I Really Love My: Miu Miu Crisscross Platforms



Some things never get old (especially when re-soling is an option). Nothing proves this better than my favorite pair of shoes.

Whether I’m headed to a Paper Crown meeting or a casual lunch with friends, my Miu Miu Crisscross Platform Sandals are my go-to shoe of choice.

Besides being the comfiest pair of heels I own (I have them in camel and black), the rich camel color and black option go with nearly everything in my closet. I can dress them up with a belted sundress or down with skinny jeans and a blousy tank.

But, my favorite thing about these sandals has to be the fact that they make my legs look long and lean. A great pair of shoes should make your gams look good . So it’s easy to understand why I cannot get enough of my Miu Mius! I mean, if the shoe fits–wear it!

I don’t think my Miu Miu heels are available anymore… Which makes me sad since it’s inevitable that they won’t last forever. Any suggestions on alternative (more cost-friendly) options? If so, post your recommendations with links in the comments below!

XO Lauren

P.S. Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite pair of shoes? I’d love to hear why you love them. Who knows… Your favs might be my next “must-haves.”

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  • Agata Kalinowska

    Those are absolutely gorgeous, but I can’t afford them unfortunately. But since you are my style icon I’ll look for something similar 😀 One of my favourite match-everything shoes are definitely black ballerina flats- extremely comfy, looking great with everything and safe for messy and clumsy person like me 😀 I also love Converse and UGGs, can’t live without them, but they don’t match everything, i guess :) I have a couple of wedges and heels which I adore, too. : )

  • Jennifer Houlahan

    ohh so fun and perfect for spring!

    I have to say my must have shoes are my fitflops! So comfy and versatile, I can walk in them anywhere! 😛


  • Jennifer Houlahan

    mistake post!

  • Kathleen Collins

    I LOVE these shoes! Funny because I saw you wearing them in a magazine, and was recently searching for them or similar. The ones I ordered are similar, but def not as nice as your Miu Mius! Wish they would make them still!


  • Cameron Harp

    Those are beautiful, but for more affordable options:

    I have 2 pairs of Qupid’s that I have bought for about $25 and they are without a doubt the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

    This is one of the two pairs: http://www.amazon.com/Qupid-Editor-10X-Taupe-Women-Sandals/dp/B004WPB7GK

    Believe me, they are way cuter in person.

    I also have a pair of camel heels that I picked up last minute at Target from Mossimo: http://www.target.com/Mossimo-Pearce-Pumps-Camel-Patent/dp/B0043046NK

    My only complaint is that I have noticed that they get nicked easily, but I get so many compliments when wearing them. :)

  • Cynthia Stutsman

    I found these that i will purchasing RIGHT AWAY!!! Take a look and let me know wha tou think!!!


  • Eleni Ma

    I really love these shoes: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/thing?id=23740233 easy color, beautiful shoes, affordable and same brand! he. have a nice day!

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    Lauren, are they comfortable for everyday life? I mean when you have to wear them almost all day…I mean the heel is quite high..

  • Kara Endres

    Love those Miu Mius! I’ve been eyeing this pair from Nine West. I want the black, but they also come in tan and since they’re wedges, they’re definitely much easier to walk around in all summer. (And they’re 40% off yay!)

    ~ Kara

    Sprinkles in Springs

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    to Kathleen Collins :

    Hi, have you read this review of them:

    “”After my first time wearing these shoes, I was SOOO disappointed. My foot slipped didnt slip forward, but my last two toes slipped over the edge of the side because the strap isnt sewn to the side of the sole. It was the most painful wear I have ever experienced. I am so disappointed because they are beautiful and sexy and I love high heels. But, they will go back because I will never wear them again.””

    Do you agree with that?

