Tuesday Ten: SPRINGredients

Since spring has sprung, these are a few of my favorite seasonal spring ingredients… along with a link to a delicious recipes for each one.

1. Asparagus { recipe: oven roasted asparagus }

Tuesday Ten: SPRINGredients

2. Fava Beans { recipe: rigatoni with fava beans and pecorino }

Tuesday Ten: SPRINGredients

3. Grapefruit { recipe: grapefruit salad }

4. Peas { recipe: crushed peas with smoky sesame dressing }

Tuesday Ten: SPRINGredients

5. Apricots { recipe: apricot fig compote }

6. Arugula { recipe: grilled cheese sandwich with garlic confit and baby arugula }

7. Beets { recipe: golden beet salad }

8. Mint { recipe: mint lemonade }

9. Strawberries { recipe: strawberry waffles }

10. Rhubarb { recipe: strawberry rhubarb pie }

Tuesday Ten: SPRINGredients

Just looking at all this food makes me hungry! Do you have any recipes that include these seasonal ingredients? If you do, please share them in the comments below or upload a recipe to your profile for a chance to have your recipe featured in the Dine Gallery.

XO Lauren

Photos: ThePioneerWoman , TheItalianDishBlog , weheartit , SmittenKitchen , Pinterest , FoodBuzz , TheBittenWord , BonAppetit , Bkfst