Dealing with tangled necklaces can be totally frustrating. It bothers me to think about all of the necklaces I’ve had to pass up due to impossible knots. Thankfully, there are lots of easy yet creative ways to keep your necklaces organized and tangle free. Why hide your pretty pearls away in a jewelry box when they should be seen?

The solution? Artfully inspired storage.

Here are a few of my favorite necklace storage solutions (you might recognize a few from my book, Style):

  1. Crystal Knobs: Grab a handful of pretty glass knobs (I especially like the ones from Anthropologie) and install them into a wall that needs a little eye candy. You can either stagger the knobs for more depth or line them up in a row with about 3-4 inches in between each knob and hang your necklaces there.
  2. Bedposts: If you have a pretty headboard, try layering a few necklaces over each side. No harm in adding a little unexpected sparkle.
  3. Frames: Another fun idea is to pick up some vintage frames in varying sizes and to hang your necklaces over the frames. Or, remove the backing from the frame, hang it on your wall, and drape your necklaces from the frames using pushpins (see photo above from Pottery Barn for a little inspiration).
  4. Jewelry Trees: These are available in lots of different shapes and sizes. It’s a beautiful way to display your necklaces. Another take on the jewelry tree is to use a natural branch, as seen here. I love the contrast of glittery jewels against organic wood.
  5. Corkboards: Pick up some pretty pushpins from the craft store along with a corkboard. Stick the pins into the corkboard and hang your necklaces there. A friend of mine painted her corkboard to match the color scheme of her room and it looks great.

How you keep your necklaces organized? Are you going to give any of my storage solutions a try?

XO Lauren

Photo: Pottery Barn