  • Anna Gorbacheva
  • Carla Catalano

    lauren these are perfect to you!!! they’re almost the same! http://fashionapparel.onlinefashionhouse.com/product/1/1413/Report-Signature-Women-Charles-Criss-Cross-Sandal-Shoes-Sandals.html

    what do you think? xoxo

  • Diamenrose

    Well Lauren, why don’t you design your own miu miu platforms? 😀 That would be awesoe ! Besides my favorite ones are pumps without a plattform

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    oh, yes!! that would be GREAT idea 😀 and they would be really affordable

  • SheShe

    I shop at bargain prices and I believe you can acheive a look without breaking the bank. With that said, I’m more of a wedge shoes type girl (they’re much more easier for me to walk in) and I these ones are my go to wedges from Aldo.com


  • Anna Gorbacheva

    I love Aldo shoes too, …..but they don’t ship to Finland((((((((((

  • Kellie Norton

    Since it’s summer and I’m mostly seen in strapless sunny dresses or flowy foral tanks with jean shorts, my go to shoe is definitely a wedge. I’d have to say my favorite brand is target because of their prices and the great quality of the shoes!! My current favorite wedge is a light brown and strappy and I get SO many compliments every time I wear them. Unfortunately they are no longer on their website or else I would put up a picture. But definitely check out Target brand wedges, perfect for spring and summer!

  • mara sofia

    Love it Lauren. They are gorgeous!

    So, i’ve seen on my favourite brands, and i found someone’s.

    Hope you like it too :)





    And now my favs. They are so cute.


    Hope my taste can in anything :) XO

  • mara sofia


    *hope my taste can help in something :) XO

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    I love first two of your favs))

  • Marsi Marquez

    My favorite shoes are a green pair of flats that have a bow. They’re gorgeous, satin and comfy. I wear them up with a dress or down with jeans, I use them when I want to impress, like in a first date or a work meeting. I got them on H&M like 2 years ago but I hope they last a long while =)

  • Angela Cotherman

    These are my favorite shoes out right now! They are so comfortable, but perfect to wear to either a casual lunch date or a fancy dinner! You will fall in love with them at first glance!


  • Cara Samuelsen

    these are so cute! i love steve maddens and michael kors:)

  • alycia lourim


    these our my favorite. they are simple and affordable and extremely comfortable. you can buy them at tillys — the brand is Qupid. Only $26.99. I usually don’t shop at tillys but I had a giftcard and these caught my eye. they are also extremely light making them nice to walk in. My best friend and my brother’s girlfriend went out and bought them because they loved them too !! I can wear them during the day our out at night dressy or casual because they are partially black. And I love the flower interior making me feel extra girly. great with skirt, skinny jeans or dress !!

  • melissa Last name


    just got these babys from topshop in ireland for 84 euro! i love them there so comfy and ththere so bright!



    i also got these but i returned them so i could get the red ones but these can be dressed up/down with a nice summer dress or a pair of jeans and there cork which i see from your heels above you are a fan….. <3 love you

  • marwa naghmouchi


    these are my fav. eventhough asking “”whats ur fav shoes?”” is like choosing who u love more between ur mom and dad :p meaning that its so hard to choose which is ur fav shoes !!

  • Valentina Cruzat Aliaga
  • Cathy Rosenberg


    The most comfortable shoe on earth and will make your legs look like TEN million bucks!!

  • Helena Monique Clarke

    I hunted these down on the Zara website which is also available in The US. They lack the corkboard feature, but pretty much the same principle, imo.


  • Erin Sievers

    I just got these Calvin Klein sandals…very similar, for less than half the price! http://www.zappos.com/calvin-klein-sam-camel-brush-off-pearlized-leather

  • Lorena Mozo Vega
  • FIDM Fashion Club

    I love it how Laruen writes an article about a shoe and it sells out! I do agree that those shoes look comfortable and I can see why you love them so much! If they came in pink, I would own them in a heartbeat :)

  • Susan Westrell

    My favorite pair of heels are long since off the shelves. They actually came from Payless (shock and horror for some, I guess xD ) and I wore them to last year’s Homecoming…and then constantly since. They’re black, round toe, with four criss-crossed stud-embellished straps, and have a five inch heel. And I can wear them for hours and hours and even run in them and my feet don’t hurt. …hence why I love them. XD And of course, they look great on.


    Those sandals are definitely gorgeous – I can see why you love them. Not quite my taste in shoes, but they are pretty cool.

  • Silver Phonasa

    My favorite shoes are my black maryjanes. They add a pop of sweetness to something sexy. Which is a great combo.

