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It’s hard to believe it’s already June. 2011 is flying by, isn’t it? I’ve been writing away for my next book while preparing the holiday collection for Paper Crown,blogging (!!!) and working on my LC Lauren Conrad line for Kohl’s. But it’s all good! I love staying busy–especially when I get to work on the things I love… Speaking of things I love, here are my favorites from this past week…

Favorite Laugh:

Favorite Charitable Collaboration:


Favorite Philosophical Advice (from a tea bag):


Favorite Candid Moment:


Favorite Decor Idea (groupings of glass vases):


Favorite Runway Inspiration (Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture):


Favorite DIY (if you can, definitely give this a try this weekend):


What are your favorites from the week? Don’t forget to link them in the comments below!

XO Lauren

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  • Amy Griffin

    Hey Lauren!

    Your ideas are amazing! I could use some scrapbooking ideas…

    Loving the books – fab job!

    I also have a floating candle idea which I will post a picture of when I have time..


    Amy xoxo

  • Kimberly

    My favorites of the week are:

    My T-shirt with a bow,

    Body Lotion: Coconut & Shea Butter,

    Wednesday (the weather was so nice!!).

    The dress from Favorite Runway Inspiration is so beautiful!!

    Have a nice Friday!!


  • Kimberly Pinney

    Love the favorites. Really look forward to Friday for this reason. Love to see what you have. The dog was so funny. Nice philosophical advice.

    Great Ideas!

  • Fabio Ribeiro

    Favorite Philosophical Advice:
    Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
    But you are the eternity and you are the mirror. – Khalil Gibran

    Favorite Laugh:
    Muttley (cartoon – Hanna-Barbera)

  • Jennifer Houlahan

    I LOVE that tea bag quote, that is something I strive for! :)

  • Kyla Becker

    I love fashion DIYs!! iSpyDIY is a great DIY blog by a talented crafter and writer from Instyle Magazine, goooo Jenni! 😀

  • Alejandra Giron

    Love DIYs so my favorite DYI is

    the bow on simple pumps is a great idea!

    xx“”>My Fashion Bug

  • Julie Haugan

    My favorites this week:

    – My newest addition for my shoe-collection: SARA SANDAL from Bianco

    – Mid-day snack-booster: Fresh strawberrys,pineaple and blueberrys!

    – What “”kept”” me trough this week:

    Also the thought of beeing in this place within 3 weeks.. La Nuzia aka Benidorm in Spain:

  • Jennifer Sellen

    OMG… your writing another book. YAY!!! I can’t wait for that to come out.

    I love the “”tea bag”” advice LOL and the candid shot that is pretty. IDK about the favortie decor item… but I love using picture frames to outline mirrors. I think that is so gorgeous. It makes it more unique and stands out.

  • Jennifer Sellen

    Ok I have a favortie moment from this week. Yesterday at work my co-worker was playing classical music. I like operas and musicals as much as the next person but to listen to classical music all. day. long… ugh i don’t think so. So me and my other co-worker were joking around and he says “”i feel like i’m watching Disney’s Fantasia… where are the pink elephants””… now is that funny or what!!! LOL

  • Susan Westrell

    That bow heel is gorgeous. I’m very tempted to try that on some set of my shoes, now. Or to buy an entirely new pair and do it just because I can… >> Love all the favorites.

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    My favorite memory from this week is just that, a past memory. My family vacations were always to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I would love to go back and take in the sights and have some relaxation time!

  • everythingemer

    I love the tea bag quote!! Great idea for the bow it’s so cute!! x

  • kara luzzi

    Hey Laur!

    That dog video cracks me up! Hahah I found myself laughing out loud in my quiet office because i thought about it again.. hahah.

    I did a friday favorites on my blog today!

    Check it out:

    feel free to leave a comment

  • Koceva Tamara

    I love the dog!!!! It is very funny.. And the bow idea is great! I’ll try it for sure! And the message… It left me speechles! Thanks Lauren! Love you!!!

  • Meghann Chapman

    My favorite bedroom!! I want it so bad!

  • melinda johnson

    my fav thing this week i love is having a long weekend. :) and finishing the reno on my house.

  • diana seitanidou

    my favorite this week is my hair! i have been letting it go natural and i loved it!

  • Alexis Mendez

    Favorit book this week. (: <33

  • Alexis Mendez

    Sugar and Sice was my Favorit book this week (: <33

  • Jennifer LS

    i love Friday Favorites.. can’t wait til the next friday:)

  • alycia lourim

    Moving to San Francisco and finally living on my own in the city :)

  • Valera Ved


  • Valera Ved
  • Kristen Warren

    My first favorite thing was the discovery of this video:

    My second favorite thing is the intense amount of swimming that took place this week (with sunscreen)!

    My third favorite thing was breaking in my new black close-toed kitten heels with silver metal studs :)

  • Katie Reeder

    I’ve really been loving and using this no heat boho waves tutorial from one of the youtube beauty girls I whatch:

    I’ve also really been loving the Revlon creme shadow quad in Va Va Va Bloom. And I’ve been eating a ton of apple sauce too for some reason lol I forgot how yummy it was :)

  • natalia herrera

    did you ever watch elmo as a kid? LMAO. cause i love this video.
    i thought this was hilarious too. oh how i love bluntcards.

  • TessaAbingdon

    My favourites:

    favourite laugh: i met a guy called Lee Power, he sounds like an energy drink.

    favourite decor: modern mediteranian.

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    I love this friday favourites!!! Love most Chloe shirt and Advice..

  • Mia Roland

    my first time at the beach with my favorite book

  • First nameAnabelle Last nameLinkous

    Hi Lady LC…that is my new name for u< Lady Di turned *Princess*

    I luv everything above that u have provided I love interior design so the

    mirror with the glass is to DIE 4 I have a similar mirror & a few of glass items together, but I’m going thru

    a transition of enjoying minimalism…I luv my stack of DWELL mags.

    I got a gift from my mom on how to make your own sushi kit-I’ll get info

    where she got so I can share.It’s so fun, but I’d rather go out to a place

    to have it catered to me…LOL.I had tried lobster sushi up the coast in Maine & ohlala it was fabby!

    Your so lucky to live where Barbara Barry (In LA) lives…check her out…

    she just calms me and exudes So-Cal glam will share more joys, but I dont

    want to take up anymore of your space my dear…See U @ Kohls…it’s like my

    2nd home=)…2 funny U & Lo feel like little sisters to me on TwitterThat LoLo girl just cracks me up& u to, but u r the 1 that stables us all<3


  • iheartchocolatechipcookies

    I love the candid shot & quote <33

  • Sloane K.

    love the shirt

    OMG! lauren what is your new book about! you should do a another book like STYLE i heart it!



  • Giulia De Luca

    Elie saab dress is wonderful!!

  • Carson K.

    Love the quote!

    “”And that’s my new philosophy!””

    -Sally Brown, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown



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