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With warmer temps in full swing and shorter hemlines on the horizon, here are a few of my personal tips for getting your stems summer ready.

  1. Exfoliate, exfoliate! I recommend Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish or making your own. A great scrub will slough away dead skin cells, leaving your legs polished and primed for increased moisturizer absorption.
  2. Moisturize. Twice a day–once in the morning (after you shower) and once at night before bed.
  3. Be mindful. Especially with what you put in your body! Before a big event and during the summer season I aim to really cut down my intake of salt and refined sugars. Staying hydrated is also really important if you want to reduce bloating and water retention.
  4. Lunge, lift and squat. To keep your legs lovely year round, get in the habit of squeezing in a few sets of lunges, leg lifts and squats every day. This will totally pay off come summertime.
  5. Keep it tan. Nothing slims your legs more than a great tan! While I suggest opting for sunless options, a little Vitamin D is never a bad idea.


Speaking of sunless tanners, what’s your go-to sunless tanning product?

XO Lauren

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  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Nothing like a good scrub. My skin always feels so smooth afterwards. My go to sunlees tanning product is Loreal towlettes for face and body. I find the towlettes to be an easier application.

  • Jennifer Houlahan

    I definitely agree with the lunges and squats. I always forget to exfoliate but it really makes such a difference! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    During the year I am also doing lunges and squats and running as well:)

    For the sunless tan I use Dove Shimmering lotion, it moisturizes and give my body nice colour. It doesn’t make my fingers yellow and so on…and it’s cheap:)

    By the way, in winter I thought that this shimmer was barely noticeably until I saw pictures of me and my girlfriends from the sauna,…and I have to say that comparing to them I was very tanned:)

  • petra nokelainen

    This is kinda funny but every once in a while I leave my legs unshaved and after that I moisturize them well.. And the next day when I do shave my legs they feel really soft and moisturized.

  • Colleen

    Cool post! As far as sunless tanners go, Jergens Natural Glow is my go to. It is available in lotion and foam, neither ever streaks. Jergens Natural Glow gives you a healthy and perfect looking summer glow everytime :-)

  • Natacha Laermans

    LOUBOUTINs ?! jealous –‘

  • Katja Anni

    Love the post :)

    I also kept forgetting to exfoliate my legs but a couple of weeks ago I bought a whole bunch of mesh sponges (all pink! :)). They’re great and cheap.

    @Colleen: where do you get the Jergens tanner? Here in Ireland we only have the Jergens bodylotions and handcremes :( Thanks! :)

  • saffy bt

    uuuhhh sexy!!! i love ur legs,wish i have like that,but i will do ur advice “”legs lift @ squats””.bcoz mine is so fatty…walking is not enough i know…

    thanks for the wonderfull advice @ for sharing all ur beautifull @ sexy ideas to have a lovely legs @ sexy body.

    thanks again!!! love yah.

  • Rachel Corelle

    My sunless tanning product is St. Tropez mousse! It works great!

  • Mariella

    your legs are great lauren! i do a lot of exercise for my legs during the year!

  • Isabella g.

    I have my legs exposed almost everyday in the year cause i live in Brazil, so i really have to take care of it, but the good point of this is that i dont need sunless tanners neither to stand hours taking sun bath.

  • FlipFlopGurl

    I love Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Daily Glow Gradual Tan Moisturizer SPF 15. It does not streak at all and looks very natural. The smell is very mild and not at all fake tan smell which I love. Also dries very quickly. LOVE LOVE LOVE <3

  • Hayley Hove

    Sublime Bronze. Instant tanner, be sure to wash hands good after using. It gives sparkle and great smell. (:

  • Holly Hartley

    I love Victoria Secrets Self Tanner for legs: BEACH SEXY Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion with Tint! It is amazing and really makes u look bronzed without the streaky look!!

  • TessaAbingdon

    I have tanned skin anyway but for that extra colour i use Dove summer glow it doesnt tan it just gives you a healthy glow.

  • daisyjanine

    I love Sally Hanson Airbrush legs here in the UK :) I used it on my Euro road trip in the summer, and looked so tanned!

  • Lauren Taylor

    I like Jergen’s natural gradual tanning lotion…or healthy glow, or something like that XD It works nicely, and doesn’t streak or look orange. I used it this February for about a month every day because I had to go to a wedding and I didn’t want to look pasty in my dress.

  • Trina Vokes

    My favourite self tanner is Mystic Tan Body Spray. It has awesome colour and goes on easily! BTW – great legs!

  • diana seitanidou

    I tan naturally and of course i always wear sunscreen with high SPF!! i have an exfoliator but i think its too harsh for me so i am going to try yours!

  • Lala

    This post is perfect! I was just thinking this morning of getting an exfoliater for my legs!

  • tatjana love

    Great post — thanks so much, Miss Lauren!

  • Casey Lynn

    Jergens Natural Glow (almost daily) and Kiehl’s self tanning formula (for more immediate/ impact)

    Read my how-to apply it like a pro here:

    ^Follow the link to my sunless tanning post!!! Thanks :)

  • Jhays

    Fake bake lotion for fair skin! I adore it!!

  • Jennifer Ghelardini

    This is my favorite blog post because I need a lot of motivation to do squats and lunges, haha. I hope lauren does more blog posts on hair styles. Beautiful! :)

  • Valentina Henriquez

    Love this

  • Kirby Logan

    st. tropez sunless tan foam. perfection!!!!

  • Brenna Gray

    Jergens Natural glow for face and body. Fair skin. Looks so real especially on me (a natural fair-skinned redhead

  • Liz

    love these tips!

  • Fawn Romanko

    L’Oreal Sublime Bronze is amazing!



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