My first post for Forbes.com is live today! Here is a little sneak peak of my first piece on being a young entrepreneur titled, “Meet Lauren Conrad, Inc.“…

When a portion of your life is highlighted in the media, people have difficulty seeing the rest. In my case, becoming a designer wasn’t always the central focus of Laguna Beach and The Hills but it’s been my lifelong dream.

Many of you are probably wondering why you should take a person like me seriously as an entrepreneur. For me, it’s pretty clear: I run two clothing lines, two web sites and a book franchise on top of directly managing my brand and endorsement deals. I’ve made a career out of allowing cameras to capture my personal life but that doesn’t make me “just another reality star” looking to start a clothing line. People often forget that I am a person who was documented for more than six years while pursuing a dream to make it in the fashion industry. The friends, the drama, the adventures, unfolded around that.

Sharing my life publicly has given me the opportunity to pursue my ambitions while providing brand recognition, consumer trust and personal resonance. But a successful enterprise can’t just run on fame. Like any businesswoman, I think about long-term business plans, social media, brand strategy and how best to connect with my fans. Though I’m in the early stages of being a fashion entrepreneur, I’ve quickly learned a thing or two about staying true to my brand, creating my own path and turning setbacks into windows of opportunity…

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XO Lauren