  • michelle

    i have these one pair of shoes that i LOVE from Aldo. They’re gold with snake skin and super comfy and cute heels!

  • Ana Lazo

    If they ever break you could let me know and my uncle can fix them for you for FREE :) he is a shoemaker by trade

  • Miranda Marino

    Love those for the summer!

  • Margaret Stewart


    not leather, linen, but they have the same look and for like 30 bucks. definitely still has a similar feel to it.

  • Jerri Fitz

    I’ll be completely honest and say that I searched for a good two months for a similar pair of shoes. I noticed your Miu Miu’s in tons of photos and always thought they were a great summer shoe because I imagine they’d go with anything. I wound up purchasing this Nine West Sophia sandal:


    I really think they’re a great shoe and they’re super comfy! They go with practically anything, so whenever I’m doing something casual but want to spice it up, I throw on the heels to feel extra pretty.

    I also really liked Helena’s Sailor Sandal suggestion from Zara – had I found those before the Nine West sandals I might have chosen differently!

  • Joy Li

    i wish i had a pair! :)

  • Leonie Kuijvenhoven


    These are my favorite shoes. I just bought them for summer and they go with almost all of my outfits!

  • Sofie L

    you can never go wrong with a pair of white converse (:

  • mara sofia

    Thanks to @Anna Gorbacheva for loving my favs.

    XO girl !

  • mara sofia

    Lauren i found thsese one’s too.

    I think they match with everything too. I’m in love with them :)


    Kiss kiss,

  • Emmy Rho

    My favorite shoes have to be Toms Shoes. While they are not acceptable for a dressy event they are just too amazing to not be deemed my favorite. I love to pair them with floral print dresses and skirts as well as with jeans and a T. They are versitle and can literally be worn with any casual outfit (in my eye). Bonus: for every pair purchased, they give a pair to a child in need! Check out my post about them here: http://sprinklesoneverything.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/goody-two-shoes/



  • diana seitanidou

    i love my ballet flats! i have a pair in purple and i wear them all the time! these heels look really comfortable!

  • mystylevita.com

    those shoes are AMAZING! I have a pair of that same color leather in a great high heeled sandal. I can’t get enough of how easy that color is to incorporate into anything and everything you would want to wear. I wish i could afford a Miu Miu, but my Guess versions will do for now!



  • Anna Gorbacheva

    I think this pair looks simular,…..but as it doesn’t has that class as Miu Miu, it is a hole different story((


  • Jo Mclaughlin

    I just brought these Nine West ones, soooo gorgeous & yet comfy. Just gotta figure out how to walk in them now!

  • Kailyn Reid

    These (http://bit.ly/mGu9P6) are my favorites right now. Not to mention I found them at a TJ Maxx on sale. An amazing deal for some gorgeous shoes.

  • Jennifer Sellen

    @Jo Mclaughin… where di dyou find those shoes?? I really like them and I love nine west.

  • kia walker

    Lauren i really love your miu miu platforms. I adore shoes in that style the crisscross, colour and heels. Would have loved a pair of them.

  • Natalie Schlachter

    My favorite shoes are definetly my Steve Madden Trinite pumps in bright blue!!! Love them so much!!!!! You definetly have to get a pair if don’t already!!!!

  • Natalie Schlachter

    These are them!!!!

  • Caroline Holmberg
  • stephanie samms

    Just bought these, my new fave <3

  • Jo Mclaughlin

    @Jennifer Sellen Got them from House of Fraser. You can get the on the internet though: http://www.ninewest.com for US or http://www.kurtgeiger.com for UK. They’re called Caetlin.

  • Carly Chmelar

    Kailyn – did you recently get those? I LOVE MK and had no clue they sold his line of shoes at TJ. :)

    Lauren – I love those Miu Miu’s. You have such incredible taste, hence the reason I own most of your LC line from Kohls <3

  • Emily Tourne

    My favourite shoes are absolutely my nude H&M sandals, they make my legs look so long ! I love those shoes and i would definatly buy them if i had the chance.

    Are you selling your Kohl line in Europe too ?

    xo emily.

  • Alyssa Jones
  • Jennifer Sellen

    Thanks so much Jo. I am looking them up now LOL. And love the cheetah print pumps Stephanie. Super hot.

