Heads Up: Sponsored Posts

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your support and for joining me in making LaurenConrad.com such a fun and fashionable place to go!

I personally want to give you a heads up about some upcoming posts you will be seeing on my website called “Sponsored Posts.” I want to make sure everyone understands what these blog posts are and why they are essential in keeping LaurenConrad.com up and running…
In order to keep this website alive for you to enjoy, we will occasionally showcase exciting brands and companies that sponsor this website through “Sponsored Posts.” Sponsored Posts are meant to inform you about products and services that might be of interest to you. They are also meant to help support all of time and hard work that goes into keeping LaurenConrad.com running smoothly.

Simply put, without sponsors we wouldn’t have this amazing new website!

I assure you that I personally approve every sponsor and every single word they will be publishing on my website. I would never allow something to be posted on my site that I didn’t truly believe in. Every sponsored post will be about something I think all of you should hear about! And, every brand and company featured here will always have a special offer or coupon available exclusively to LaurenConrad.com members only, like free products or discounts.

Another important point I want to highlight is that all of the sponsored posts will be published from the LaurenConrad.com account. From time to time I may have my interactive team make website announcements from this LaurenConrad.com account, but for the most part it serves as a platform for sponsors to speak directly to you.

I realize many of you may feel strongly about the idea of sponsorships diluting the credibility of a website, but I promise you they will not on my website. If you discover these Sponsored Posts aren’t your thing, they will be clearly marked so you can easily skip over them. And for those of you that decide to comment these posts, please be gracious to our sponsors for keeping our community online and remember that your positivity is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your understanding! And get excited for our first Sponsored Post soon!

XO Lauren