It’s no secret that pulling together a party is hard work. While the actual planning can be overwhelming, choosing the decor and food can be too much fun. Especially when cake is involved.

For my 25th birthday I ordered a creamy white chocolate raspberry cake with hand-painted floral frosting from Sweet Lady Jane. And I must say–the cake was delish!


Before placing my cake order, I sampled my top three favorite cake flavors (this is where it gets dangerous): chocolate, white chocolate, and red velvet. In the end, I decided on white chocolate with raspberry, since rich chocolate and red velvet can be more of an acquired taste for some. As for frosting, I went with the hand-painted butter cream roses, which added the perfect finishing touch. Mmm mmm! Luckily for me, my cake was a total crowd pleaser.

Before ordering a cake for an event, consider these suggestions:

  1. Know your crowd. If you are catering to an extra large group, go with classic flavors such as chocolate and vanilla. When you are hosting a small get together with close friends, serve your favorite flavor along with an alternative classic dessert option, like vanilla ice cream, in case someone isn’t a fan of your flavor.
  2. Have a headcount. It’s important to know what size cake your event will require. Figure one and a half slices per person and work with a baker to estimate the appropriate size/quantity for your crowd.
  3. Stay cost-conscious. Opt for standard shapes to avoid the extra charges associated with specialty shaped cakes. Requesting a heart-shaped cake over a square or circular cake can tack on an average of $50 or so!
  4. Optimize your options. Always taste a few different types of cake and frosting before making a decision. Most bakeries are happy to set up a sampling appointment when you are planning to make an order.
  5. Make it pretty. Taste is just as important as the aesthetics. Be sure the cake reflects the décor and feel of your event.


Above is a picture of my birthday cake. Isn’t it pretty?!

Send me photos of your favorite cakes from past events–especially if you had an exceptionally creative cake!

To send me photos, just sign up as a LaurenConrad.com member (it literally takes less than 1 minute!). After you set up your own profile page, you can upload the cake image to your personal LaurenConrad.com profile. Once it has uploaded, just be sure to hit “Submit this photo” so I can see it! I’ll post my favorite cake photo submission next month!

XO Lauren

Photos: Erik Nelder