While not exactly edible, per se, I thought it would be fun to make a sweet summer recipe for summertime fun. Here’s what I’ve got so far…

1 Tablespoon: Boardwalk bike ride.

3 Cups: Sunsets, with a dash of Phoenix and the Beach Boys.

A sprinkle of cucumber lemonade.

2 Cups: Outdoor concert or music festival. {Note: For a strong flower child flavor, try Tennessee’s finest, Bonnaroo. If you prefer a hint of city slicker chic opt for Chicago’s Lollapalooza. Or, for a chill finish, add Colorado’s Mile High Music Festival.}

3 Teaspoons: Sunday (champagne) brunch. Girls only.

1 Pint: Uncertain adventure.

A splash of midnight swimming.

1 heaping scoop of long naps on the beach.

A pinch of spontaneous road-trips.

1 stick of cocoa butter (and some SPF, for tanning, of course).

Instructions: Mix all ingredients together over a 3 month span and enjoy!
What are you hoping to do over the summer ? Make your to-do list and post it in the comments below.

XO Lauren

P.S. Happy first day of summer!