Hope everyone enjoyed our first official LaurenConrad.com Book Club Q&A for our first read, Bossypants! I had so much fun reading through all of your answers and question suggestions. Below are the three questions I selected from your submissions to our last Bossypants Q&A, Part I.


  1. From Lyndsey Kneebone: What piece of advice has Tina gave in “Bossypants” that will help you be balanced?
  2. From Olivia DelloStritto: What do you think of the title of this book, Bossypants? After reading, would you have named it anything else?
  3. From Jaclyn Last Name: How did you feel reading about Tina’s experiences as a female in the male dominated field of comedy?

Here are my answers…

  1. While she gives a lot of useful advise in this book I was more inspired by her over all attitude. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and finds humor everywhere. I think this is a very important quality especially if you are someone who people like to criticize. I loved the chapter where she responds to comments made about her online.
  2. I liked the title Bossypants. I think it suits the book because Tina Fey often plays the role of the “boss,” but it’s an unconventional one. She works in comedy and very closely with those around her, which makes their relationship feel less formal. Because of this, when she has to step up and act like their superior she feels less like she is a “boss” and more like she is being “bossy.”
  3. Inspired. I love it when women change peoples’ views. While traditionally men have dominated the world of comedy, Tina and a lot of the strong and talented women around her are breaking out in the industry and it’s pretty fantastic. They are ignoring the rules and making their own. Anyone who has seen Bridesmaids will agree. With a cast comprised mostly of women it was one of the funniest movies this year.

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XO Lauren

P.S. Lyndsey, Olivia, Jaclyn: Congratulations on being our first members to have questions featured in our Book Club! My team will reach out to your shortly regarding your prizes, so please be sure to check your private messages here on LaurenConrad.com!