  • saffy bt

    thanks for sharing,u’re right!some shoes makes u looks good @ sexy too,as long it is still fits for u.Maybe u can find the same looks on shop or store but in different size.

    Me not so like to wear high heels,not bcoz i can’t afford it,but i can’t walked on it.The last time i remember wear a 3 high heels,i was fall,(i was working in office,bcoz it was new)my freind gift for me ,so itry to wear it,and i love to use always gifts,especially when it is new.hahaha thanks lauren.

  • saffy bt

    maybe sandals that 2 or 1 1/2 high i can wear that,but too much high sorry for me….love yah!

  • Samantha Gerold
  • Anna Gorbacheva

    oh yes!! these are great)) but what I don’t like about Michael Kors shoes is that for that price they are made in China..

  • ainsley smith

    Its to bad they dont design a special pair just for you;) Or you should design a pair for you clothing line!

  • itsmejenn

    hi lauren,the shoes in zara looks similar as your miumiu shoes. its comfy to wear too..


  • Anna Gorbacheva

    those Zara shoes look great and it is easy to believe that they are comfy!!

    wish they were in our stores((

  • Dannon K. Collard

    I can’t wait to get a pair of your designed sandles like these! You have such great taste.

  • Tess Pendlebury

    A few weeks ago I saw a pair of Carvela shoes that were, amazing. I’m saving up for them (yn) (:

  • Amanda Wellman

    not heels but i love my narrow strap rainbows!

  • silvia tonelli
  • Anna Barr
  • Cassie Gray

    These are soo cute! It’s really hard to find a comfortable shoe for me. I have wide feet and a really high arch. A lot of times I will buy a pair of shoes, wear them, and discover they kill my feet. Then, I never wear them again and in the closet, collecting dust, becomes their fate. :S My favorite shoes are my gladiator strappy sandals. I have them in white and in black. And, my other favorites are my black mary jane flats and a pair of comfortable black heals.

  • Sarah A. Swidan

    those are my favourit and they look like yours too


  • Anna Gorbacheva

    OMG Ladies!!!!

    After weeks of desperate searches for this Miu Miu sandals I was finally ready to accept that there is no more such sandals on sale anywhere…

    And then I saw this post…..And then I made one more search…And I found them!!!!!

    And I bought them ….and now I hope that they will fit me perfectly, so I can be a happy owner of my own Miu Miu sandals:))

    If not, I will have to sell them

  • Sadia Chowdhury

    Wow! The Mui Mui Sandals look great! And comfortable too!

  • Lauren Taylor

    I love my Rainbows, but unfortunately, I lost them last fall :( So I’m gonna have to invest in a new pair this summer. My favorite pair of heels are around four or five years old. They are black platforms that have sequins and beads sewn in the top of the shoe, and they are from Charlotte Russe.

  • Lauren Taylor

    I forgot to add how comfortable they are as well XD The rubber part on the bottom of the shoes are falling off and I have to keep super-gluing them because I don’t want to toss them!

  • Debra Klein

    Anna Gorbacheva Hi Anna,so excited you found the Miu Mui sandals like Lauren’s. Can you tell me where you found them please so I can order a pair . Many Thanks,Debra

  • debora f

    i love this platforms

  • Sloane K.


    i have the same shoes, I live in my pair at , had to get them resoled 3 times LOL!



  • Maggie Crowson

    I love this style of heel! I cannot wear wedges (for the life of me without hurting myself), but the cork image in the heel works great by giving the appearance of a wedge!

  • dreamer637
  • Anna Gorbacheva

    to Debra Klein:

    Hi Debra! I found them on eBay.com, there were only two pairs from different sellers.

    As I have mentioned, I will be selling mine on eBay if they won’t fit me (I will receive them in few days). They are worn only about 5 times by the seller and they are EUR size 38, so if you are interested, check eBay on this weekend :)

  • Christina
  • Camille Nguyen

    i’m in love with !

  • Debra Klein

    Thanks Anna:) I actually saw them on EBAY but I went out of town and forgot to bid. Hope they fit you.Best Always,Debra

  • Emma Wang

    Adorable! My staple shoes are my black heels or my silver ballet flats.

