Emily Wells

    I live in South Texas so although I don’t live near a beach, we have a ton of rivers and lakes so kayaking, canoeing and swimming are always great summertime activities. Also, hiking the trails through the woods or the hill country is fantastic and certainly beats running in circles on a track or running in place on a treadmill.

  • Kimberly

    I bike 5 days a week when I go to school. Even when it rains, when it’s windy and when it snows. But it’s still fun, especially when you bike with your friends.


  • Jennifer Houlahan

    I have been wanting to try paddle boarding! I wish they offered it here in Chicago! :)

  • Lindsey Hager

    What exact bike is that?? LOVE it! Website link??

  • Lauren Conrad

    Hey Everyone! I found the bike photo from here: :-)

  • Claire Coppersmith


  • Regi

    A cruiser style bike with hand brakes? Don’t see that everyday… gotta get one!

  • saffy bt

    so pretty bike.its pink,for girls only….

  • Kailee Myers

    I just started hiking a lot more. I live in the Columbia River Gorge on the border of Oregon and Washington and its amazing. Such a good workout and you get to enjoy the amazing wilderness this world has to offer. The only thing I need help with is motivation to get out and move!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    I LOVE to go hiking. You get to be in the outdoors and experience nature all while getting a great exercise. Fantastic! Love the bike too. I haven’t ridden one in quite smoe time.

  • Maddy Salcido

    I love hiking but i also love to take classes like Zumba, Pilates, or Yoga. Sometimes, there’s beach yoga, which is so relaxing!

  • T

    I’m thinking about gettinga bike now, but the weather in Kuwait is actually too warm to stay outdoors so we try to stay indoors; nicely air-conditioned & cool.

    & I’ve never heard of kayaking or paddle boarding but I’m defenaitly looking them up & hoping to try them!

  • Koceva Tamara

    I also like to take a ride on a bike… I love playing badminton,swimming…

  • Michelle W

    I am a big fan of Zumba as well. It’s not done outdoors (suppose it could be) but a ton of fun and you really work up a good sweat. My zumba class is located a few blocks away, so I always walk to and from and consider that my warm up and cool down! :)

  • Amber Stapleton

    Thats a really cute bike would love to get one, however dont think new zealand is up to date with this yet

  • chikako horiuchi

    awwww cute bike!

    “”take a ride”” is def my favorite all season sans cold winter days!

  • Nesha

    i love using kettle bells. they are easy to use, work all my muscles, and i can take it anywhere!

  • emily gallo

    i lovee swimming and ride my bike along the beach boardwalks!!!

  • diana seitanidou

    my favorite summer workouts are swimming and beach volley!! i think its so fun if you do it with friends! if some girls dont live by the ocean then go hiking!! thanks for the ideas lauren!!! xx Diana

  • LuLu

    My favorite summer workout is playing a little tennis! It’s a great exercise and in most areas you can play outdoors and indoors! :)

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    My favorites are walking, runing and playing valleyball in the water :)

  • Ivette Lopez

    i live in Mexico and i love love love to go water-skiing, it’s also a great way to work on your legs and abs!! Walking in water is also great

  • Maria Abbruscato

    Hey everyone!!! Okay so for people who don’t live by the ocean, I recommend going for a jog around your neighborhood or taking your dog on a walk everyday! Also, you can take dance classes which are a really good workout!

  • Maria Abbruscato

    Oh and my favorite way to work out in summer is going to pool parties and swimming 😉

  • Lala

    Some of my favourite ways to stay active in the summer are swimming and rollerblading

  • Hanny R

    Doing yoga outside, swimming, kayaking, rollerblading and starting to paddleboard too.

  • Giulia De Luca

    I’m not a sporty girl, but I really love go around by bike!!

  • allison lasky

    I don’t live by an ocean… my friends and I are active crossfitters and in the summer months we take the weights outside! i also try to run, bike and hike as soon as the snow melts and the weather is nice.

  • Jaclyn

    I love your ideas so much! My favorite way to stay in shape in the summer is Field Hockey! Since it is a fall sport, my high school coach has workouts with us all during the summer. I think it’s great! Therefore, I would say to join a sport!!(:

  • caroline Last name

    Lauren, do you know where you found this bike/what the brand is? I have been looking for a cruiser bike for so long and I have fallen in love with this one!

  • ilse ortega

    Love it!! where can i find it? or what brand is it tosearch for it?!

  • Daniela (: <3
  • Chelseaness

    I love to swim, because where I live it’s way too hot to do anything else outside.

  • Eleonorejdc

    I love the bike on the pic’. Where can I find it?

    • Amanda

      There’s a link at the bottom of the article. But it’s like $500.

  • Kate Cumming

    If you live near a river, there are usually walking tracks near them. If you live near mountains or hills, climb to the top (safety first!). Channel your inner adventurer and go exploring!



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