Happy Mother’s Day

Here are a few photos of me and my beautiful mother (please note the scandalous crotch shot below)…


me, my mother, and baby Breanna


mom and me


my grandmother and my mom

It’s funny because my mother and I don’t have very many photos together from when I was young. I have countless ones of me and my father (fishing, at the pool, on the playground…), but very few of my mother and me. I always assumed it was because I was such a daddy’s girl and spent a lot of time with my father. I remember mentioning it once to my mother and she said to me, “Who do you think was taking all the pictures?”

My mother was always there. She was just the one capturing the moments. I think that really sums up who my mother is… She loves her children so much and is such a wonderful mother. She not only created so many memories with me, she made sure that I would always remember them. So to my mother, who has always been there, even if it was behind the camera, I love you so much and Happy Mother’s Day.

XO Lauren