  • Sara Hussain

    AMAAAAZZING !! <3 <3

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    ..I have received today my Miu Miu sandals…..Lauren was right, they are soooooo comfortable!!!!! and so high!!

    Thanks Lauren for making this post I definately don’t regret spending money on them:)))

  • Marisa Pope

    So i know that some people say they don’t like wedges but my favorite pair of shoes are in fact wedges. They’re the most comfortable shoes i own, due to the fact that the entire sole had 1/2 in of padding. I wore them to my graduation which i had to be 4 hours early to, and didn’t sit down for most of the night before or after. The only time i was sitting was while they called the names. And my feet didn’t hurt. They’re Michael Shannon. Mine are in the silver/bronze color. Love them!

  • Mercedes

    I saw some very similar ones and very reasonably priced on piperlime.com by hive&honey, haven’t tried the brand so can’t speak for comfort, but they definitely look cute.

  • Natacha Laermans

    love it !

  • GA
  • Arianne Cruz

    cute :)

  • Lisa C

    I’m absolutely IN LOVE with these shoes. They’d fit perfectly with my prom dress!

  • marcela mora

    I love shoes with high hills, I adore them!!! Sometimes I find it hard to walk or my feet hurt… What did you do to get used to do it? Was it hard? Are there some tips or tricks to walk more easily? I’m from Chile, by the way… and I love you!!!

  • Emily Piatt

    I really love these! My favorite trend right now are the platforms with the hemp. They are super cute.

  • SoJung Kim

    My favorite MUST-HAVE shoes are just solid black stilettos heels! They go with anything! If you don’t like dark colors, try the beige stilettos!

  • Elyssa Jones

    I have serious problem with shoes, I wear a size 2!!!! That’s right, Size 2, a children’s size!!!! The plus side is that my shoes can be pretty cheap since I shop in the children’s department, the down side, the shoes generally have some cutesy embelishment that I could do without. Hello, I’m 24!!!! I don’t want shoes with Hannah Montana, Hello Kitty, or Dora the Explorer plastered on the side!!!!! In recent years some designers like Target Brands Xhiliration and Mossimo, Jessica Simpson and Kenneth Cole Reaction are producing some decent grown-up looking shoes for kids. But I still have a hard time finding them.

    I recently came across a website that specializes in women’s small shoe sizes called PrettySmallShoes.com. I love them!!!! Although their prices are steep (almost $200 in US Dollars) they’re quality pairs of shoes and worth the extra cash. My fave pairs are their simple pump Killer Heels in Black and Beige, the Cinderella Heel in Silver (wish they came in red :[, can you say ‘Dorothy’) , the Kiss Heel Sandal in Tan (they look similar to your Miu Miu’s), and the Pasha Mid-Calf Boots.

    So asking for a pair for Christmas!!!! :)

  • Lisa Eam

    These shoes look heaps good !

  • Courtney McKay

    Look really nice, and comfy too;

  • Shanley Morgan

    try the zahara heels from bebe. i have them in 3 different colors because they are literally the most comfortable heels ever!! plus they come in a new white color with a cork platform that will be perfect for spring/summer :)

  • Ellie Logan

    wow! love these:D

  • whitney dennis

    I love these, too! You can get a similar look in my current favorite, the Tall Order Sandals from mark. :-) Just $38! http://wdennis.mymarkstore.com or http://www.meetmark.com

  • katerina albanis

    Hi Lauren.

    I just came across your website today because I was trying to find camel colored shoes and google brought me to your website. I totally dig these MIU MIU sandals.

    Anyway I got them a few years back in a size 37, but never wore them cause I got pregnant and it just never got a chancet. But now I need a 38. Sooo if you are a size 37 and need a fresh pair …. Just let me know.

    Thanks ~ Kat

    PS…love your style

  • PavlynGirls

    Totally lusting after this cute pair of shoes!

    http://www.pavlyn.ca – shop Paper Crown and other celebrity brands.



  • logan quesenbery

    Not sure if anyone is still searching for these Miu Miu beauties, but I happened upon a VERY similar pair today. And they’re only $29.99 at your local Target (tar-jay if you want to pretend you’re fancy).



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