Welcome to the first LaurenConrad.com Book Club Q&A for Bossypants! How does everyone like the book so far?

Personally, I cannot stop laughing. At times, I find myself bursting out in laughter. Alone. (Let’s just say Chloe is a bit confused about these random bouts of emotion.)

Anyway, today I have listed a few reading questions. These questions cover the first 131 pages of the book (if you haven’t read that far, stop reading this blog, get back to Bossypants and then join back in). Otherwise, if you have read beyond these pages, please be courteous to our fellow Book Club members and label any comments with “SPOILER ALERT” if referring to anything past page 131.


  1. So far, the book has been mostly autobiographical. What facts about Tina Fey do you find most surprising?
  2. What’s your favorite (or should I say, funniest) memory Tina has shared so far?
  3. What was your favorite rule from Tina’s “Twelve Tenets of Looking Amazing Forever”? (in the chapter titled “The Secrets of Mommy’s Beauty” on page 103)


Here are my answers…

  1. I was interested to hear about her marriage. I always think of her as a single woman because of the character she plays on 30 Rock (my favorite show), so it was surprising to imagine her in such a different role.
  2. My favorite story that Tina told from her childhood is of the time her father left her alone in a store, when she was nine. She says that she was unfortunately dressed in a boyish outfit and “no fewer than three old ladies mistook [her] for a stock boy.”
  3. My favorite was number 10. A manicure is a must. Her description of the whole experience is so spot on it’s amazing. I rarely get manicures because I like to do my own nails, but when I do venture into a nail salon it is always a slightly awkward experience.


Now it’s your turn to answer the 3 questions above in the comments below.

Also, if you’ve read ahead and have a good reading question for our next Q&A, please leave it in the comments as well. I will select 3 of your questions to use for the next Bossypants Q&A, Part II. The members whose questions are selected for the next Q&A will win a copy of one of my books along with a personalized handwritten note and autograph from me!

Our next Q&A check in will be June 23rd (I will also be announcing the date of our live online book chat on the 23rd).

Happy reading!

XO Lauren