I’m Starting A Book Club

For me, sometimes nothing is better than curling up in bed with Chloe while reading a good book. It’s pure happiness. It’s my time to enjoy the quiet, get cozy and escape the real world for a while. But I don’t get to do this very often. This is because I try to avoid reading while I’m writing so I don’t adopt any of the writers’ habits. As a result, reading has become more of a luxury that I usually save for vacations. Nevertheless, I do have a few books that I’ve read recently and would love to introduce you to…

Since I know a lot of you love reading (I saw all of the bookworm talk in the Forum), I’m starting an official LaurenConrad.com Book Club !

This is how the Book Club will work: We will all read the same book and then on a specific date, we will all meet here on LaurenConrad.com to discuss the book as we read it. How does that sound?

If you’re into this Book Club idea, just make sure you are signed up as a LaurenConrad.com member to participate and get the inside scoop.

Next week, I will kick start the Book Club by announcing our first read and will set the date for our very first online book chat.

Get excited!

XO Lauren